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The Dude —  December 1, 2014

We here at Dudepins wanted to make everyones life a little easier by putting together a list of some best Manly gift ideas for him. We made an effort to include items from all price ranges and categories, so hopefully there is something for everyone here. Additionally, we’ve taken it a step further and made your lives even easier by including direct link so you can get more information about the items and make the purchase if it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

As always, if we missed something that you think other Men would like to see and buy, please do send us an e-mail ( and we’ll be sure to include your suggestions here! Also, be sure to showoff all your amazing gift photos on Dudepins.

Top Gift ideas for Him

Without further delay, we proudly present our Manly Man’s Gift Guide. Regardless if you’re shopping for yourself, your cousin, brother, father, uncle or friend, we’re sure you will find something here.

A Nice New Gentleman’s Wallet or Moneyclip -> $10 – $50+

Regardless of whether you prefer a money clip, wallet or a simple elastic, it’s important to always ensure your money, cards and whatever else you choose to carry, are always contained in a clean, up-to-date and of course, fashion forward unit. Have a look at this great selection of stylish pieces.

Sturdy Leather Messenger Bag -> $100 – $500+

A Classic Men’s Watch -> $75 – $1000+

Whether a Casio, Timex, Omega or Rolex, a Man will never refuse a great looking and functional watch. Not only are they necessary but it could be argued that one could never have enough. After all, a watch should match attire and Men have many varieties of attire. If you want to learn more about our favourite watches in all price ranges, we wrote a handy little review list, check it out.

A Manly Gentleman’s Shaving Razor or Blade -> $25 – $100+

It’s important to look crisp and clean but also feel good doing it. The Merkur Shaving razor is one of the best selling razors online, not only is it sturdy, reliable and comfortable to use, it also comes in at a very reasonable $33.51. We wrote a review earlier this year about the top shaving products for Men that you should have a good look at if you’re serious about getting a serious shave. Point is, any Man enjoys a great shave and will likely enjoy it even more if he’s got a great razor to do it with.

A Nice Gentleman’s Neck Tie – > $25 – $100+

A tie is essential, that’s a statement we’re proud to make. Why not gift a sleek, modern, silk tie to spice up and add style any Man’s wardrobe. We’ve linked to a wide array of Tie’s so there are plenty of available options for you to choose from.

A Great New Pair of Rocking Headphones -> $50 – $500+

We listen to music all the time, at home, at work, on the way to work and out and about in the city. It’s important to listen to all that great music in comfort and with quality sound, why not gift a pair of amazing new headphones. Whether they are earbud type or over ear, we are pretty certain the person on the receiving end wil enjoy the gift. Here’s a wide range of the best headphones in all price ranges.

Amazon Kindle -> $90

At only $89, the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic gift option for any Man. The Kindle is easy on the eyes, light on the wallet and convenient as heck; make a great gift!

The Incredible Kohler Moxie -> $199

One of the Dudes at Dudepins has already requested this snazzy little device for Christmas, whether he gets it is another question. Perhaps a little over the top, but the Kohler Moxie turns any shower head into a bluetooth speaker. But wait, that’s not all… Once you’ve completed your shower, you can take this thing with you and continue the musical journey. Check it out!

A Fine Bottle of Scotch -> $40+

Whether it’s for your boss, friend or father, a nice bottle of scotch is sure to please any Gentleman. Not only is it perfect for the cool holiday weather (depending where you’re from) but it’s also likely that you’ll endulge in some great conversation and memorable times. Take a look at the wide variety of scotches available!

Moleskine Notebook -> $15

It’s always nice to have a notebook to take down important notes, meeting points or just scribble random thoughts. If you’re going to be doing any of those things, it’s likely you should be doing them in a Moleskine notepad. Not only are these simply classic but they are also available for as little as $15, making them a fantastic stocking stuffer or addition to any packaged gift. Have a look.

A Trademark Poker Set -> $35+

Although we don’t necessarily support gambling, it’s always handy to have a great poker set when getting the guys together for some beers and a good ol’ game of Hold em’. We found this handy set for only $35.

A New Pair of Sunglasses -> $50+

Like with watches, it’s hard to argue that having one pair of sunglasses is enough and that there’s always room for more. If you’re struggling to find a gift for this holiday season, a pair of sunglasses may be just the answer you’re looking for.

A Cigar Humidor -> $25

We all have that friends who loves cigars, always seems to have one but also always complains about not having a place to put the cigars he buys. Well, here’s your solution for only $25.

A Camera or other Photo Equipment -> $40+

iPhone cased & wallet -> $20

If you carry an iPhone and a wallet, why not consolidate and turn those two pocket hoarders into one! This little genius, yet stylish, device will get you right on your way.

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