10 Of The Craziest Awesome Things You Can Buy Right Now

Trevor Molag —  January 23, 2015

There are a number of reasons you might have clicked on this post.  Maybe you have too much money.  Maybe you have no idea what to get your brother for his birthday.  Maybe you’re smart and are getting a head start on Christmas (good on you).  Whatever the reason, we have a list here to both satisfy and amuse you, so happy browsing through our ten awesome things.

10.  Ginormous Googly Eyes – Buy It



Don’t act like you’ve never thought about stalking the nights in a cape and mask, silently affixing googly eyes in the most hilarious of places.  No? Just me? Well.  For less than 10 bucks, you get a pair of seven inch googly eyes.  Use them to pull a prank on your boss’ car, or as a part of your Halloween costume, or… as a crusading vigilante.

9, A  completely legit $100,000,000,000,000 bill – Buy It



Okay.  So take this as a lesson in economics.  Don’t print money.  It makes your currency worthless.  Or, like Zimbabwe, you can sell one hundred trillion dollars for $2.77.  Plastic sleeve included.  Sequential serial numbers if you like.  Legal tender.  Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself.

8. 11 Pounds of Nutella – Buy It



This would last about a week at my house, not even joking.  I put this stuff on everything, it’s like ranch sauce.  We haven’t looked into the actual value of this; and I guess you could probably buy like… twenty jars or whatever on their own if you wanted to.  But where’s the fun in that?

7. Flask complete with shot glass – Buy It



Unless you’re completely committed to looking bad-ass while throwing down a little scotch straight out of the flask, you’ve probably noted the lack of… well, something to take a shot out of besides your flask.  At twenty-five bucks, this thing is a steal.  Actually an awesome item that I would use all the time.  Nothing like our next item…

6. Wall Mounted T-rex Head – Buy It



Hey, I’m just saying.  A dinosaur hunter would definitely get all of the ladies.  And having a T-rex head in your bedroom might just make it that much more believable.  Now that I think about it, I would use this all the time. But, um.  I guess it could just make a pretty awesome addition to the man cave if that’s all you’re after.  Bonus: it’s product page says it’s big enough to eat a small child.

5. A pack of one thousand five hundred and fifty ladybugs – Buy It



So, let’s say you have aphids.  The who you gonna call? 1550 ladybugs, apparently.  For ten bucks, I say it’s pretty much impossible to lose.  Everyone loves ladybugs.  Good for the office Secret Santa, or, heck, I don’t know.  What would you do with more than 1500 ladybugs?

4. 32000 piece puzzle – Buy It



A recurring theme in this list seems to be things that are normal made way too big.  Do you realize how many pieces thirty two thousand is? I don’t even want to think about the size of the table I’d need to start sorting through all of those.  The odds of sticking your hand in and pulling out a corner piece is like, one in eight thousand.  The odds I’d ever finish this puzzle: one in a hundred trillion dollar bill.  Comes with it’s own hand truck!

3. Tennis ball bazooka – Buy It



Okay when I saw that it said for dogs, it slightly killed my buzz, because that’s actually a really practical use… and this list isn’t exactly about practical items (minus the flask, which is undeniably awesome).  So if you have a dog, go for it.  If you like to shoot things, definitely go for it.  If you like to shoot dogs… turn yourself in immediately.

2. A 70 foot zipline – Buy It



Yeah…. this is awesome.  It is capable of supporting 250 lbs, so you’re golden if you clock in below there.  For only $125 bucks, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine buying them in multiples. And if you place them strategically, you may never have to walk to the liquor store again.  On second thought… bad idea.

1. Dried Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper – Buy It



That’s right, for $12.49, you can have the privilege of saying you tried the hottest peeper in the world.  Or that you held it at arms length while dropping it into your arch nemesis’ breakfast sandwich.  I wouldn’t admit to it, but. You could.  Some crazies on Amazon are actually cooking with this, check the reviews.  No thank you.  1400000 SHU? I don’t know what that is, but it sounds baaaaaaaad.

Well, if there isn’t something for your brother on this list then congratulations to him, he really is the person that has everything.  Maybe you should sign him up for a Dudepins account instead.




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