5 Exercises for a Bigger Upper Body in Less Than 30 Minutes

Ethan Cairns —  January 11, 2016

Most guys out there want to look big and strong for many reasons. Below is a list of 5 exercise for a bigger upper body. It doesn’t require much of your time at all because you can achieve a bigger upper body in under 30 minutes a day! Taking this little time out of your day is well worth the results. Its great for your personal health and body image. Its a great way to start and energize yourself for the day. If you want a bigger upper body, these are the exercise for you!

1. Dumbbell Bench Press:

This is a simple but effective chest lift that requires you to bring the dumbbell down slow because that is where the most muscle is built. One mistake that most people make doing this exercise is bringing the dumbbell down too fast and the workout isn’t as effective. The key to this workout is to be slow and controlled all the way through the lift. When doing this lift you should not pause at the top or bottom. The dumbbell bench press requires to always be in motion of the lift. You want to try to reach 10 reps. Once you’ve reached 10 reps, make sure to bring the dumbbells to chest height and drop them on the floor.

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2. Barbell Incline Bench Press:

This lift will really build thickness and width in the upper part of your body. Keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure to go down slow and controlled just like the dumbbell bench press. This will make your lift more effective. Make sure not to bounce the bar off of your chest. Bring the bar down to the tip of your chest without touching your chest. Make sure to keep the bar in motion the entire time. Just like the dumbbell bench press, you will want to do 10 reps for this lift. When you finish your last rep, you want to make sure that the bar is safely resting on the rack.

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3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

The dumbbell shoulder press is a very good workout for building mass in your shoulders. You want to bring the dumbbells up to about even with your ears. You want to go up slow and controlled. This is a very important component to building muscle. Going down slightly past 90 degrees in your arm bend. There is no need or benefit for going down any further than that. You want to control The weight the entire time, so don’t use too much weight so you can do the exercise correctly. This lift requires 10 reps also. Don’t go too light on the weight because you want to be building muscle.

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4. Barbell Shrugs

Barbell shrugs are an effective way to build muscle mass in your traps and your shoulders. Start the barbell at your waist letting your arms hang. You want to lean forward a little bit but not too much. You want to lift the barbell using your shoulders. Lift the barbell up as high as you can by shrugging and let it slowly back down to your waste. This is another exercise where you want to be slow and controlled.

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5. Standing Military Press

This is an exercise that is a very good workout for your shoulders. Grab the bar putting your arms a little wider than shoulder width apart. Flexing and keeping your core tight during this exercise is very important because its easy to hurt your back on this exercise. You want be be slow and controlled during this exercise. Doing 10 reps is a good place to start for this workout because its hard on your shoulders and back but its a very good muscle builder for your upper body.

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Thank you to Troy Adashun and the team at Weight Gain Network for providing this awesome video and content!

Ethan Cairns