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We Dudes are hard at work and that incredible image is all the clues we’re giving away at this point…. It’s simple, a new Dudepins is coming, get excited, tell your friends and get ready for something unthinkable.


We’ve had a lot of people ask us if you have to be a dude to join Dudepins and the answer is no. Anyone can be a part of Dudepins but we thought it would be fun to give you this simple survey to figure out how much of a dude you are (in case you didn’t know). Below are 5 yes or no questions that will help you figure out your dude level.

1. Do you like Bacon? 

In my opinion, there is only one answer to this question which is an emphatic YES! I can’t think of a single meal that is not enhanced by bacon. For those who answered no to this question I would suggest going an ordering a BLT but hold the L and T and add extra B.

2. Does it take you more than 20 minutes to get ready in the morning?

Dudes are notorious for their ability to be ready at a moment’s notice. Therefore, if you answer yes to this question give yourself another dude point. If you answered no I would suggest a moment of self-reflection to understand why.

3. Can you grill a steak to different levels of cooked?

Are you the king of the grill and the master of fire? If yes, then you are the man and give yourself another dude point. Every dude needs to be able to cook. This doesn’t mean you’re a 5 star chef but being able to grill a steak is the standard bare minimum of dude cooking. If you answered no to this question go fire up the grill, find some test subjects and slap some meat on the grill.

4. Do you appreciate a good scotch/whiskey?

In my opinion this is next level dude-don. If you can appreciate a good scotch or fine whiskey give yourself another point. If you answered no, don’t feel bad. Scotch appreciation takes time and effort. I have faith that you’ll get there.

5. Do you pee standing up?

If you answered yes give yourself a point. A bonus point is awarded if you are a women taking this survey and answered yes to this question. Kudos to you on your athleticism and determination to be different. If you answered no to this questions I’m going to assume it’s for a very good reason or you are just lazy. No points are awarded for laziness.

There you have it. A yes to any of these questions gives you a point. How did you do? Leave your score below to let us know how you did.

It’s not often that we stumble upon a product worthy of mention on the Dudepins blog, but alas, we think the day has come… We present to you, the PortaKeg Portable Draft Beer System. Not only is this nifty little invention convenient, affordable and of course, genious, it’s also simple overdue.

So what is it?

Well… As the folks from PortaKeg put it, “the PortaKeg is a revolutionary, patent-pending way to enjoy cold draft-style beer anywhere. Made of a rugged and lightweight plastic, and powered by a paintball-sized carbon dioxide tank, the system can dispense a cold draft beer anywhere. With its sturdy 12” foam-filled all-terrain tires, and collapsible handle, the PortaKeg is easy to transport over pavement, gravel, or wherever your adventures take you.

The PortaKeg is invaluable in non-traditional spaces as well.  For instance, PortaKeg makes selling or serving cold beverages easy and convenient in nearly every environment.”

But here’s the best part, these serious Dudes over at PortaKeg are currently running an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign  and they need the support of as many people as they can get. Not only, do we have an opportunity to snag up one of these nifty devices, we also have the opportunity to support a great group of guys looking to change the way we serve and drink beer; what’s more important a cold one?


So what to do?

1) Have a look at the indiegogo campaign

2) Support the PortaKeg team if you can

3) If you’re unable to support the cause, you can also help spread awareness by sharing the indiegogo campaign with Facebook, Twitter, friends and family.


Hip… Hip… Hooray, great work Portakeg Team,


The Dudes

FACT – Not all sports are built the same.

FACT – Some sports are manlier than others.

Sorry dudes, there are some sports out there that just aren’t manly. I don’t want to pick on anything specific, cough…field hockey…cough, but this is just the honest truth. Since the Olympics are on I thought I would do my best to pick the top 5 manliest Olympic sports.

5) Men’s gymnastics

Okay hear me out. These dudes are freak athletes. If you want proof of this watch either the pommel horse or the rings. Once you get past the unitard, the pommel horse is basically break dancing on a two by four that is four feet off the ground and the rings are just insane. These gentlemen who have been forced into unfortunate uniforms can do some serious feats of strength. To prove that this is a manly sport, check out this youtube video of ghetto gymnastics.

4) Wrestling

This isn’t your WWE type of wrestling. No showmanship, no fancy outfits just two stupid strong dudes trying to beat the crap out of each other. What always amazes me is the agility these guys have. Not only can they easily pick up and slam their opponent but duck, dive, roll and general move like a slippery eel in the ring.

3) Weightlifting

The only thing more amazing than seeing a 120kg man toss 200kg over their head is seeing a 60kg guy toss 120kg over their head. That little dude is basically tossing that massive dude over his head! These athletes are not built the same as normal humans.

2) Boxing

Anything that involves punching another person in the face has to be worth your time to watch. The reason why this isn’t number one on this list is because the Olympics focus on point systems oppose to knockouts. This doesn’t mean fighters are pulling their punches but with the extra protection it makes it really hard to get an exciting K.O. finish. The cool thing is how many matches in the variety of weight classes you get to see in short a short amount of time.

1) 100m sprint

Arguably the most exciting 10 seconds of the Olympics. This year was the first year 7 of the sprinters in the final ran sub 10 seconds with Usain Bolt taking the Gold again. The reason why this is so badass is because you get crowned the “fastest man in the world”. The only other time you might hear that is from a vengeful ex.