10 Accessories for your Laptop

Trevor Molag —  January 14, 2014

Your laptop is pretty high powered. So why is it just sitting on your desk all by itself? I just went through the process of turning my old “laptop” into a designated desktop computer.  I did this because my old laptop was way too cumbersome to carry around, but it was still more than capable of gaming and anything else I could throw at it (for the most part).  You can also turn your laptop it into a desktop computer if you want – here’s some awesome laptop accessories that you’ll want to get.


10. USB Hub – Buy Now


Does your laptop have like, three USB ports? If you’re a power user, then you know that it’s just not enough.  If you’ve go ta USB 3.0 port, take advantage of the latest technology and hook up one of these bad boys to it, and stop worrying about plugging and unplugging stuff every time you have to either move the laptop or plug in your phone.

9. Laptop Stand – Buy Now


With all of the time spent on computers these days, it’s pretty much crucial that you make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid undeserved stress and injury.  Enter the laptop stand.  No more hunching over the computer screen to get stuff done.

8.  Wireless Mouse – Buy Now


What’s more annoying than a trackpad? Answer: nothing.  Especially when you’ve got it up on a stand, trust me.  Allow yourself some comfort by plugging a wireless mouse into your USB splitter hub.  And the best thing about a wireless mouse? Oh yeah, it’s wireless.  No mess.

7.Wireless Keyboard – Buy Now


Okay, okay.  We’ll just consider 7 and 8 to be one single entry.  But it does need to be said, get yourself a wireless keyboard too. Odds are, your laptop keyboard is not exactly the greatest thing since the dudettes page.  Get something that you like and has all the practical bells and whistles, like a number pad.  Pretty fancy, those number pad keyboards.

6. External Monitor – Buy Now


Plug it in when you need it for a greatly enhanced computing experience.  Working with two monitors is one of those things that just makes multitasking that much easier. And, the quality difference is amazing. Watching movies, gaming, everything.  It’s almost as if they made laptop screens comparitively terrible on purpose…

5. Cable Management – Buy Now


There’s no need to be slob.   Keep your workspace ridiculously clean and uncluttered by investing the dollars and the minutes required to make this a reality.  This is probably the most overlooked item! Ignore at your own demise!

4. Speakers or Headphones – Buy Now


Ah… the good old laptop speakers.  There’s nothing quite like the sound of playing your music through a tin can, is there?  Maybe not, but you’ll still want to put a few bucks down on an improvement.

3.  Something to carry around with you – Buy Now


Okay, not a laptop accessory. But while you’ll always be ready to get your laptop out the door in seconds, you might find that you like your laptop right where it is.  Consider an ultra-portable alternative like a tablet or ultrabook, and access all your stuff in the cloud.

2. Laptop Care – Buy Now


The good news is, your laptop probably won’t need as much TLC as it used to.  (That’s “Tender Love and Care” for you dudes that are real men and have no idea what TLC means).  Anyways, figure out what you need and keep it handy, even if it’s just a cleaning cloth.

1. External Storage – Buy Now


You no longer need to worry about running out of space or carrying around extra cords and hardware.  Laptop hard drives are criminally small, so hook up an extra terabyte or two and keep all of your videos and backups in the same place.

Any of these items will also make a great gift for any laptop owner on their own.  Happy browsing!

Trevor Molag

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