10 Fun Facts about Dogs You Never Would Have Guessed

The Dude —  September 23, 2015

They say that dudes are more likely to be dog people, and girls are more likely to be cat persons. While it’s not necessarily the case (and there’s nothing less manly about liking cats, as this awesome photo collection can prove), we do understand the appeal of dogs. They’re totally not pretentious, they can be a trusted companion (and lifeguard) in even the most soliciting of outdoor adventures you may go, and the label of ‘man’s best friend’ is completely well-deserved. But here are some extra fun facts about dogs which you may have not known about.

man with beard and dog

1. They chase their tail for different reasons

Yup, there can be various reasons for your dog’s entertaining behavior. A dog may chase its tail because of boredom, for exercise, to get rid of anxiety, or because of predatory instincts, or simply because there are some fleas bothering the dog. If you notice an excessive tail chasing behavior, check for fleas.

2. Three little lap dogs from first class actually survived the Titanic

Those little cuties may not seem tough, but sometimes it pays more to look cute, it seems. Three little lap dogs were taken by their rich caretakers in the life boats that made it out of there.

3. Dalmatians are born spotless

That’s right: the puppies are immaculately white, and only start acquiring their spots as they age. That should probably confuse Cruella enough!

4. Dogs do have the same kind of dreams as you (while sleeping)

As well as humans, dogs have the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep, in which dreams occur. Whenever you see your dog twitching (and maybe even barking in a muffled way) through its sleep, you can be sure that it is actually dreaming something.

5. Only their paws sweat

While other mammals (and humans) sweat throughout their entire body, dogs only sweat through their paws. They manage to regulate their body temperature through panting, though.

6. Dogs have night vision

They can actually see in the dark perfectly, thanks to a special membrane in their eyes, called tapetum lucidum.

7. Not just their smell, but their taste is stronger than ours too!

This is something probably everyone knows, but a dog’s sense of smell is much more acute and stronger than ours is (10,000-100,000 times more so). What you didn’t probably know is that their sense of taste is also more intense: they have 1,700 taste buds, while humans only have 9,000 and cats only 473. This is particularly funny because dogs usually eat so fast that they don’t seem to want to take the time and enjoy the taste too much.

8. They do see colors

You may have heard that dogs only see in black and white, but it’s just a myth. They do see colors, just not all of them. The color tones they do see are blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various greys. No red, though: it’s precisely the type of color-reception cell missing from dogs’ eyes, and if they would have it, it would definitely be easy to obtain all the colors, then.

9. The Newfoudland breed is perfectly adapted to water

Some people call this breed the duck-dog, because their fur is water resistant and their paws are also webbed (just as duck feet are), to help with swimming. The breed was especially created to rescue drowning people and to help fishermen haul their nets.

10. They have 3 eyelids

Yeah, you probably weren’t something so reptilian-like from your lovely companion, but nevertheless, it’s the truth. The adorable creatures have evolved to have all these eyelid layers so that they can maintain the moisture levels in their eyes easily.

Image source: here.

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