The 6 Types of Shoes Every Man Needs On Their Shelf: Shoes for Men

Trevor Molag —  June 1, 2014


Dress Shoes – Browse Dress Shoes Now

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At the very least, have a decent pair of black lace-up dress shoes on hand at all times. I would also recommend a brown pair of dress shoes for lighter outfits. These are essential because you just never know when the situation arises when you’ll need them. The shoes make the man, and if you want to be taken seriously in all situations, you’ll find that a pair of dress shoes are a necessity. Browse shoes now


Semi-Formal Shoes – Browse Semi-Formal Shoes

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For the business casual type outfit, these are those shoes that you wear when you need to look presentable but not stuffed up. Often suede or leather, there are a lot of really solid styles out there that will allow you to show off your personality and preferences while still keeping it firmly within the boundaries of sensible style. Browse shoes now


Casual Shoes – Browse casual shoes now


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Yeah, I’m not wearing either of the above when I just need to head out for a grocery run. These can be whatever the heck you want, and should be the shoes you just wear because they’re “straight dope”. A guilty pleasure if you will. Me, I’m down with the dirty old Vans. You can be anywhere from high-tops to either of the next items on the list. I would recommend a pair you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear in good company, just in case. Browse shoes now


Athletic Shoes – Browse Athletic Shoes Now


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A decent pair of running shoes should be on every active person’s shelf, but “athletic shoes” also includes the various kicks you need for your sport of choice. Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Ballet (no judging), whatever. It might be one of those things that doesn’t need to be said, but should be accounted for on every list of men’s shoes. Browse shoes now


Sandals – Browse Sandals Now


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It’s up to you to decide what style, but you can consider a pair of flip-flops or other sandals a must-own. Ever had sand in your shoes? Yeah, not fun. As mentioned above, these can double as your summer casual shoes. Browse Men’s sandals now


Boots – Browse Boots Now

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Last but most certainly not least, I’ve found through experience that boots are the type of shoes that I wished I had way too often. Indulge in a nice pair and you’ll find yourself wearing them for more than just days with rain, snow, or hiking trips in the plans. Browse Boots now

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