10 Best Websites For Men: Here Are The Top Men’s Sites

The Dude —  July 8, 2015

We have a long list of incredible Men’s content found on Dudepins and websites for Men. Sometimes it can be hard to sort through all the noise and find the absolute top Men’s sites and posts. So, we have gone ahead and created this post to showcase some of what we feel are the best Men’s articles and posts we’ve put together on the Dudepins blog.

10. Dudepins Weekly Feature: 20+ Photos of Women, Cars & Bikes – Browse Articles

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Each week we feature over 20 awesome photos of Women, cars and bikes. In our minds, these photos allow our readers to take a step back from whatever reality they are dealing with at the moment and instead focus in on some good old eye candy… trust us, it’s worth it. If you don’t already know, Dudepins, the site to discover everything that’s Manly, has an incredible collection of thousands of posts of gorgeous Women and Vehicles, so make sure to have a look there also.


9. The 10 Most Popular Models on Instagram – Browse Article



Most of us now use Instagram, if you don’t, you should likely give it a try. The folks over at Fashion Gone Rouge recently put together a list of the 10 most popular models on Instgram. We think you should a) look at this post, b) enjoy it and c) follow some of these models on Instagram, it will improve your life.


8. The 30 Best Watches For Men: The Ultimate List of Men’s Watch Essentials – Browse Article 


It can sometimes be hard to find the right Men’s watch for the right occasion. Don’t fret, we’ve done the leg work and put together a truly epic list of the 30 best watches for Men from top watch brands. We’ve written about Men’s watches extensively, so here is another article worth a look also – Read Article. Remember, a Men’s watch is something you should wear with pride, almost as a mark of personality and definite style.


7. The Best Man Cave Ideas for your Manly Cave – Browse Article



No Matter what you call it: Mantuary, man space, or a male sanctuary, every Men needs a mans cave to just chill out and be himself. Let’s be honest, the gals always have the final say in house/apartment décor and design. Not that we really care about that stuff, but we need a space of our own without upsetting the female obsession with interior design. Dudepins is here to showcase the man cave essentials that every dude needs to include in his sanctuary. Most of these items are necessities, but some are for those who want the ultimate man cave, the kind that the ladies don’t even want to go near; a man cave so awesome you and the pals may have a hard time leaving. Be sure to share what you think is a man cave necessity by pinning on dudepins.com under Man Caves.


6. 15 Man Cave Ideas For Any Man’s Kitchen – Browse Article



So you’ve got a man cave and you’re not sure how to make it “Manly”, or you just have a place and want it to look “cool”, well we’re here to help and we’ve got 15 ultra awesome man cave ideas to help spice up that pad of yours.

Look, it’s not easy making your man cave look awesome, it’s actually a lot of work and takes time, lots of time. When starting, you need to remember to take it step by step and build your man cave collection slowly, it is a process after all. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or you’re here looking for man cave gifts for men, we’ve got you covered. We cover some of the basics below and have some other posts such as top man cave ideas and 10 ways to season a steak and remember, you should always head on over to Dudepins to explore all the coolest stuff for guys.


5. 10 Ways To Season The Perfect Steak – Browse Article



You’ve bought that perfect steak, you’re ready to dive in and enjoy.. but wait, you’ve still got to take the time to marinade it, make it perfect and yes, enjoy it that much more. Thanks to the folks at Food Beast, we’ve got 10 amazing ways for you to marinate that steak of yours. Check it out below, follow the guidelines and enjoy.


4. 10 Photos Of The Most Beautiful Style Blogger Ever – Browse Article


Women’s style blogs are almost everywhere.. but not all come equal. Check out our 10 favourite photos of perhaps the sexiest style blogger out there, a.k.a The Blonde Salad. Enjoy.


3. 8 Recipes Any Guy Should Know – Browse Article


As a guy, I want my food delicious, and I want it easy. Luckily, most recipes for men are all of those things. Unluckily, not a lot of cook books or websites have a “dude” section, so I thought I’d do some digging around on Dudepins and look for meals that fit the bill. Here are eight of the best, featuring lots of bacon, cheese, protein, and not much else. Click the pics in my top 10 to be taken to that recipe’s post. (Note that there is no guarantee of how healthy these recipes for men are).


2. 10 Manly Things For Under $100 Every Man Should Own – Browse Article


Every Man deserves to own certain things that present a mark of Manliness, it’s just the way that things should be. We at Dudepins wanted to take a little bit of time to put together a short top 10 list of things that every Man should own in 2015. These things range from shirts to shoes and watches to sunglasses, it’s just 10 Manly things under $100 dollars that we feel every Man should strongly consider buying. Along with this this list, you can also browse thousands of Style items for Men on over on Dudepins.


1. The 60 Best Websites For Men: The Essential Online Men’s Guide – Browse Article


Finding the right website to discover, share and buy all of the Manly things that we love can be an incredible challenge. Lucky for you we, the folks at Dudepins, have put together a handy collection of all the 60 best websites for Men, organized, sorted by 3 categories and ready for your consumption.

The truth is that we guys spend a lot of time online, browsing, sharing and looking for the next uber-cool purchase. The problem is that finding Mens websites that actually are worth our time is extremely hard. We recognize this problem and wanted to do all of you guys a solid by organizing some of the more popular options.

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