10 Manly things for under $100 every Man should own in 2015

Kamil Szybalski —  February 20, 2015

Every Man deserves to own certain things that present a mark of Manliness, it’s just the way that things should be. We at Dudepins wanted to take a little bit of time to put together a short top 10 list of things that every Man should own in 2015. These things range from shirts to shoes and watches to sunglasses, it’s just 10 Manly things under $100 dollars that we feel every Man should strongly consider buying. Along with this this list, you can also browse thousands of Style items for Men on over on Dudepins.


10. A good casual button-down shirt – Browse shirts now

We personally like this nice Denim shirt made by ‘Key industries’, but there are a lot of other types that you may fancy a little more. Casual button-downs are nice because you can wear them in a more formal manner with a dark pair of jeans and a nice leather belt. You can then pair a more formal pair of shoes for a worksafe look, or slap on some sneakers if you’re feeling more casual. If you want to wear the shirt for just walking around town, you can easily roll up the sleeves and untuck, you’ve now got a great look going on. Check out the wide variety of Men’s shirts here – Go Now.

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9. A good pair of jeans – Browse the Men’s jeans guide now

Fact: Every Man should own a few pairs of jeans all dedicated to a different occasion, style and environment. For example, you may want to wear a nice dark pair of jeans to the office and a nice, more casual light pair, out for a walk, shopping, or any other more casual activity. Aside from a light and dark pair, you can also look at including some textured jeans and even different styles. Take a look at this Jeans for Men selection guide and see what suites your style. Go Now.

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8. A good blazer – Browse a selection of blazers under $100

Every Man should own at least one all purpose blazer that they can wear to a variety of venues, occasions and match with different styles. For example, you may want to wear a blazer with some slacks for the workplace, or more casual jeans for a night out on the town. The fact is that a good blazer can be worn in many different ways but always classes up an outfit. Get the Haggar sport coat below for only $83, go now.

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7. A money clip – Browse a variety of money clips.

Have a wallet is always nice, but also having a money clip can at times be very convenient. Money clips are an easy way to remove the clutter from your pocket and only carry the essentials, i.e. cash, credit, id. It also means that you carry less on some occasions, so that is a benefit in itself. You can find a wide variety of money clip styles, from leather to carbon fibre, there is definitely a style that suits your needs. This Carbon fibre clip below is only $14.99, check it out now.

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6. An all around nice watch! – Browse a large selection of watches now

Every Man should own a nice manly watch, whether it’s a casual watch that suits a casual personality, or a more refined, luxury watch that you strictly wear on formal occasions. We particularly like to find good bargains and the Timex watch for Men you see below if a fine example of that. At only $34 this Timex watch is a hell of a deal. If this particular watch doesn’t suit your style, then be sure to check out the Watch guide or our own list of best watched for Men.

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5. A nice pair of classy dress shoes – Browse the large selection now

Another Manly essential is the dress shoe. Lets face it, no matter what type of guy you are, you always need to own a nice pair of Men’s dress shoes. Whether it’s for an interview, a formal dinner or another important occasion, dress shoes are one of those items that every Men should own. The Bass Men’s Atlanta Cap toe shoe seen below is a great example of a timeless shoe style at the extremely affordable price point of $55-$70, check them out. We suggest that you look at our own list of best shoes for Men and then also browse the large selection that folks at Amazon have put together.

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4. A good pair of stylish sunglasses – Browse sunglasses for Men

You should own a nice pair of sunglasses not only because they look great, but also to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays. The pair of classic Ray Ban Original Wayfrarer glasses seen below are an affordable option at only $87.13. No matter what your style or purpose, we suggest that you look hard and get a pair of Men’s sunglasses that suits you. Remember, you can use these for driving, walking and even hiking, whatever the purpose, the experience is bound to be more enjoyable. Browse sunglasses now.

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3. A skinny tie – Browse hundreds of skinny ties for Men

This style tip will depend on whether you wear ties or not.. for the purpose of this item, we’re going to assume that you do. You likely already own a few ties, maybe even too many, but the question that matters is whether you own a skinny tie! Skinny ties are a more European take on the classic tie, they are usually similar lengths but are much slimmer than your old fashioned tie. We think that in this day and age it’s nice to sometimes spice things up and live life on the edge a little. The tie you see below is a classic check woven skinny tie that only costs $9.99, so check it out. If you want to see a large selection of other skinny ties for Men, just click here and enjoy.

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2. A timeless Men’s hoodie and/or zip hoodie – Browse hoodies now

We know, we know, Mark Zuckerberg made the hoodie a style icon… but who cares, hoodies are comfortable, stylish and can go with almost any outfit. If you own one, you’ll know that having a proper hoodie is a priceless option. Not only can you lounge around and be comfortable, you can also stay warm if you’re in a chilled area. To be honest, i’m not absolutely sure why hoodies are so comfortable.. it’s just one of those things. Click here to browse a large selection of hoodies or buy the one below for $20.

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1. A nice leather belt – Browse a large selection of belts

The final manly thing that every Man must make sure he owns is a leather belt. Not only to hold your pants up, but also because it’s just the classy and stylish thing to do. We’re not suggesting that you always tuck in your shirt, but when you do, it’s important that you have a nice pristine leather belt that makes a statement. In general, you should always try to match your belt to the outfit that you’re wearing, i.e. you want to wear a black belt with black shoes and a brown belt with brown shoes, you can also wear a belt like the one below with boat shoes, white slacks or a crisp pair of loafers. Check out the belt below for $28, or browse hundreds of other belts.

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Kamil Szybalski