10 Best Watches for Men Under 500 Dollars

Trevor Molag —  January 22, 2015

If you’re looking for Mens watches, especially watches online, typing “men’s watches” into Google is going to return you way too many results to be useful, so to help you cut through the online watch jungle, we’ve come up with a list of ten best ones, and the best part is; they won’t break the bank. No Rolex watches or Omega watches here, but they still look fantastic! Let us help you find the watch that’s right for you.

Here they are in no particular order:


1. Ingersoll – Houston Automatic

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This classic watch is understated, elegant and fine. Would go well with a light coloured shirt or suit, perfect for upcoming sunnier months. Simple in design but striking in that simplicity, a great watch for a dressier occasion.


2. Invicta – Men’s 1512 I Force Collection Chronograph

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Impressive and bold, with it’s black dial and large, luminous numerals, this timepiece stands out, strong styling is at the forefront, and this piece would look great while driving or doing a sporty, outdoor activity.


3. Haemmer Gents Giants HC45-06 Neptun

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Sporting a large black dial, striking blue markings, big clear hands and the crown on the left side of the watch, this piece is unique enough and snazzy enough to turn some heads.


4. Wenger Aquagraph

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With it’s luxury sport watch styling, you can get the Omega look without having to drop a few thousand dollars. With similar styling at a bargain price while still holding a water resistance rating of 1000m, this watch belongs in your collection for your more adventurous outings.


5. Welder Men’s K25B

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Just take a look at this watch; the brand is ‘Welder’, and there aren’t too many more manly jobs than welding. The size and shape will suit a larger wrist, cutting an impressive figure and not having much else out there that looks like it, you’ll stand out, and hell, you might be able to stop a bullet with it.


6. Moscow Classic Aeronavigator

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This sweet timepiece evokes a cold war retro feel with an elegant dress watch. It’s got some Cyrillic text on the dial and with white and gold highlights on the dark background, a dark suit or button down shirt will match this piece perfectly.

7. Mondaine A672.30350.16SBM

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In a throwback to classic watch design, this piece is directly inspired by the timepieces of yesteryear, with a thin case design and stainless steel mesh strap, this watch is the official Swiss Railways watch and its dial design is the same you’ll see across Switzerland’s Rail Stations.


8. Timex Expedition Adventure LCD Watch

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This is the watch you’re going to want to take when you’re climbing that mountain or camping in the woods, maybe kayaking down some rapids? This thing has an altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer, so you’ll always know where you are and what the situation is.


9. Graf Zeppelin Transatlantic

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If you were about to take a classy zeppelin ride, wearing a tuxedo, sipping a martini and with a beautiful woman in your company, you’d wear this watch. The classic dressy style suits a suit and heck; it’s got Zeppelin right there in the name!


10. BRAUN Gents Wristwatch for Him

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Minimalist. Simple. Classic. This watch doesn’t have much to it, doesn’t NEED much to it. You’ve got the time, you’ve got the date, laid out on a simple and clear black dial, and it’s what is NOT on the watch face that will draw people’s eyes. Simply be different.




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