10 Craziest Things That Have Happened at a McDonald’s Restaurant

The Dude —  September 12, 2015

You never know what surprises may await you during your next visit to Micky D’s! We compiled a list of 10 of the craziest things that that have happened McDonalds (number 8 is almost comical, but sad!)

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1. Free bag of cash for a couple

It was reported that a couple of customers, Greg and Stacy Terry, received a bag containing not their breakfast order, but thousands and thousands of dollars. Their conscience prompted them to return the money, and after doing so they received a warm ‘thank you’ from the manager of the restaurant.

2. Getting punched for a place in line

In 2008, a man punched a young female teenager for a better spot in the waiting line, and then ran from the restaurant. The police weren’t able to identify him to this day, in spite of the incident being taped on the surveillance cameras.

3. Firing a gun for the love of bacon

In February 2014, a woman fired a gun in a McDonald’s restaurant in Michigan because the bacon cheeseburgers she and a friend ordered didn’t have the bacon they so wanted. No one got hurt, expect the drive-through window.

4. Finding your stolen car at the drive-through

A woman named Virginia Maiden, from Washington, found her stolen vehicle in the drive-through line at a McDonald’s restaurant she happed to pass by the same say.

5. A homeless man stealing soda and serving time for it

This is actually a sad story, involving a homeless Florida man who walked into a McDonald’s restaurant and asked for a water cup, but filled it with soda instead. Since the man couldn’t pay the $1 required for the drink and had some priors, he was convicted as a felon.

6. Two men trashing a restaurant because their burgers weren’t assembled right

Again in Tennessee: two men got so angry over a couple of burgers which seemed messy, that they ended up trashing the whole place (including breaking windows with bricks) until the police took them away.

7. A gang of 9-year old robbers

Three 9 year old boys robbed other kids in a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, of their cell phones, after arriving there in a car they high-jacked at rifle point.

8. Selling heroin through Happy Meal boxes

A McDonald’s worker was arrested for using the drive-through window and the company products (namely, happy meals) for selling heroin. The code for such an order was ‘I’d like to order a toy’. Yes, really.

9. Finding a condom in your fries

A little girl found a condom hidden deep in her box of fries, much to the anger of her mother who was eating with her. The list of gross things found in McDonald’s food could go on, obviously, and we bet you have heard some stories of your own as well.

10. The McDonald’s massacre

On July 18th 1984 a man committed a mass shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant of the San Diego neighborhood of San Ysidro. In total, 21 people died and 19 more were injured. The shooter was fatally shot by a SWAT team in order to put an end to the atrocities.


What are some crazy things that you have witnessed during your visits to McDonalds? Leave a comment below to let us know!

The Dude