The exciting Halloween is creeping up on us! As we all know, Halloween is the time of year for dressing up as our favorite characters and collecting candy. However, nothing is more interesting than scaring others, especially kids, on this particular night by dressing up as horrifying creatures. So the question is, “If you are a guy, what are the most unique halloween costumes?” Out of the many peculiarly creepy guy costumes available, here are twenty of the best ones. Here goes!

1. Chucky Costume

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We all know about the Chucky movie. Most of us were even freaked out by the Chucky doll when we were kids. This is probably one of the best halloween customs because it is a representation of a worldwide popular scary figure. In addition to dressing up as Chucky, make it even more distinctive by enhancing the scary look with a plastic knife or an axe.

2. Killer Clowns

                                                                 Image Source:
This scary clown costume will surely scare a few kids. Put on a white and black mask with a matching white and black suit decorated with a bow tie. Spread red ketchup or halloween face paint on your mask and attire to finish it off and you are ready to go!

3. Michael Myers



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Michael Myers–the murderous character from the movie “Slasher.” Because of the history of Myers, he is an extremely frightening character. Spice up Halloween with a brown suit, a mask, and a plastic knife and watch the kids run away!

4. Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger



One of history’s scary figures, Freddy Kruger is the most terrifying with his long claws and face that appears to have been burned from acid. Decorated with fake nails, a Freddy halloween mask, and a black hat, you are ready to have some fun!

5. Zombie



This is one of the cheapest halloween costume ideas. When thinking about zombies, we usually think about the dead rising from their graves. Dress as a scary zombie in rags and a wig this Halloween and enjoy the scare on the kids’ faces!

6. Day of the Dead



This is one of the halloween couple costumes. The Day of the Dead costume is a portrayal of the dead. Go to a couple halloween party and have your significant other dress as the female version. Dress up in this costume and you will be the scare of the night!

7. Horse Demon


                                                                                    Image Source:
First off, the thought of a demon is spine-chilling. Imagine the thought of a horse who is a demon. That is even more petrifying. This specific costume includes a skeleton horse mask and a black cloak. The meaning of Halloween will definitely be depicted with this costume.

8. Facelift Skin Suit



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Nothing is more frightening than the sight or thought of skin oozing off of the skin. This is one of the unique halloween costumes that portray burned skin.

9. Headless Man



Is the sight of a headless “anything” normal? This gruesome costume will give a scare to anyone passing by. Dressed in a black cloak and holding a knife in one hand and a head in the other, the young trick-or-treaters will be making a run for it!

10. Phantom



Phantom has always been a faceless creature. It represents the unknown. This costume is a dressing of the “unknown” embellished in a black cloak, black mask with red eyes, and a skeleton cane. Make your halloween a night of the unknown!

11. Soul Taker


The thought of a spirit taking your soul–that is reason for regular nightmares! If your goal is to scare on halloween, the soul taker costume will do the trick. With white rags and a mask with the look of “I’m coming to get you,” whoever you pass by will surely believe you are after their soul!

12. Twisted Clown



This specific clown costume has the appearance of a killer. With red hair, a black and red clown outfit, and a murderous-painted face, kids will be running for their lives!

13. Light Up Eyes Gauze Zombie



A zombie with red eyes–the look of death staring in your face. There is nothing more scarier that that! This cheap costume does not need much but rags and a mask with red eyes.

14. Blue Orc Skin Suit



Image Source:

If you love the idea of causing the kids to wet their pants on halloween, then dress up in this blue orc skin suit costume. With yellow teeth in an abnormal-shaped head, kids will run screaming!

15. Rotten To The Core Skeleton



This disfigured costume is extremely unique with its skeleton look rotting away. A skeleton costume is already scary but enhancing it with a rotting appearance is taking the cake.

16. Saw



The many sequels of the movie Saw had people at the edge of their seats. This costume will also have people startled. The costume feature that sticks out the most is the mask with the spiral-shaped cheeks, red eyes, and killer facial expression.

17. Evil Harlequin



Image Source:

Dress up as an evil “anything,” and you will certainly turn heads. Red and black Jester is intimidating with his mostly white painted face and daunting smile. Look a kid in their face with this costume, and he or she just may cry for “Mommy!”

18. Clown With Horns



A scary-looking clown is one thing, but one with horns is another. Dress as an evil clown–red and yellow clown suit and white mask with tongue sticking out. Intensify it with horns, most likely attached to the mask. If kids cry because they are afraid of clowns, imagine if they see one with horns.

19. Flesh Eater



Image Source:

This is a wonderful and inexpensive idea that includes a mask with flesh-eating teeth protruding out. This is certainly the costume that will have people running far away!

20. Doll Man



Now this is one of the best halloween customs of all. It is a very bizarre costume of dolls sticking off of a man. It appears that many dolls were glued onto an outfit. Because of its eccentric image, you will fulfill your goal of scaring on halloween.
These twenty scary halloween costumes for guys will undeniably achieve the significance of halloween–to scare. Try any one of these costumes, and you will have the laugh of a lifetime. Enjoy and be safe!


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The 2015 fashion trends haven’t changed too much into 2016, but there are still some new trends for men to keep in mind. The fall 2016 fashion trends are just as relevant for men as they are for women. Particularly in a professional setting, your appearance can stand in the way of moving forward in the company. Paying attention to your appearance impacts the way other people look at you. Keep in mind these fashion trends of 2016 and impress everyone around you.

Fashion Fall 2016 options include boots, prints, colors, and coats. You’re not limited to one style. Look at the following fashion trends 2016 and decide what’s right for you.

Bomber Jackets



Bomber jackets are a favorite Fall 2016 fashion trend because they’re so versatile. Dress them up or down. They also come in so many different materials. One style of jacket can create so many different looks. They are appropriate for the classic wearer as well as someone who wants to stand out. All you have to do is change the material. Change up your material to suede, wool, or velvet.

Since this is the season of Fall, you’ll never fail with neutral colors. Complement the falling leaves with colors such as copper, burgundy, and burnt oranges and browns.

Fall Inspired Colors




To follow up on the colors of bomber jackets, fall colors are present in every piece of clothing. It’s time to go beyond the dark blues, browns, blacks, and grays. While the colors will never go away, you can liven your outfit with the new copper colors trend. As was mentioned before, the changing landscapes inspire fall colors every year.

Copper is a popular color showing up in menswear such as coats, pants, and sweaters. Copper is a new neutral. It stands out and it goes with everything. Ginger is a brown like copper, but with a yellow undertone. It looks great on coats and boots.

Other fall colors that are showing up in menswear are purples, soft greens, and coffee colors. As you gather your fall capsule wardrobe of boots, sweaters, and bomber and duster jackets, they should keep in mind adding fall colors to make them stand out. Whether your style is classic or if you’re a fashion risk-taker, you won’t go wrong with these colors.

Fall Boots



Boots are a must-have for the Fall season. You aren’t limited to one boot style. You can choose from styles such as hiking boots, Chelsea boots, brogue boots, or derby boots. You can choose from materials such as leather, suede, or more. Make sure you save your suede boot styles for dry days so they won’t get ruined.

Chelsea boots are popular in Britain and with celebrities. Brands such as Ted Baker and Paul Smith have produced some of the top boots. Hiking boots are not limited to rough terrains. They’ll also suit you well for walks to work or a night at the bar. They’re comfortable and strong enough to withstand everything. Derby boots are also strong enough to wear from fall through the tough winters.

You can keep your boot colors in black or dark brown for easy matches to any outfit or try brighter colors.




 Plaids are a Fall 2016 fashion trend that comes back every year. Plaid can be found on shirts, sweaters, even coats. The minimum plaid piece that you need is a plaid shirt. Why? It’s one bold piece that will liven a simple outfit. You can wear it in a casual or professional setting.

Plaid is just about anywhere in 2016 Fall fashion. If you’re the plain type who is looking to experiment with patterns, start off with a plaid piece, even if it’s just a tie. A plaid item is something that you can invest in that will keep you on trend this Fall.

A popular Fall plaid item is flannel. It’s come fall beyond lumberjack fashion. Flannel comes in cotton and wool, making it one of the most diverse items for Fall. Some good brands to shop with include Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal Line, or Norse Projects if you’re willing to invest a few bucks.

No matter what your style is, you can find 2016 Fall fashion trends that will fit in with it. Try a pattern like plaid, or experiment with warm Fall colors. Shop for stylish yet functional Fall boots. The good thing about Fall is that it’s cool but not too cold, so you can still show off your clothes. Don’t let the fashion trends 2016 you pick go to waste. Hold off on the heavy coats as long as you can and layer your pieces instead. The 2016 fall trends have something that will work for you.


With so many on the market during the fall season, how do you choose the best pumpkin beer? Check out the list below for some of the most unique, flavorful, and just plain enjoyable beers to drink when you want your fill of pumpkin this Autumn.

1. Boulevard Funky Pumpkin


Image Source:

For a truly unique pumpkin beer experience, give this spiced sour ale a try! You can hardly taste the pumpkin at all. The strongest flavors in this beer are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, along with the tartness of the fermentation. Try this beer when you’ve had your fill of regular pumpkin ales.

2. Cambridge Brewing Company The Great Pumpkin Ale


Image Source:

Whether you are a pumpkin fanatic or hesitant to try it, you are sure to love this beer! The flavor of fresh pumpkin is subtle, while your favorite autumn spices steal the show. As they do with all of their beers, this one is made with organic, sustainable, local produce, using pumpkins from nearby farms to make this delicious beer.

3. Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby


Image Source:

You won’t be able to get enough of this spooky brew! They take a traditional pumpkin ale and age it in rum barrels to give it a deeper, more complex flavor. This beer features the flavors of pumpkin, spices, vanilla, oak, and a subtle hint of rum. This isn’t your girlfriend’s pumpkin beer!


4. Tröegs Master of Pumpkins




This tasty beer uses roasted local pumpkins, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger to give you that delightful flavor of Autumn treats. The French saison yeast and hints of vanilla and honey will shake up your taste buds like no other pumpkin ale you have tasted.

5. Avery Rumpkin


Image Source:

You will only need one glass of this spicy and sweet fall brew! This unique beer is a traditional pumpkin ale, but aged in rum barrels to give it hints of oak and sweet molasses. You’ll love the sweet Autumn flavors but be warned: this one is 18% ABV!

6. Captain Lawrence Autumn Blaze


Image Source:

This smooth amber ale is arguably the best pumpkin beer for easy drinking. With just 5% ABV, you can enjoy it while raking leaves or having your last cookout of the year. This beeris made by adding real pumpkin right in with the mash for the perfect Fall flavor. It tastes malty with hints of allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon to warm you up.

7. Southern Tier Warlock


Image Source:

Here is a pumpkin brew that isn’t for the faint of heart. This full-bodied imperial stout is pitch black in color and begs to be drunk from a goblet. The classic pumpkin pie flavor mixes with dark chocolate, coffee, and tons of malt for a strong yet sweet taste. It is surprisingly smooth, so the 10% ABV will hit you in a hurry.

8. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale


Image Source:

This beer has been enjoyed by beer lovers for over a decade and it is easy to see why once you taste it. It is a full-bodied brown ale that is flavored with pumpkin, brown sugar, and sweet spices. Plus the 7% ABV means it will warm you up on those cool late Autumn nights. They brew this one in limited quantities, so try some as soon as you see it in stores!

9. O Fallon Pumpkin Beer


Image Source:

This brew from O’Fallon Brewery tastes like everyone’s favorite Autumn dessert: pumpkin pie! They add 120 pounds of real pumpkin to every batch for an authentic flavor. This beer features the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves along with hints of sweet malt and caramel.

10. Shipyard Pumpkin Beer (Pumpkinhead)


Image Source:

This seasonal favorite is sure to become one of your favorite varieties of pumpkin spice beer. It is a golden wheat ale with the subtle flavor of fall spices. With 4.5% ABV, it is light enough to enjoy a few at a Halloween party or Autumn bonfire.

11. Jolly Pumpkin Beer


Image Source:

This brewery offers a number of spicy, complex beers for you to try and enjoy. Despite the name, none of their beers actually feature a pumpkin flavor. This is perfect for guys who want to hop on the pumpkin spice bandwagon but don’t actually like the taste of the fruit. Try Fuego del Otoño (aka Autumn Fire) for a spicy sweet brew that tastes just like fall.


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Research indicates that regular short sessions of exercises make the perfect workout because they have numerous health benefits. Even if you cannot find time for a daily workout routine, there are several innovative and effective exercises including pushup workout and ab workouts that do not require much time to perform.

Neutral Back Exercises

You don’t need to get out of bed to try out back exercises. First, lie on your back and then heave your stomach in as you squeeze your abdominal muscles. Next, lean on your pelvis so that your back rests flat with no space between the back and the bed. Maintain this position until you start feeling some pain on your abdomen and then relax. This simple exercise can strengthen your back and relieve moderate back pain, especially if you feel tense, tired, and uncomfortable after work.

Get Fit At Work


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Avoid sitting up in a straight posture and tightening your abs while sitting at the office. You will find that it is quite difficult to maintain the straight posture throughout the day. Consider using your core muscles to prevent slouching and reduce the risk of back muscle imbalance and pain. For more benefits and added challenge, swap your desk chair with an exercise ball for some time. The exercise ball will force you to sit up straight, which will encourage you to use your core muscles. This is one of the most effective ways to work out if you do not have time for regular visits to the gym. Always take the stairs.
Taking the stairs instead of the lift will give you the chance to work out while at work. It will also help improve your blood circulation. Focus on working your abdominal muscles by squeezing the muscles in your midsection and standing upright as you lift your knee in each step. Raising your legs higher with each step you take will help work your leg muscles more effectively. This exercise will not only work your leg muscles, but it will also work your abdominal muscles. It is important to keep your hands off the stair railing as you take the steps on the stairs. Make sure you balance with each step to maintain your stability.

Luggage and Suitcase Workout


Image Source:

Did you know that even traveling gives you a chance to work out? Well, carrying luggage is just one of the easiest ways to work out while traveling. However, it is important to maintain good posture, especially if you are carrying a messenger or duffel bag. Ensure that you wear the bag strap across your chest. This will help prevent you from leaning to either side. It will also ensure the stability of your body. Carrying luggage is one of the most effective shoulder workouts, back workouts, and leg workouts. Lifting luggage and putting them onto racks also helps to work out your abdominal and core muscles.

Spend Time with Your Kids


Image Source:

You are guaranteed a great deal of fun and opportunities for quick workouts as you play with your kid. Carry your child using both hands and then slightly bend your elbows. Gently swing his/her legs from side to side. This type of exercise will work your biceps and triceps and allow you to have some fun with your kid in the process.

Stand and Work

Believe it or not, your brain will work effectively and you will feel less fatigued if you stand as much as possible as you work or study. Take these “standing breaks” after short intervals. This exercise will help you burn 25% more calories. Ensure that you don’t lean over a desk or wall while standing. Activities that can give you an excuse to stand while working include writing notes using a clip board, reading, and answering phone calls. This type of exercise can help you burn significant amounts of calories with time.To get even more of a workout don’t drive to work.Park your car at a distant location from your workplace and walk all the way to work. The best distance will be a mile or two from your office. However, ensure that the location you choose is safe to walk and easy to find parking.

Phone Push Ups and Tricep Workouts


Image Source:

Try tricep and bicep workouts including, doing push-ups against your desk as you wait for an answer from the other end each time you make a phone call. If your phone does not have a speaker, use one hand to perform several one-armed push-ups. Alternate arms with each call you make.

Burn Calories

Avoid pastries during tea breaks and get out of the office to get some fresh air. Take a walk around the office block to refresh yourself mentally and physically. Walking at a speed of 4mph can help you burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes.

Pump Rubber


Image Source:

Have some resistance gym workout bands at work. These are stretchy resistance bands made of latex that work your muscles as if they are lifting weight. Step on the resistance bands and perform five minutes of lateral squats, shrugs, and upright rows while on an office break. Doing these small exercises will help re-energize your body.


Volunteer to carry or lift anything that needs to be moved. Move the old cartons filled with office supplies, the new printer, or change the water jug at the office cooler. Some of your colleagues might think you are wasting your time by carrying out duties that you are not supposed to perform, but in essence you will be helping yourself to workout.

Working out does not have to be a time consuming exercise. There are various ingenious ways to have the perfect workout without committing yourself to long workout sessions. However, be sure to warm down or stretch after your workouts.


As we do every Tuesday, we’re giving you a sneak peak (listen?) to what’s rocking the halls at Dudepins.  Here are some jams to keep your week going.  For more stuff you’ll love, check out Dudepins.
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The week is up and it’s time to get ready for the weekend. Here are 5 things we found on Dudepins that you definitely want to check out. Continue Reading…

As we do every Tuesday, we’re giving you a sneak peak (listen?) to what’s rocking the halls at Dudepins.  Here are some jams to keep your week going.  For more stuff you’ll love, check out Dudepins.
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The week is up and it’s time to get ready for the weekend. Here are 5 things we found on Dudepins that you definitely want to check out. Continue Reading…

As we do every Tuesday, we’re giving you a sneak peak (listen?) to what’s rocking the halls at Dudepins.  Here are some jams to keep your week going.  For more stuff you’ll love, check out Dudepins.
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As you probably know already, posting to your close friends’ and family’s Facebook walls is almost as important as attending the family Christmas dinner or attending your cousin’s wedding. However, you cannot just slap down a “Happy Birthday, George! Love you! xoxo” because that makes you look like you don’t actually care, and you really don’t have it in you to write a long, heart-felt letter to them because…that is just weird to do on Facebook, unless you’re a 13 year old girl trying to impress her crush. There is one universal language that even the most inexperienced internet surfers are proficient in: memes. That’s right, from Doge to Caveman Spongebob, we all can get a good giggle out of those bold-faced beauties. Here are 18 killer memes that will make you seem like you actually care about Aunt Helen’s 64th birthday, or that will make up for the fact that you totally forgot they existed until you got the notification that their birthday was today.


When you still can’t get over the flub of the century…



If you are known for your hangover cures and crazy nights out…


Binge watch Parks and Recreation, or just know the reincarnate of Ron Swanson?


Are you the Facebook friend that doesn’t appear unless circumstances are in order?


Maybe not the one to post to a mutual friend of your mother, but hilarious none the less.


For that aunt you know is lying every year…


For that special someone in your life who was hit with aging like a thrown brick…


For the man in your life who can’t get over Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen…


For the Olympiad fan who doesn’t want to face the truth about how they’ll never make it on Team USA…


For that person who loves a classic meme…


For the long distance friend who could use a mega laugh on their birthday…


For the lazy, cheap student in all of us to gift to our mothers…


The best innocent recommendation for your mother’s Facebook birthday wall wishes…


 For the Seinfeld-lover who wishes they were still in 1995 so they wouldn’t be so old this year…


Another grumpy face, Ron Swanson birthday meme for the Grumpy Cat in all of us…


The “I need an innocent meme for my 14-year-old cousin’s birthday to make me seem like the cool older cousin” birthday meme…


When the horrible memories of the playground chants roll into your birthday mindset…


And lastly, quite possibly the sad reality we hope to never face…





Your garage has the potential for much more than a place to park your car. In all honesty, it holds an opportunity to create a space to do the things you love and gain a little private sanctuary from the pressure and anxiety of everyday life. King products are manufactured in the USA by King Electrical Manufacturing Co., an electric heat manufacturing company based in Seattle, WA since 1958, offers a unique solution with the KB ECO28 Garage Heater. More information about King Electrical Manufacturing Co. is available at


Due to the fact that most garages aren’t connected to a houses’ central heating system, spending time in your garage in the winter months is never fun. By simply adding a garage heater sized to properly heat your space, a world of warm opportunities is opened up to you!


King’s KB ECO28 Garage Heater with Remote is not only good looking, but smart enough to save you energy. It has energy efficient 2-stage heating that automatically uses the lowest wattage needed to heat the room. It also includes “Summer Fan Only” and “Timer” modes, as well as a remote control for simple operation. Designed for use as primary heat source for large garages spaces. Learn more at here.


What puts this unit apart from all the others you could buy?
• It’s SMART. The electronic smart thermostat is highly accurate and automatically adjusts the heat output to use the least amount needed to heat the room or it can be run on a
• It has a fan only mode (great for Summer months)
• REMOTE CONTROL: It doesn’t get much simpler than that.
• It heats a garage perfectly!
• It looks cool. One look at the KB Eco2S and your friends will be impressed.
• It hangs out of the way on the ceiling or wall.
• It’s an easy retrofit to any space. No expensive furnace upgrades or storage of propane is needed
• Great for a permanent solution over a space heater.
• It has adjustable louvers to direct air flow.
• It’s built really well.

Follow these basic steps and start enjoying your garage this Winter.

Step 1: To Insulate or Not to Insulate
Heating a space without insulation can be very inefficient. Without retaining the heat generated, the only way you’ll get that garage to warm up is by cranking up the heater to overwhelm the offsetting heat loss. The best long-term solution is to insulate your garage.

There is a bright side to this, however! The King KB Eco2S heater automatically adjusts heat output depending on the rooms heat loss, if insulation isn’t in your budget today, you can insulate over time and improve the efficiency of your space.

The easiest and least expensive way to make your garage more energy efficient is filling the walls with a fluffy layer of fiberglass. All it takes is a utility knife, a straightedge, and a little patience to make sure the insulation completely fills the stud cavity, side to side and top to bottom, without being overly compressed.

Also consider adding an insulated garage door, with polyurethane insulation and a steel layer on the back to offer the best R value. Additionally, you may want to think about a garage door screen that would open up your man cave to give you access to driveway grilling and that summer breeze.

Step 2: The Floor
If you plan on spending a lot of time in your man cave, you may want to consider changing the floor. Applying stone epoxy flooring directly over your concrete, instantly transforms the look and feel of your man cave. Stone epoxy is easy to clean, durable, slip-resistant, and great looking all at the same time.

At the very least lay down a large rug to provide you and your buddies a supportive, forgiving flooring that doesn’t make your knees ache.
Step 3: The Ceiling
If you prefer the rustic look of open rafters in your man cave, then skip this section. However, if you’re planning on adding some lighting over your new pool table you’ll want to finish the ceiling with drywall and paint.
Step 4: Heat the space with King’s KB ECO2S smart garage heater.
It’s simple. Just follow this chart to pick the correct size heater and maximize the comfort in your garage.



Step 5: Pick a Theme
The best man caves focus on a single subject. This is chance to build the room of your dreams so make a plan, repurpose what you already have and purchase the rest. To keep costs low, use items you already have such as memorabilia, furniture, and that spare big screen TV you have in storage from your bachelor days.
Now go forth and plan, build and create the man cave of your dreams. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Car Collector’s Dream Escape If you’re using your man cave as a place to rebuild muscle car then you need a sturdy and durable heater to keep your space warm. The KB ECO2S is rugged and can hold up to anything wrench you can throw at it.
  • Game Room Whether you prefer playing pool or watching the big game without distractions, make your garage a place comfortable enough to invite the crew over.
  • Woodworking Shop For the avid DIYer or part-time carpenter, creating a comfortable working environment is key for spending long hours working on your next build or home remodel project.
  • Sports Bar If you love sports, decorate the space in a sports bar theme, complete with a kegerator and enjoy. The KB ECO2S is looks great and the remote makes it easy to adjust from the bar.

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