2 Song Tuesday: Two Songs You Want to Hear This Week

The Dude —  July 22, 2014

It’s Tuesday. Here’s two solid tracks that you may have not heard before, and if you have, listen to them again because they are awesome. Enjoy and don’t forget to explore all the awesome Music over on Dudepins – Check it out now.

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Baby Shoes / Never Worn – XVII

Today is kinda rainy, so we’re going with a chill vibe.  This song starts out as a simple ballad, and then breaks down into full electronic goodness.  Enjoy.

Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

Coming off of Alt-J’s upcoming album, this song puts you in a bit of a trance and is pretty chill overall.  There’s a sample in there though, and we won’t spoil it, but it sounds way better than you’d expect it to.

That’s a wrap. Enjoy the tracks and don’t forget to check out all the amazing Music over on Dudepins – Go Now.

The Dude

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