The Top 20 Men’s Style Websites

Trevor Molag —  February 16, 2015

Wanting to freshen up your wardrobe? Check out our list of the top 20 Men’s style websites, there’s sure to be something here for everyone. At time of publication, these are all updated regularly. So, sit back and enjoy our great list of the best websites for Men. – Broke and Bespoke

An excellent blog featuring mostly original content (OC).  The focus is on providing style advice and inspiration for the “penurious sartorialists” of the world. (That’s “poor and fashion-concious” for those of you without a dictionary handy). – An Affordable Wardrobe

“Penury is not an excuse”.  Yet another use of the word penurious.  Anyways, if, like me, you don’t want to blow the bank on a new wardrobe, follow this blog for your OC fashion fix. – Dappered

Fashion is temporary and expensive; style is timeless and affordable.  Dappered strives to define the line between fashion and style, and does so awesomely on their blog. – Put This On

No-nonsense style advice from some very practical and in-touch dudes.  Put it on, or wish you had. – Die, Workwear!

A brother site to Put This On; Die, Workwear! focuses on classic style of the tailored persuasion.  Good for inspiration, great for learning. – Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent, or EG, is here to walk you through the entire process of learning proper, classic style with ease.  They’re about choosing what’s right for you, bucking trends, and choosing quality. – FashionBeans

My impression of FashionBeans is that it’s for the cutting edge gent, with an ever so slight focus on street wear.  Definitely worth a visit; a big site run by a team of 16 dudes with a passion for making you look your best. – Men’s Flair

Men’s Flair puts a proper focus on classic style; it’s borderline elegant 24/7 up in there.  Balancing traditional and modern, they favour style that is real and unpretentious. – Style Girlfriend

One of my personal favourites – men’s style from the perspective of a female.  You can go forth knowing that your look has the stamp of approval. Great tips.

10 – Men in This Town

Men In This Town is a photoblog that chronicles men’s street style in the author’s homeland and on his travels.  You know you’re getting the real goods by visiting this site; no sales pitches, no nonsense – just fashion sense.

11 – From Squalor to Baller

This blog puts the emphasis on lifting you out of your stagnant, boring style – and putting an extra spring in your step with a new-found style sense. Another filled with original content.

12 – He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style classes it up big time, keeping it nice, tight, and trim across the site.  They have a cool “Style Guide” you should take for a spin.

13 – Inventory Magazine

Inventory Mag is a biannual print publication and website that was founded in 2009 to bring a focus to innovation rather than trend in a melting pot of contemporary and classic.

14 – MenStyle1

Interesting name choice, but it’s a great tumblr to flip through for a quick bit of inspiration.  Not much commentary, but lots of images for those that don’t need a read.

15 – A Headlong Dive.

Described as “A man’s impetuous sartorial reflections on the aesthetic faculties”. I don’t have a thesaurus handy, so I’ll let you click through and find out what that means for yourself.  Featuring some unique style options.

16 www.realmenrealstyle – Real Men Real Style

Lots of tips and tricks here for getting the most out of your wardrobe items, old and new. Particularly if you don’t mind joining a mailing list.

17 – Rugged Old Salt

Rugged Old Salt is a sick blog. Check it out for a look at hardened, yet refined style with a tendency towards the nautical, the proper, and the glorious.

18 – Sharpologist

No man is complete without well cared for facial hair, and this list wouldn’t be complete without Sharpologist. They’ve mastered the delicate art of hair care, and are willing to share.

19 – UpscaleHype

UpscaleHype is that site you go to when you need to gauge what the world’s most influential men are pulling over their head in the morning.  They have an entire category for Yeezy, and the rest of the site focuses on the equally extravagant types that have made it big.

20 – Freshness Mag

Rounding out our list is the blog to go to for a slight injection of swag.  They’ve got the freshest kicks and accessories, a result of being tapped right into the urban streetwear scene.

Bonus: Dudepins

Yup, get inspiration faster than you can consume it by scrolling through the endless mass of posts in the Dudepins style section or the Dudepins Shop.

That’s it for now men, happy browsing.

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