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Plenty of Fish Review

The Dude —  June 14, 2018

Plenty of Fish is one of the original pioneers of online dating services. Today, the company now boasts a membership of over 150 million users worldwide. But the quality of an Internet dating site doesn’t rely on the amount of users alone. Read on for our review of Plenty of Fish to discover what services they offer, how they stack up to the competition and a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and make new connections.

Plenty of Fish:Pros & Cons

Every online dating service, including Plenty of Fish, has it’s own set of pros and cons that can impact your decision to sign up. Keep both sides in mind when making a decision about whether Plenty of Fish is right for you.


  • You can create a profile and message other users for free
  • One of the largest databases of user profiles to search through
  • Over 4 million active daily users
  • Highly in-depth search feature with over 14 variables


  • Free service can attract fake or illegitimate profiles
  • No identification confirmation or background checks

Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish dating app

Online Dating: A Step Away From the Traditional

Before the Internet, singles looking to make connections had to take the ‘traditional’ dating routine. This involved going out to social events intending to meet other people who might become dates. After getting to know a person, you would then decide whether they fit as a potential partner.

Many singles in the world that have trouble finding time to meet new people after their day-to-day activities. Others find plenty of people to talk to but aren’t able to make lasting connections. As technology has advanced and the Internet connected the world, new services formed to help solve the issues with ‘traditional’ dating.

What is Plenty of Fish?

Plenty of Fish is a free online dating service that allows singles to connect with other singles to get the conversation started. Since established in Vancouver in 2008, the company has strived to help millions of users around the world connect and create a lasting relationship.

Plenty of Fish has grown to a membership base of 150 million registered users worldwide, with 4 million users active every day. The company claims responsibility for over 1 million relationships every year, and that a couple meets on the service once every 2 minutes.

Along with their website user face, POF is also available in over 20 countries on iOS and Android devices in 11 different languages. This allows users from all over the world to connect at anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

Plenty of Fish offers a variety of other services to help hopeful singles connect with the right partners. Popular features include their Chemistry Test, that base matches off of your emotional wants and need, and Relationship Needs, which look at past relationships create a custom relationship action plan for any future connections made.

How Plenty of Fish Works

Plenty of Fish strives to simplify the dating by helping singles form meaningful connections and start conversations with potential partners. By using in-depth assessments and customizable advanced search fields, POF helps you find the best profile matches so you can start those meaningful conversations and make true connections.

How to Join Plenty of Fish

Download the App 

To join Plenty of Fish you can download the app on Google Play or the Apple Store. There is also a web browser version available.


Plenty of Fish asks you to enter a few details in order to set up your free account. Create a username and password, and then enter your email address to ensure your account can be validated.

Setting Up Your Profile.

Once registered, you are guided through a lengthy profile set up to get a better understanding of the kind of person you are, and the kind of person that you want to meet. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on how in-depth you want your profile to be.

The questions range in a variety of topics, including appearance, personality, lifestyle, partner preferences, and more. Your profile starts with a quick introductory headline, followed by a longer profile description. This is what other users will use to gauge whether they are interested in you.

Along with a basic description, you will be able to display your ideals and interests, along with ‘Conversation Starters’ that give potential mates an idea of the kind of conversations you’re looking to have.

Assessment Quizzes

After your profile is complete, you will then be prompted to take a variety of personality tests that Plenty of Fish created specifically for their members in order to get a clear understanding of what they are looking for in a relationship. This includes their Relationship Chemistry test, which focuses on mapping our your personality, and a Relationship Needs test, which gives insight into the kind of relationship you are looking for.

Search for Matches

After the assessment tests are finish, you will then able to explore Plenty of Fishes’ database of singles looking to connect. You can search for users by using the ‘Meet Me’ feature, Ultra Match, users that are currently online, or by using their highly advanced search engine tool with 14 variables to hone in your search.

Once you find someone you want to know more about, you can send him or her a direct message or ‘flirt’ to show your interest.

Key Features of Plenty of Fish

Relationship Chemistry Test

This is an assessment test that breaks your personality and compatibility into five factors: family-orientation, easygoingness, social dependency, self-confidence, and self-control.

Relationship Needs Test. Another assessment test with over 50 multiple choice questions that help you recognize what you want in a relationship. This test identifies your compatibility based on nine elements of relationships: self-efficacy, interdependence, intimacy, communication, relationship readiness, conflict resolution, attitudes towards love, sexuality and preferred expressions of affection.

Advanced Search Variables

Plenty of Fish has one of the most comprehensive search options with over 14 variables to filter your search result. POF’s basic search includes filters such as gender, age, commitment intent, body type, education, ethnicity, and location. Their advanced search option allows you to hone in on individual details, including appearance, whether they drink, what type of job they work, and more. There is also an option to search by username if you are looking for someone specific.

Ultra Match

This feature uses Plenty of Fish’s Behavioral Matching System to find the singles that best fit what you are looking for in a partner. POF will dictate a profile as an Ultra Match based on your answers to the Relationship Chemistry Test and the Relationship Needs Test. This narrows down the profiles to the top 70 profiles whose answers are the most compatible to yours.

Meet Me

The Meet Me feature lets you rapidly search through the Plenty of Fish user database by letting you pick whether you are interested one profile at a time. You will be presented with a photo and prompted to ask whether you would like to meet this person based on their photo. You can choose either ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Maybe.’ Users will get a notification if someone chooses ‘Yes’ on your profile, but only paid members are able to see the profiles of those who said yes.

Keeper Test

This 28-question test is design to help you figure out whether your potential love interest is a ‘keeper.’ The questions deal with how your potential match interacts with you and those around them and creates a personality type similar to the Myers-Briggs evaluation based on a few variables: Connected-Aloof, Buoyant-Temperamental, Virtuous-Indifferent, and Expressive-Guarded. They then provide tips for how to deal with the particular partner type and how to proceed with a relationship.

Seduction Style Guide

This is a test that allows you to better understand your ideal seduction methods. The test is broken into a few sections, including flirting, communication references, and date preferences. You are then sent a comprehensive report to send to potential mates with a step-by-step approach on how to seduce you.

Google Home Access

 Plenty of Fish is the first online dating service that allows you to connect to a Google Home smart home device. By utilizing the Google Assistant, you can use your Google Home to read and reply to your POF messages.

Plenty of Fish Plan Pricing

The basic Plenty of Fish plan is free, and allows users to create a profile, take the assessments, search their database, and message other members for no cost. Plenty of Fish also offers their users the ability to upgrade their account for access to more features.

Upgraded accounts allow users to show up first on the ‘Meet Me’ section. This allows new singles to see you within minutes of signing up, and increases the amount of messages from users who are interested.

Along with higher exposure, upgrading a Plenty of Fish account allows users to unlock Extended Profiles of matches they’re interested, check to see if their messages were read or ignored, and can see the date and time of when someone viewed their profile.

Premium members will have a gold star presented on their profile and every message. According to their site, upgrading more than doubles a user’s chance of meeting someone.

Users can upgrade their profile through three different plans:

  • 8 months for $79.92
  • 4 months for $51.00
  • 2 months for $38.70

Plenty of Fish also offers tokens, which allow you to send a Super Yes, highlight your profile, or send a priority message. A ‘Super Yes’ will show a user you really liked their profile, while a highlight will mark you as ‘Today’s Catch’ in the Meet Me section.

Tokens can be purchased in three different packages:

  • 1 token for $1.99
  • 5 tokens for $8.95
  • 10 tokens for $1.69

Public Perception (Other Plenty of Fish Reviews)

Currently, the Plenty of Fish app ranks as one of the top 20 social networking apps, and has a ranking of 3.7 stars with over 135 thousand reviews. On Google Play, the app ranks at 4.2 stars with over 1.14 million reviews. Reviewers seem to agree that the service is a great opportunity to meet potential partners for no cost, though some complain there are too many ‘fake’ profiles, sometimes making it difficult to connect with real people.

How Does Plenty of Fish Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular online dating services due to its large user database and low cost. There are other dating sites, such as, Tinder, or OkCupid that offer different features and opportunities for singles looking to connect.

For a paid membership, adds additional functions and features to help their users find the right match. For example, allows their paid users to delete members you aren’t interested in from search results.

Tinder also offers a free dating service that allows you to see other people looking to connect who are nearby. Tinder is a popular option with younger users as it is well integrated with social media platforms like Facebook.

OkCupid offers a similar free option that allows you to search and interact with other members without having to pull out your credit card. One unique feature they offer is a compatibility percentage for both potential matches to look into and potential enemies to avoid.

Is Plenty of Fish the Right Fit?

With over 4 million daily active users, Plenty of Fish is one of the largest online dating services on the market. As a free service, POF is an easy, non-committal way to explore the online dating scene without having to open up your wallet. With a variety of advanced features at little to no cost, POF is a great way for singles to connect to form strong, long-lasting relationships.



Overall Ratings




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Fitness gear has come a long way since spandex and stationary bikes. Nowadays, there are plenty of options and top-notch fitness equipment, as well as modern functional apparel. Do you want to know how to transform your body? With summer knocking at the door, it is time to start looking good. Go ahead and take a look at the following fitness gear.

must have fitness gear

The Best Fitness Gear You Can Use

Rogue Sr-1 Bearing Speed Rope

If you have not jumped a rope since high school, you do not know what you are missing out on. This old-school physical activity improves your cardio, movement, and coordination. This particular jumping rope has high-precision cartridge ball bearings.

fitness rope

Concept2 Ski-Erg

Running and cycling have plenty of benefits for your body. This fitness gear relies more on your upper-body strength. Your arms, chest, and abs will work intensely.

Casio G-Shock

This special watch helps you keeping track of your workout intervals. It can be programed to beep at certain periods of time. This watch is tested to military standards, so you can rest assured of its quality.

Goruck Ruck Plates

Walking with a weighted backpack is a simple exercise which crushes calories and protects your back. These plates slide perfectly intro your laptop’s bag or any other backpack you owe.

Airex Balance Pad

This is a gym accessory that you will constantly utilize. It is useful when you want to find the right depth on a rear-foot-elevated split squat or enhance your mobility.

What Should Not Miss from Your Fitness Wardrobe?

wristband tracker for men

  • A good hoodie. This is a classic piece of fitness clothing that never goes out of style. Buy one that fits you well and you will never need a technical warm-up jacket every again.
  • A stylish T-shirt. If you want to follow the trends, buy a fitness T-shirt that combines both style and functionality. It can be so cool that you can use it even at a brunch after your work out.
  • A fitness tracker. This is a great fitness gear if you want to measure your heart rate and burned calories. When it comes to fitness trackers, go for a black simple and elegant wristband.
  • A pair of versatile shorts. Pick a pair with multiple pockets. This way you can keep some of your personal belonging with you if you do not want to leave them in the men’s locker room. Go for subtle patterns. Choose shorts that are comfortable but do not show too much leg when you are doing your squats.

All in all, whether you are new to exercising or you are a workout pro, the fitness gear presented above will help you improving your gym abilities.

Image source: 1, 2, 3

Young men might have difficulties when it comes to picking their clothes. How to be well dressed is a big question when you are in your 20s.

well dressed gent

This time is an important period of your life, is the time in which you most discover yourself, who you are and who you want to become. It is also a time in which you start creating your career.

Let me tell you something that may come as a shock: this is the perfect time to start investing in important clothing pieces that will be the foundation of your wardrobe for many years to come. Furthermore, looking well makes you feel good no matter the occasion.

On the other hand, you can be flexible in your 20s. Experiment with different styles and brands until you find the perfect ones for you.

How to Dress to Impress?

Keep A Simple Style

Do not invest all your money in too many fancy expensive clothes. Try to buy a couple of classic items that can help you built multiple outfits.

Look for basic slim cuts that fit you perfectly without having too much fabric in excess.

Do Some Online Research

For more information about fashion styles and dressing rules, you can always check some tips on the Internet. The digital environment is full of tips and advice about the fashion industry.

Learn to Properly Accessorize

You must be careful when it comes to good accessorizing. A good pair of shoes or a matching tie can make a huge difference in the way the others perceive you.

colorful and elegant tie

The first impression counts and some people say that the shoes are among the first things to be noticed when they meet a man. Always have polished shoes to match with your perfect suit.

Ignore Fashion Trends

This does not mean you have to be unstylish. It just means that most and foremost, you must listen to your body and notice when it feels comfortable. Also, fashion trends tend to change pretty fast. Young men at the beginning of their career life do not have the necessary budget in order to change their wardrobe two times per year.

Stick to classic clothing items for the core of your wardrobe.

Take Good Care of Your Clothes

Another way to save money and be well dressed is to keep your clothes in good shape. Fold them with care, keep them in your closet when you are not wearing them, and try not to stain them. Also, be careful when you wash them in your washing machine. Be aware of the proper washing temperatures for every fabric.

To sum up, when it comes to how to be well dressed, you must keep in mind some simple rules. Stick to simple clothing items, accessorize properly, and take good care of your clothes. Moreover, do not stress too much over fashion trends. With time comes experience and it will be easier for you to dress correctly after you already have achieved your own personal style.

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We all know by now that some of the best experiences, those that will probably stay with you for your whole life, happen when you least expect them. Here are a few unexpected suggestions for your next vacation that are bound to give you some great memories and some very interesting Facebook photos this summer:

Leshan Buddha Statue View

  1. Leshan Giant Buddha from Sichuan, China

A 233 feet tall statue of Buddha should be impressive enough for most people. If you’re still undecided, then find out the statue was carved in the mountainside more than 13 centuries ago. You’ll get to experience a whole different culture and meet a lot of great, friendly people from the other side of the world. And if you still have doubts, you should know that you can stay at the Panda Inn in Sichuan, where the theme is present everywhere around you, including the staff’s uniforms!

  1. Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

We know, we know, an exotic island shouldn’t be one of our unusual destinations. But this one place from the Bahamas has something unusual: it’s the deepest blue hole in the world, 600 feet. Its name derives from the bright blue color that can be seen from above.

  1. The Underwater Museum from Cancun, Mexico

This unique museum can be found by the coast of Cancun and contains over 450 statues made out of certain materials that help coral grow. Scuba diving in this area is a unique experience thanks to the diverse and colorful fauna which consists of hundreds of species of fish and other sea life.

  1. The Pamukkale Thermal Pools from Denizli, Turkey

These unique pools are filled with naturally hot water that comes up from underground springs and then cascades down filling the pools formed in thousands of years of natural carving. You can spend a whole day there swimming, relaxing and taking in the wonders of the Turkish landscape.

  1. The Orient Express, Europe

If you like traveling and seeing as much as you can in little time, this experience is the one for you. The Orient Express is, without doubt, the classiest train there is. It passes through important European cities like London, Paris, Venice or Istanbul. The luxurious ride offers fine dining, comfortable beds and seats, a bar and even some boutiques.

You just can’t go wrong with choosing one of our suggestions for this summer’s vacation. Even if you prefer luxury and pampering or, on the contrary, you like sightseeing and walking on foot, at least one of these will be the right one for you.So, which one will you choose?

Image Source.

Why do we like spy TV shows so much? Well, in addition to the childhood fantasy where every one of us has at least once inmagined himself as a spy, there’s something about a TV show that blends good acting with action and an intricate conflict. Some of them are extremely well done and keep you on the edge 75% of the time, while others might seem a bit funny and goofy. Nevertheless, a good show will leave you asking for more episodes as soon as the end credits roll. Here are a few of our favorites:

American flag with eagle and god bless america message

  1. The Americans (2014)

Partially based on the 2010 scandal where a number of Russian spies have been found in the United States under false identities. while offering information to their mother country, they were living “normal” lives, having children, friends and coworkers. This still ongoing series shows us the whole situation from the perspective of two spies, a man and a woman who have been together from a young age and who are struggling to keep their cover and create the best possible future for their two children.

  1. Spies, Lies and the Superbomb (2007)

Watching this one is a great, but powerful experience. Although short and brutally honest for the most part, it is a must see TV show even if you’re not into spies at all. The show centers around the birth of nuclear weapons and the people involved. Saying anything more would ruin your experience while watching it, so you’re going to have to discover the rest by yourselves.

  1. Homeland (2011)

Another ongoing TV series, Homeland has an intricate and unexpected topic: a bipolar CIA agent who has become a convicted war prisoner in the Middle East. Given her condition, she soon changed her mind about what’s right and wrong and is now part of Al-Quaeda, planning a terrorist attack on her home land.

  1. The Assets (2011)

An interesting example of how uprightness and integrity bind people together no matter the conflicts around them. It’s also a very representative “trailer” of the CIA and how everything works there. A show that keeps you on the edge without it being frustrating.

  1. The Company (2007)

This one is a must watch, definitely. It mixes reality with fiction by portraying real figures that participated or had an important role in the Cold War and putting them in a fictional story where the CIA agents and representatives of KGB, MI6 and the Mossad have to interact more than any of them would want to.

Of course, an honorable mention should go to the animated TV show “Archer”. It’s an animated comedy TV series that started airing in 2009 and let me tell you, it’s one of the funniest TV shows we’ve ever seen. Just try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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There are over 40 new and refreshed luxury cars coming in 2016. It looks like this year will be another good one for the auto industry. Not only that sales will remain to a healthy level, but also there are plenty of new and redesigned brand models on the way to attract wealthy shoppers into dealers’ showrooms.

luxury car

Among these new models there are both racy and luxurious vehicles, each designed to blow your mind, and impress potential buyers. Though hybrid and electric-car sales have decreased lately, their popularity will increase for sure, when you think of the rising gas price. The companies in the auto business are staying prepared for another twist in their customers’ preferences.

Best New Luxury Cars of 2016

BMW 3-Series

The price range for these cars is between $34,145 dollars and $50,195 dollars, depending on their features. These cars were once the gold standard for sport sedans. However, they have recently lost a little bit of their popularity.

BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

The Gran Coupe is an excellent and beautiful five-door car, based on the 3-series sedan. The difference between the two series is that this new one has an improved practicality of a hatchback and a folding rear seat. The price range varies between $48,945 and $50,945 dollars.

leathery car interior of a BMW

Cadillac ATS

Even though they lack the pedigree of European rivals, the ATS sedan and coupe make up for it with distinctive styling and high-performance features. Cadillac ATS costs from $34,210 dollars up to $52,940 dollars.

Jaguar XE

This is an ultra-luxury car with top-notch technology features, which is said to be better than the currently number one BMW 3-series. Its price range goes from $35,895 dollars to $52,695 dollars.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

This is one of the ten best premium luxury cars of 2016. It has revisions to the suspension system to improve overall ride quality. It offers an outstanding variety of features for its price, which starts at $59,950 dollars.

Audi A8 L W12

This car is a perfect combination of technology, luxury, performance, and grace. You can find dual-screen rear seat entertainment, active noise cancellation, even massage chairs. This car is more like a light jet. Pricing starts at $137,900 dollars.

Kia K900

This being a Korean car is not relevant at all when we talk about the K900 model. It is a premium luxury car, having a 420-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine. Kia K900 offers every convenience that you will find in the best cars. Its price begins at $54,500 dollars.

When buying luxury cars, an important element is for the car to have a luxury-brand origin. Factors like performance, comfort and other modern features are essential in choosing the right vehicle.

Image source: 1, 2

Sci-fi books are possibly one of the most imaginative pieces of content we can access today for unwinding. They’ve got it all: epic adventures, out of this world details that can truly be amazing, as well as surprisingly realistic political overviews (the time and technologies may change, but human nature stays the same). Perhaps only fantasy books can come in second after sci-fi books; hardcore fantasy fans may beg to differ and the matter is debatable, of course, but the fact remains that sci-fi books are among the few things that still manage to make us read nowadays.

The only thing holding many of us back from the reading is this: many popular sci-fi books come with the bad habit of being part of huge series stretching out numerous volumes. Contemplating how much more reading you actually have ahead of you is enough to postpone the reading of those wonderful sci-fi books indefinitely, or simply quit and just see some similar movies instead.

Here’s the good news: we have put together a brief list of top 5 great sci-fi books that aren’t part of a series, and that can open back your appetite for reading. That’s right: these 5 masterpieces are completely stand-alone and won’t overwhelm you with tens of volumes to go through. Our list could go on, but we decided to share these 5 ones for starters, and come back with more suggestions in the future.

1. Dark Run, by Mike Brooks

dark run by mike brooks

One of the most stunning debut works from a relatively young author, Dark Run was a pleasant surprise to all of its readers, managing to verge on a classic quality. The characters are clean-cut, the political complexity of our world fast forward into the future by about 200 years is deliciously plausible, and the mindfulness with which the author treats minority cultures is refreshing. If you fancy space smugglers, rebelliousness against corruption and an immersive world that doesn’t become overbearing with details, this is the book for you. You can find it on Amazon (in both paperback and Kindle editions).

2. Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor

binti by nnedi okorafor

If you like exploring non-Western writings in addition to being attracted to sci-fi books, then our next suggestion is definitely the right choice for you. It’s the story of an African girl, the first of her nation who gets accepted into a prestigious university on another planet, and about her journey to the new school which awaits. The predictable tale of a young and hopeful new student then gets intertwined with a classic sci-fi when her ship gets attacked. The ending will surprise you, and it would be safe to say that overall the book is nothing like you’d expect it to be, in a good way. You can find the book on Amazon.

3. Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

snow crash by neal stephenson

Our next choice comes from a multi-awarded author for a change, so if you haven’t managed to read anything by him yet, this is the perfect entry to get you started. One of the most popular sci-fi books of the recent years, Snow Crash is about Sumerian mythology brought into the present and the future through the lens of a mega cyber intelligence. A pizza delivery boy in the normal world, Hiro (our main character) is also a warrior prince in the Metaverse (an alternate universe which coexists and intertwines with ours). Surely this is enough to peak your interest. You can find it on Amazon.

4. Arkwright, by Allen Steele

arkwright by allen steele

This newly released book has very high chances of becoming the next sci-fi book enthusiast Bible. It features classic, hard sci-fi imaginative works, with a multi-generational plot through various planets and space travel, as well as bow-down references to the most important sci-fi writers of all time. It also includes the setting of a colony in extra-terrestrial space, in deliciously elaborate details. If you’re usually a fan of works such as Asimov’s, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one as well. You can find it here.

5. Orleans, by Sherri Smith

orleans by sherri smith

If you liked the Fallout games, then you’ll definitely like Orleans. Set into an almost post-apocalyptic future, Sherri Smith’s novel tells the tale of a desolate and sinking Orleans, and of the surprising discovery that years after the cataclysms and the abandoning of the entire Gulf Coast, a new primate society was formed in its ruins. You can find the book on Amazon.

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

7 Cool Gadgets for Men

The Dude —  June 19, 2016

Cool gadgets and tech gifts are great for modern men. Technology is improving day by day. Our devices are easier and more fun to use. They also provide inter-device connectivity and many other great features.

cool gadget for men

There are dozens of cool gadgets for men out there. However, it can be tough to search through all these modern devices and pick the most suitable one for your taste and needs. Of course, some of those gadgets look great but we also want them to be innovative and show creativity.

Cool Gadgets for Men

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds stay put even when you are running or working out. The newest model is smaller than the previous one and it features a new design which is more comfortable.

Linksys EA9500 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router

The important thing to know about this revolutionary router is that it has a full bandwidth Wi-Fi speed that reaches up to 5,334Mbs. That is super-fast. The other thing worthy of knowing is that Linksys has more technology features packed in one single router for a very nice price.

FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor

This cool gadget is a much more affordable option for collision warning systems. It mounts like a license plate frame and connects to an IOS or Android app to warn you of an impending collision. It alerts you by using visible and audio warnings.

Apple Watch

apple watch for men

This is a great tech device which has a brilliant interface. It has features such as health and fitness metrics, communications, and time-management apps. It costs 350 dollars.

Nikon D750

If you are mad about photography, then this is the right gadget for you. On the other hand, if so far you have used only your smartphone camera, buying a full-frame DSLR will blow your mind. With this camera, you will capture more information from every scene.

Images are sharper, richer, brighter. Nikon helps you in having great results as a photographer. It costs $2,300 dollars.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

This espresso maker has solved the problem with getting a good cup of tasty energy. It basically works like a Keurig, but instead of coffee, it uses espresso pods. It makes flawless espressos every time. Its price is $183.24 dollars.

Microsoft Band

This cool gadget has many various features such as step-counting, sleep-tracking, built-in heart-rate monitor and GPS, and much more. Furthermore, the band has also a customizable notifications system that will alert you when is necessary. You can set up alerts from Twitter mentions to calendar events.

We need technology in our lives and the list of cool gadgets above can help you decide what your priorities are, and which device you want and need most.

Image source: 1, 2

Looking for ways to boost your metabolism easy and in a natural way? Did you happen to hear from your trainer that coffee and tea should be the only drinks allowed besides water, if you’re looking to get ripped? Wondering how much truth there is to all that?

Here is what you need to know about this hypothesis of coffee and tea as metabolism boosters, if it’s a myth or a fact, and how you can use them to your advantage.

man running on a track

How to Boost Your Metabolism with Coffee and Tea

We don’t like to over-generalize, but two basic truths are probably valid for (almost) all us dudes in the younger generation. We all lead pretty busy lifestyles and don’t really have the time to apply all those my-body-is-my-temple health and fitness principles, and at the same time we would all like to have a fitter body. Today’s dietary and lifestyle conditions don’t really make it easy for the average dude to be able to keep and enhance his physical shape easily, and that’s why we need all the help we can get.

You’re already aware that it’s important to keep your diet as clean as possible, and that working out moderately but constantly is the truest path to a fitter shape. But alas, these things don’t often bring the rewards we want, no matter how religiously the principles are applied. We then blame it on our metabolism and start taking all sorts of supplements, and maybe making matters worse in the process. But what if we told you that coffee and tea can really be the simple and natural answer to boost your metabolism a bit?

Here is all you need to know about how.

man drinking coffee in a cafe

What Conditions Must Be Fulfilled for Coffee and Tea to Act as Metabolism Boosters

First of all, you must probably wonder if these two natural substances really work as metabolism boosters, scientifically speaking. The results of studies on this topic show that undoubtedly, even compared to Placebo, the effect of polyphenols and antioxidants present in both coffee and green tea can indeed boost your metabolism significantly. This means that by ingesting these substances regularly throughout the day (less coffee and more green tea, preferably), you can actually make sure the workouts you perform are indeed effective.

young man drinking gree tea in the kitchen

But here’s the trick: if together with the coffees and tea you drink you also bring a lot of extra calories or unhealthy additives, you’ll boost your metabolism almost for nothing and the positive effect will be nullified by the rest. To make sure your drinks boost your metabolism and end up making your fitness and dieting routine more effective with less effort involved on your behalf, it’s easier if you just follow these simple rules:

  • You can add a splash of milk to your coffee, but no sugar;
  • If you absolutely must sweeten your coffee and tea, just use 1 teaspoon of agave or stevia syrup instead of sugar (per cup);
  • You shouldn’t drink more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day (one of them should preferably be drank right before the workout);
  • You should then drink about 4 additional cups of green tea per day (you can also switch some for white tea, but not black tea, because added to the coffee intake it may cause you to become a bit jittery);
  • Also drink about 3-4 cups of plain water a day and your hydration needs will be perfectly met, not to mention that you will also manage to help boost your metabolism by way of the coffee and tea you drink;
  • As for fruit juices, cross them off your list, no matter how freshly squeezed and additive free they may be. Whatever benefits they might bring, they’re simply not worth the extra sugar they pack.

If you follow these simple rules in addition to a reasonable diet and workout routine (something that doesn’t make you necessarily a ‘pro’, but it’s just right for a busy young professional man that wants to lead a normal life outside the gym), you will notice that the coffee and green tea you drink will definitely make these small lifestyle changed more effective. You can boost your metabolism and the efficiency of your moderate efforts only through making some tweaks to your drinks.

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Learning to make the right diet choices even when it comes to really simple and subtle stuff can be a great way to tweak your metabolism. This way you can help your body enjoy the benefits of all your other efforts (workouts included) without giving up on what you like or making any major changes. Even if you’re not looking to get precisely ripped but just maintain a healthy dose of activity or staying more or less in shape, by making the right diet choices you can make it all easier. Here is what you should choose whenever you have the option.

man working out on beach

1. Low Fat Yogurt vs. Full Fat Yogurt (and Milk or Cheese)

Don’t join the bandwagon of people who think low fat is the better version when it comes to dairy products; the assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to make those products taste decent with so much of their natural fat removed from them, producers usually load them up with sugar and artificial additives which are way worse for your diet and health. Anyway, when trying to achieve a leaner form, fats (especially good, natural fats) are not the problem, carbs are, so staying away from sugar but not from fat is one of the smartest diet choices around.

white and brown rice diet choices

2. Whole Grains vs. Regular Grains

This is probably a dilemma with an easier to guess answer. Whole grains are obviously one of the ‘good’ diet choices every health news source reports on, and we’re happy to confirm siding with them too. Whenever you can, whether we’re talking about breads or pasta or rice or anything else up that alley, go for whole grains. They have the same amount of calories as their refined counterparts, but their energy (carbs) gets absorbed into your system much slower, reducing the sudden spikes in your blood sugar and keeping you satiated for longer.

3. Muffins vs. Cake

Muffins can be only a fake better option than any other form of cake, especially if bought from a store or bakery that loads them with sugar, trans fats and a glaze and so on. But if you read the ingredient list carefully and make sure you choose something not loaded with such hidden ingredients, muffins can indeed be a healthy snack option. Go for ones containing natural fruit and, if possible, whole grains.

4. Red Meat vs. White Meat

Meat is part of many dudes’ diets and we’re not about to advocate renouncing it. But there are better and worse diet choices in the meat department as well. You may hear that white meat is always preferable to red meat; while it’s true that red meat can hurt your health more, some diet choices involving red meat can be ok. Go for lean meats and from high quality sources, no matter if the meat is red or white; the protein intake will give you a nice metabolism boost. Still, if you consume both types (colors) of meat regularly, try to keep the red one at a 25% level and go for white in the rest of the time.

5. Fruit Juice vs. Soda

This last one doesn’t actually belong in the diet choices you should have and make, it’s more like a trick question. Whenever wondering what to choose between fruit juices and sodas, your answer should be none of the above. Yes, fruit juices (especially cold-pressed, natural ones) are widely regarded as a super-healthy option in any good diet, but the part often overlooked is how much sugar they actually contain. The human body isn’t meant to take on that much fruit sugar all at once, because you usually eat the entire fruit, with its fiber and everything else. Our advice is to just stay away from juices altogether (and no, diet soda is definitely not a better option) and just stick with plain water and unsweetened tea or coffee. It’s one of the best diet choices you can tweak.

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You may have heard about the dark web, also called darknet. It is the underground side of the internet, allegedly containing much more data than the ‘above’ version of the internet does. The version we know and use can be ‘seen’ by search engines (is indexed), while pages and all content in the dark web can only be accessed through special browsers, setting and permissions. This allows users to browse anonymously and under complete privacy. It is generally regarded as a dubious place, meant first and foremost for illegal activities, the trading of illegal services and so on.

Since many of today’s web dangers are somehow involved with the dark web, or even taking place solely through it, this issue has become of growing importance to security experts and the general public as well. Books about the dark web and its chief dangers, as well as purely informative content about how it works have started popping. Since, we’re probably going to hear a lot more about the darknet in the next years, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 books about the dark web which you should read.

1. The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld, by Jamie Bartlett

dark net cover

The most comprehensive book written so far about the dark web, Jamie Bartlett’s recent masterpiece should be the first entry on everyone’s reading list. The only disclaimer or warning is that it may be a heavy read, more suitable for academic reading than an easy-weight, approachable read. You can find the book here.

2. WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy, by Nev Schulman


Everyone has heard about Julian Assange and his famous WikiLeaks project, which made him one of the least liked people by the various governments exposed through his schemes. There are plenty of controversies surrounding him, but if you’d like to know more before making up your own mind on the topic, you should start with reading this book. It’s one of the most balanced account of the subject to be found on the current book market. You can find the book here.

3. Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet, by Edward Lucas


This collection of studies and in-depth thought pieces allows people who were previously unfamiliar with the concept of cyberphobia understand exactly how this works and why it is dangerous. As crimes are so much harder to track and control online, especially due to the emergence of the dark web, new forms and opportunities of dangerous slopes mutate into the new waves of cybercrime. You can find the book here.

4. Cybersexism, by Laurie Penny


Similar to the book on cyberphobia, this new entry deals specifically with online harassment, revenge threads and other forms of cyberbullying, targeted towards a specific gender, and which are yet to be properly regulated. While on the dark web things get even more brutal, the phenomena is obviously present on the regular side of the internet as well. You can find it here.

5. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, by Jon Ronson


Our last recommendation for books about the dark web is this bestseller, dealing with how shaming and cyberbullying go hand in hand, reaching new and dangerous heights. It also works as guide for victims of cybershaming, giving sound and empathetic advice for getting back on your feet. You can find the book here.

Image source: 1. here. 2. here 3. here

The beard trend is holding strong and hasn’t yet passed over, as many critics predicted when it first started, in the first few years post 2010. Call it the continued rise of the lumbersexual or a much welcome return to a real man, rugged look and feel, the bottom certainty through it all is that more and more guys (and the ladies in their lives) are digging this trend. There are of course practical advantages to it, as well, like less time spent on shaving, although we wouldn’t recommend a completely ungroomed look for your beards. If you’re in need for some beard inspiration so you can decide how to change or update your style from time to time, here are the top sources to look for it today.

lumbersexual man beard inspiration photo

1. Pinterest

Pinterest has been one of the top sources of beard inspiration even since the trend emerged, and in case you’re wondering how relevant or updated the portal is for this, don’t worry: it’s still as relevant as it gets. Another good news is that the posts featured on this topic tend to get more and more down to earth lately, unlike the rather fancy and extravagant beard inspiration pins from several years back. No need for flower braids in our beards, thank you very much. To browse the Pinterest source for beard inspiration, click here.

2. Tumblr

One of the best parts about Tumblr is that it basically works as a bigger and better integrated Pinterest board. It can feature gifs, short movies and smaller individual collections for beard inspiration within the main collection itself. So if you’re weary or scrolling through yet another long line of beard pics, don’t worry, this Tumblr board is so much more. To browse the Tumblr collection of beard inspiration posts, follow this link.

beard inspiration 4 men lumbersexual trend

3. Reddit

Given how big the beard inspiration phenomenon has gotten, of course Reddit has some pretty important contributions of its own. After all, Reddit is one of online locations most reliant on user contribution, and therefore encourages much more input on virtually anything. Reddit contributors feel free to adapt and share beard inspiration ideas based on their own experience (and looks), so albums such as these are some of the most authentic ideas on beard grooming you could get.


We don’t know if you’ve heard about this portal yet, but is one of the top sources of focused beard inspiration to be found online. It also features a store section, as well as plenty of tutorials and advice on beard grooming. It also includes in-depth reviews of tools such as combs, as well as tutorials detailing how they should be used.


The other major portal on the topic of beard inspiration is, launched since the beginning of 1996, way before beards started being cool as part of the recent lumbersexual trend. Do check it out before settling on your new beard styling choice for good. You’ll also be able to find all the advice you need on how to care for your facial hair, stimulate its growth, or news and stories about the most fascinating beard-centred events (like contests and so on).

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The popular game Dark Souls, now finally released in its third version, has risen over the past few years to an almost cult icon status in the gaming community. Dark Souls 3 was initially released in March this year, and is developed by FromSoftware. After its release, the game received positive reviews and what could be called great critical acclaim, with ratings ranging from 8.5 to 10 stars, on average, from the major gaming magazines and so on. Its fans praise the game for its impeccable graphics, immersive storyline, and nostalgic wink to previous games from the same developer. Curious to find out more about Dark Souls III and whether it’s something you might enjoy? Here is what you need to know, in a scoopful of main strengths (and downsides as well, immediately after).

dark souls III fight scene

What We Love Most in Dark Souls III

  1. The Storyline – You are a resurrected corpse (zombie, if you’d like, though the term is not specifically used), brought back from the beyond to defeat corrupt creatures and then trade their captured souls for character, armor and weapon upgrades. The universe you are immersed in really has the power to engage you in multiple ways: it’s dark, beautiful (in a haunting way), and the fast pace of the narrative changes keeps you on your toes. You can be looking forward to 70-80 hours of unique gameplay.
  2. The Graphics and Visual Experience – As mentioned above, the universe is really immersive and managed to involve you really fast. The amazing graphics play a huge role in this experience, of course, and critics have described this feature of Dark Souls III as resembling both the previous versions of the game and Bloodborne (another game from the same publisher), only in a much more complex and well-rounded way.
  3. The Sense of a Well-Rounded Series Being Complete – There will probably not be another Dark Souls game released any time soon, or if there will be, it will surely be less successful. Both critics and fans alike saw in Dark Souls III a masterpiece touch, one that brings together storyline and visual elements from the previous releases, in an artful and engaging way. The boss fights are allegedly the best in the entire series, while the signature style and clever nods to the other parts of the game are a delight.

dark souls 3 armored character overlook screenshot

Downsides to Consider

  • Frustrating difficulty – Getting through a zone can turn out to be quite frustrating, with bosses and high level mobs who one-shot kill you if you’re not careful. If you experience continuous defeat and feel like quitting, read some Dark Souls III guides before calling it a day.
  • Not much novelty – While fans say that the signature style present throughout the entire series, only in a more flawless and composed manner, is what draws them to Dark Souls III, critics say that for this very reason, the gameplay can feel boring. If you’re usually into games for their novelty and expect surprises at every turn, then perhaps this isn’t your cup of tea.

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The moustache trend has slowly grown from an initial hipster fashion movement to a fully developed cool theme for young men and women alike. Few things are cooler than a well-groomed and developed ‘stache, and that’s why moustache clothes and accessories are an epitome of coolness in themselves. No matter if such clothing and accessories are worn by dudes or dudettes, a moustache print or carving added to whatever item can instantly make the entire outfit younger, bolder and just a tad geekier, without any smirk whatsoever on the coolness factor.

Here are the top 10 moustache clothes and accessories for men to be found on the market right now. If the ‘stache trend is something you like (and why wouldn’t you?), these cool renditions of it should definitely be something worth checking out.

1. The Funny White Tee

funny moustache tank top for men

A relaxed and cool style, perfect if you want to show just what a confident guy you are (and one with a sense of humor on top of it all).

You can find it here.

2. Superhero moustache chic

great moustache message t-shirt

In the words of the eternally awesome Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. And what greater symbol of power and manliness than a well-grown and well-groomed moustache? One of the hottest finds in moustache clothing for men, you can find this shirt here.

3. A cute moustache iPhone case

moustache clothing and accessories: iPhone case

Your phone is among your most important and representative accessories. Why not use it as a canvas for your style with this cute moustache case? After all, moustache clothing items for men shouldn’t stop at just t-shirts and accessories you wear directly. You can find it here.

4. A moustache wrist watch

moustache wrist watch for men

The old-school look and feel of a simple, leather-bound watch screams of a dad or granddad style, while the moustache twist is just what the watch needed to become cooler and more contemporary. You can find such a watch (in more than one color scheme) here.

5. Moustache suspenders

moustache suspenders black and white

Sometimes, your shirt and pants outfits need a pair of good suspenders in order to become just right. Make those suspenders unforgettable with a cute moustache detail like this one. If you’re the proud wearer of a comparable real life moustache, then it’s even better, the suspenders will fit you like a dream. You can find this model here.

6. Nerd glasses and moustache Tee

nerd glasses and moustache clothing and accessories

If moustache clothes and accessories usually use the ‘stache symbol for manliness, the nerd glasses stand for intelligence, just the right dose of shyness and the ability to carry out wonderful conversations. This why this design highlighting nerd glasses and a moustache has become so popular, since it reunites the best of both worlds. You can find this tee here.

7. I’d love to stay but I must dash shirt – for little boys

funny moustache print T-shirt for little boys

For the little men in your life, a smart-assy tee such as this one can be the perfect gift. Of course, if you fancy the design, no one is stopping you from having it reproduced in your own size as well. Original model here.

8. Wicked Uncle Moustache T-shirt

wicked uncle moustache t-shirt for men

The monocle detail takes the cake, you’ll be one of the coolest presences in the room. The Wicked Uncle brand is one of the clothing labels that adapted to the moustache trend the best, and their designs are definitely among the coolest. You can find this T-shirt design in customizable shades for both men and women here.

9. Wicked Uncle Moustache and Monocle Underwear

wicked uncle moustache and monocle boxers

This awesome moustache design shouldn’t be limited to tees and outerwear. If you feel bold (and why shouldn’t you), you should definitely consider sporting it on your underwear as well. After all, it’s one of the coolest choices as far as moustache clothes and accessories for men go. You can find this model here.

10. Take it one step further with a beard Tee

bring a moustache to a beard fight tee

If you’re the proud possessor of a fully grown beard, the type that has been all the rage in recent lumbersexual esthetic trends, then why not go further with your clothing choices? Moustache is for beginner players, the beard is for advanced ones. Have fun with your grown-up style!

You can find this shirt here.

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Most people probably associate Germany mainly with blonde people, sausages and beer; and maybe some think of Oktoberfest as well. But there are plenty of things about Germany you would never suspect and which make it one of the most interesting countries to learn about (or travel to). Here are the top 15 cool facts about Germany: most are not very well-known but super-impressive all the more.

1. Beer is officially considered a food (in Bavaria)

Everyone already knew that there are a lot of types of beer in Germany, but few would guess it’s officially considered a food. In fact, there have been historical recordings of medieval monks in Germany who fasted with no food for days, only by drinking beer (about 5 liters a day, which amounted to about 2000 calories, precisely the recommended intake for an adult). Still, the alcohol contents of such a ‘diet’ is pretty high, so we don’t recommend it to anyone.

2. Over 300 kinds of bread

Beer isn’t the only thing the Germans do well and in many ways. Although you wouldn’t normally think about German specialties when it comes to bread, one of the cool facts about Germany is its wide variety of breads. Try to sample a few when you have the chance.

3. And also bread museums

As if the wide variety of breads wasn’t enough to establish bread as a cultural landmark in German history, the country can also boast with bread museums.

lichtenstein castle

4. Over 150 castles

Germany seems to be the ideal place for medieval reenactment festivals (and there are indeed plenty of those): with over 150 castles, there’s surely enough ground for them.

5. The most densely populated country

Although there are no slums and ghettos to speak of, Germany is the most densely populated (but not overcrowded) country.

6. But also with one third total surface still covered in forests

Still, in spite of almost every bare area being populated, one third of Germany’s surface is still covered in forests. They sure managed to take care of their wild areas well and prevent excessive deforestation.

the beer mass 1 liter beer keg

7. 1 Liter-sized beer glasses (the Mass!)

When attending Oktoberfest, you can expect the standard beer serving size to be not 0.5 liters, but 1 whole liter! A list of the top cool facts about Germany couldn’t be complete without this gem.

8. The Christmas Tree tradition comes from Germany

The Tanenbaum (or Christmas tree) has been a Christmas tradition in Germany long before it spread to the rest of the world.

9. They also invented Fanta

During WWII, when they couldn’t import Coca-Cola anymore, they had to come up with an alternative, and hence Fanta was invented.

10. Holocaust denial is officially a crime

Since this is the place where it all began, they take Holocaust denial very seriously and punish offenders who claim that the crime didn’t take place.

11. The first printed book was created in Germany

Johannes Gutenberg is the worker credited with inventing the printing press, and the first such machines started to function in Nuremberg (southern Germany). This happened in approximately 1436, and the fast multiplication of written works has sparked a social revolution: the immediate effect was that literacy increased dramatically among people. For all the good which derived from what is known as The Printing Revolution, we have a German metalworker to thank. The first thing ever printed was a German poem.

12. The world’s tallest cathedral

Many of you may be familiar with the cathedral in Koln, but the one in Ulm (Einstein’s city) is taller by a few meters. Thus, the Ulm cathedral is the tallest cathedral in the world, measuring 162 meters.

13. The most zoos in the world

Over 400 zoos can be found in Germany, and they are also notable for the kind treatment of animals and the positive impression they leave on their visitors. One of the major tourist attractions in cities both large and small, zoos are definitely a long and esteemed tradition in Germany.

14. No speed limits on the highways

This is perhaps one of the most exhilarating detail on the list of cool facts about Germany: over 65% of the total surface of German highways (Autobahns) has no speed limits whatsoever. It may sound like a dangerous thrill, but the highways in question are actually very safe, and have plenty of lanes. If you ever want to find out just how fast your car can go, do visit Germany with it!

angela merkel barbie doll

15. The country’s leader has a Barbie doll made after her.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has had a Barbie doll made after her. For real!

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