10 Must-haves in Spring 2016 Men’s Fashion

The Dude —  March 1, 2016


As we watch the runways of Fashion Weeks unfold in front of our eyes, we see that they are bringing back some very modern shapes as far as clothes and accessories are concerned, but in traditional colors. Starting with shirts inspired from the 50s, which looks like they’ve descended from Charlie Sheen’s closet and finishing with some very cool overalls, here are the 10 must-haves in spring 2016 men’s fashion.

#1. Bomber jackets

This particular item is very versatile as it can be worn both in casual situations, with jeans and a t-shirt and on dress-code occasions, where you can pair them off with a shirt and some well-cut pants. The trend says to try these jackets in dark colors, earthy and edgy.

#2. Overalls

We’re talking here about the mechanic-type of overalls, which have flooded the runways, so don’t be afraid to experiment with denim all-over. Both in the traditional blue and in black. Alexander Wang pulled it off perfectly by keeping it all in black shades, adding a t-shirt underneath the overall and a loose black cardigan on top.

#3. Shirts from the 50s

You can try the real cotton deal, in plain colors, but with the mid-century cut. Then theirs the patterned silk ones, in powdery hues, that go perfectly well with boat shoes and loafers. Or you can even try sporting some polo shirts, because they are all in trend.

#4. Shorter shorts

Be careful, these are not short shorts, but shorter shorts, which means they are half way up between regular shorts and short shorts. These are great for really warm spring and summer days, when you want to relax, which is why the main inspiration for this trend, Prada and Gucci, kept it all in bright colors and interesting designs.

#5. Wide leg pants

When you’re not opting for the shorter shorts this spring and you want to take it to the streets in some long pants, make sure they’re wide leg ones. Casley-Hayford and Dolce & Gabbana started the party, by introducing the relaxed pants, perfect for keeping your legs aired up when it gets really hot outside.

#6. Anything in Sienna brown

This is one of the top colors the runways have presented us for the spring summer season in 2016. It’s a very rich, earthy shade of brown, with reddish vibes, which will be perfect when presented in fitted shirts, leather shoes and chunky jackets. It’s a new kind of ‘neutral’ color, which we highly recommend and which can be worn by absolutely any man.

#7. Backpacks

It’s all about the fact that we, men, deserve a no-fuss and completely hands-free bag. We don’t want to be bothered with occupying our hands with the straps of a bag when we could be doing other things so much better than that, and Bottega Veneta knew it and banked on it. That’s why they revived the plain and simple canvas backpack, in basic colors.

#8. Baseball caps

We have been waiting for so long for this particular item to fall back into trend and it finally has. The baseball cap is officially one item you must own if you want to keep in style this spring. You can wear the basic baseball caps, monochrome or sporting your favorite team’s or rap crew’s symbols or you can kick it up a notch, like Versace did and wear one made of leather.

#9. Denim

Apart from the overalls we already talked about all in denim, you need to add some more of it to your wardrobe this spring. Invest in some high quality denim jackets, shirts and even sandals, just like Calvin Klein, MSGM, Ports 1961 and Antonio Marras did. You won’t regret it, because you know denim is forever.

#10. The Hugh Hefner robe

If spring 2016 came with the Bruce Jenner shorter shorts, it also brought us the Hugh Hefner silk robe, made to be worn inside only. This means you can let your creativity go wild and buy a luxurious, nicely patterned silk robe. Etro and Versace presented some cool designs at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, in mossy deep greens and gun metal grays.

To sum up, denim clearly isn’t dead, the baseball cap borrowed from the hood is back, backpacks are here to make our lives easier, it’s sociably acceptable to wear the Charlie Sheen 50s bowling shirt on the street and the Hugh Hefner robe in the bedroom. What more could you want?

The Dude