5 Great Ways to Use Dudepins

The Dude —  March 11, 2015

Any Dudepins member will know that it’s the best place to discover anything manly.  Here are 5 awesome ways to use Dudepins, the only website for Men that really matters.

1. Virtual Shopping List

Everywhere on the site you can find awesome things that you might wanna purchase eone day in the future; whether it’s a particular kind of ride or just a watch.  Remember, there’s the Dudepins Shop as well, which is full of curated product we know guys will love.

2. Visual Bookmarks & Articles Organizer

The first thing I did when I joined Dudepins was add all my folders of bookmarks to different montages.  This might be my favourite way to use Dudepins; add the articles and resources you’ve already read, but want to save for later.  Then you can go to one convenient place and browse through them in a visually appealing way.  You definitely want to use the post up button for this.

3. Recipe Cookbook

There are a ton of manly meal ideas on Dudepins.  Add these to your own montage and you have a great way to visually flick through your saved recipes on your phone.  Not just the juiciest burgers though; we’re also talking about the tons and tons of drink recipes that you can find on Dudepins.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.33.22 AM

4. Find Gift Ideas

If you take a look, you can find all kind of cool stuff that guys are pinning that are perfectly suited for gift-giving.  Since Dudepins caters (almost) exclusively to the mail demographic, you can find a great gift idea for just about any guy.

5. Style Inspiration

Not just cool shoes or tops from the style category, but Dudepins also has a great selection of Man Cave and Interior Design ideas.  I’ve pinned more than a few awesome room looks.  Dudepins is a great place to go when you’re in of a little style inspiration.

Heard enough? Get on over to Dudepins and check out all the awesomeness!

The Dude

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