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5 Sweet Pairs of Shoes for Men

The Dude —  February 6, 2014

It’s Thursday and we decided to blog about 5 pretty slick and awesome pairs of shoes for Men.. Yup, it being Thursday has absolutely nothing to do with shoes, or the fact that wrote about shoes, but who cares, shoes are awesome: FACT. Continue Reading…

We recently spotted a pretty cool, and dude worthy, video from the folks at Under Armour. In the spirit of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which are still not quite ready, Under Armour has put together a timeless memory with a vision towards the future, i.e. lets make history again! Continue Reading…

The Top Ten Manly Sites for Men

The Dude —  February 2, 2014

We all know that www. Dudepins .com is gleaming with Manliness and incredibly awesome, useful and engaging manly content. Our members are awesome and truly do take the lead on curating what you see on Continue Reading…

So.. you may have previously seen this clip from Mountain Dew and wondered whether it’s real, or just some really handy editing work… well, it’s 100% real and a hell of a stunt at that. Continue Reading…

If you’re looking for watches, especially watches online, typing “men’s watches” into Google is going to return you way too many results to be useful, so to help you cut through the online watch jungle, we’ve come up with a list of ten best ones, and the best part is; they won’t break the bank. No Rolex watches or Omega watches here, but they still look fantastic! Let us help you find the watch that’s right for you. Continue Reading…

Well, it’s that time again! We want to take a moment to thank all of our incredibly, awesome, amazing and dedicated members, THANK YOU!  It goes without saying, but 2013 has been an absolute blast filled with both challenges and celebrations.. fortunately, we have smashed through and will continue to bring you the best of ‘Manly’ internet in 2014. Continue Reading…

Best Gift Ideas for Men

The Dude —  December 5, 2013

We here at Dudepins wanted to make everyones life a little easier by putting together a list of some best Manly gift ideas for him. We made an effort to include items from all price ranges and categories, so hopefully there is something for everyone here. Additionally, we’ve taken it a step further and made your lives even easier by including direct link so you can get more information about the items and make the purchase if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

As always, if we missed something that you think other Men would like to see and buy, please do send us an e-mail ( and we’ll be sure to include your suggestions here! Also, be sure to showoff all your amazing gift photos on Dudepins.

Top Gift ideas for Him

Without further delay, we proudly present our Manly Man’s Gift Guide. Regardless if you’re shopping for yourself, your cousin, brother, father, uncle or friend, we’re sure you will find something here.

A Nice New Gentleman’s Wallet or Moneyclip  ->  $10 – $50+

Regardless of whether you prefer a money clip, wallet or a simple elastic, it’s important to always ensure your money, cards and whatever else you choose to carry, are always contained in a clean, up-to-date and of course, fashion forward unit. Have a look at this great selection of stylish pieces

Sturdy Leather Messenger Bag -> $100 – $500+

A Classic Men’s Watch -> $75 – $1000+

 Whether a Casio, Timex, Omega or Rolex, a Man will never refuse a great looking and functional watch. Not only are they necessary but it could be argued that one could never have enough. After all, a watch should match attire and Men have many varieties of attire. If you want to learn more about our favourite watches in all price ranges, we wrote a handy little review list, check it out.

A Manly Gentleman’s Shaving Razor or Blade -> $25 – $100+

It’s important to look crisp and clean but also feel good doing it. The Merkur Shaving razor is one of the best selling razors online, not only is it sturdy, reliable and comfortable to use, it also comes in at a very reasonable $33.51. We wrote a review earlier this year about the top shaving products for Men that you should have a good look at if you’re serious about getting a serious shave. Point is, any Man enjoys a great shave and will likely enjoy it even more if he’s got a great razor to do it with.

A Nice Gentleman’s Neck Tie - > $25 – $100+

A tie is essential, that’s a statement we’re proud to make. Why not gift a sleek, modern, silk tie to spice up and add style any Man’s wardrobe. We’ve linked to a wide array of Tie’s so there are plenty of available options for you to choose from.

A Great New Pair of Rocking Headphones -> $50  - $500+

We listen to music all the time, at home, at work, on the way to work and out and about in the city. It’s important to listen to all that great music in comfort and with quality sound, why not gift a pair of amazing new headphones. Whether they are earbud type or over ear, we are pretty certain the person on the receiving end wil enjoy the gift. Here’s a wide range of the best headphones in all price ranges.

Amazon Kindle -> $90

At only $89, the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic gift option for any Man. The Kindle is easy on the eyes, light on the wallet and convenient as heck; make a great gift!

The Incredible Kohler Moxie -> $199

One of the Dudes at Dudepins has already requested this snazzy little device for Christmas, whether he gets it is another question. Perhaps a little over the top, but the Kohler Moxie turns any shower head into a bluetooth speaker. But wait, that’s not all… Once you’ve completed your shower, you can take this thing with you and continue the musical journey. Check it out!

A Fine Bottle of Scotch -> $40+

Whether it’s for your boss, friend or father, a nice bottle of scotch is sure to please any Gentleman. Not only is it perfect for the cool holiday weather (depending where you’re from) but it’s also likely that you’ll endulge in some great conversation and memorable times. Take a look at the wide variety of scotches available!

Moleskine Notebook -> $15

It’s always nice to have a notebook to take down important notes, meeting points or just scribble random thoughts. If you’re going to be doing any of those things, it’s likely you should be doing them in a Moleskine notepad. Not only are these simply classic but they are also available for as little as $15, making them a fantastic stocking stuffer or addition to any packaged gift. Have a look.

A Trademark Poker Set -> $35+

Although we don’t necessarily support gambling, it’s always handy to have a great poker set when getting the guys together for some beers and a good ol’ game of Hold em’. We found this handy set for only $35.

A New Pair of Sunglasses -> $50+

Like with watches, it’s hard to argue that having one pair of sunglasses is enough and that there’s always room for more. If you’re struggling to find a gift for this holiday season, a pair of sunglasses may be just the answer you’re looking for.

A Cigar Humidor -> $25

We all have that friends who loves cigars, always seems to have one but also always complains about not having a place to put the cigars he buys. Well, here’s your solution for only $25.

A Camera or other Photo Equipment -> $40+

iPhone cased & wallet -> $20

If you carry an iPhone and a wallet, why not consolidate and turn those two pocket hoarders into one! This little genius, yet stylish, device will get you right on your way.

- Team Dudepins – Find more awesome Manly Stuff at Dudepins – The Site for Guys

Christmas is fast approaching and, if you’re like us, you wait until the last minute to pull the trigger on that gift for your girlfriend, wife, partner, etc. Well, our job is to help you gents through your daily routines, so our contribution this time is a handy little guide of some Christmas gift ideas for the Woman in your life.. Enjoy, Continue Reading…

We all watch tv shows, whether it’s online tv, free shows, paid, primetime, pvr, or whatever, tv plays an important part in many peoples daily, weekly, or for the rare minority, monthly, routines.  We thought we would make this weeks blog a dedication to a small portion of hand selected television shows that shine of shear manly man manliness, from shows dedicated to rugged adventure and sword battling to laid back gentlemanly schotch sipping (madmen) and duck hunting, this list is a collection of, what we feel, are some Manly Man tv shows.

6. Swamp People


Let’s face it, trekking through dark mysterious swamps hunting for gators is not exactly an ‘un-manly’ activity. These swamp people dudes take sports fishing to another level, swap the fishing rod with a shotgun and the traditional dinner with gator stew  = Swamp People. If you haven’t seen an episode of this show yet get on it, the show is packed with awesome adventure, suspense, tons of cultural (shaving is not encouraged) education and of course, tons of badass gator catching.

5. Duck Dynasty


If gators aren’t your thing, try ducks; they don’t just taste good.. Duck dynasty is all about the family who created the duck call (that handy little whistle-like thing used to call ducks when hunting) and their ‘interesting’ adventures. If that doesn’t sound interesting, trust us, it is… from hunting mishaps due to attempts at eliminating bee hives with shop vacs, to other frivolous adventures that are sure to entertain. Point is, you should give this show a go, especially if you’re into the following; a) hunting, b) guns, c) beards, d) hunting, e) hunting, f) guns, g)guns and h)guns. Read also: How much of a Dude are you?

4. Two and a Half Men


Let’s face it, Two and a half Men has declined on viewability pleasure scale (yes, we just created that scale) since the departure of our fellow Dude, Charlie Sheen, but alas, the show must go on… Despite the dramatic change is storyline, we find two and a half men to be a continued success. Not only does the show still afford the occasional laugh, Ashton Kutcher does a surprisingly ‘ok’ job of playing his character and, ‘keeping it interesting’. So there you have it, numero 4 goes to the bright folks who were able to continue that magic even without the man himself, Charlie Sheen. Ps. if you don’t feel like watching this show this summer, here’s a guide to what Dudes do in summer.

3. Shark Tank


Let’s  face it, Dudes like making money and our number 3 position goes to a serious show, filled with serious Dudes, and Dudettes, who are all about just that, money. Shark tank, also equal to Dragon’s Den (the Canadian Equivalent) is all above eager young entrepreneurs pitching their businesses, ideas, thoughts, etc, to a panel of wealthy business men, and women. This ‘board’ includes such folks as Robert Herjavec, a determined tech-security entrepreneur, to Kevin O’leary, a fan favourite for sure… Regardless, Shark Tank is, a) filled with sharks, b) is ruthless (as sharks are) and c) may switch off that lightbulb and force you to begin your own endeavour..

2. Game of thrones

It was a real tossup between Game of Thrones for our #2 position and our number #1 winner (who you will soon discover), in the end, we put this show here as number two but consider the top placement interchangeable between the two, ie, 2 is 1 and 1 is 2. Lets face it, Game of Thrones is full of gore, fighting, swords, dragons, monsters, action, guns, guns, booze and yes, women… there’s tons of that. If you don’t get the picture yet, this show is really quite epic, it’s an ideal combination of action, drama and a very, very endeavouring and adventurous storyline. Haven’t seen it yet? Well a) we are not sure that you belong on Dudepins, and b) you are now officially forgiven if you watch, or at least preview, an episode of The Game of Thrones tv show.

1. MadMen = #1

Yes, they will sell anything… souls included. Not only is Mad Men an epic combination of scotch, women, cigars, business, money, drama, booze and extremely attractive women, it is also just a classic Manly, Gentleman like, classic, tv show. Based on the lives of ad men throughout the late 50s to early 60s, Man Men is all about the inter-workings of the advertising business and its trivial nature. Entertaining? Yes. Dramatic? Yes. Good story line? Damn right! Don Draper and the other folk do a fantastic job of keeping the viewer engaged and especially in portraying the attitude that was, arguably, inherent during that time in that specific industry. Should you watch Madmen? Absolutely!


Well, that about sums up our list of the top 6 manly man tv shows on the air… enter fireworks.. If you’re wondering why 6, then we’re sorry to disappoint you but there’s no clear logic behind that number, it simply seemed like a happy number between 3 and 10….

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the list and took at least 1 recommendation. If you have comments, or disagree, then leave a comment and we will reply… we promise.

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