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It can sometimes be hard to find the right Men’s watch for the right occasion. Don’t fret, we’ve done the leg work and put together a truly epic list of the 30 best watches for Men from top watch brands. Continue Reading…

Bold prints are everywhere this season. Shirts, shorts, shoes and even coats are getting the bold print treatment. From the more classic stripes and checks to the louder prints like Aztec, animal print and florals, they are all leaving a mark on your favorite men’s fashion pieces.

Fashion is all about personal expression. Today, more and more men are looking to explore the world of bold prints and trying to keep up with the trend. In fact, many of them are considering the look. But given that these prints can look big, bold and scary, they end up intimidated.

If you think bold prints aren’t for you, think again. It’s time for you to open your world a little wider to fashion and style and do away with the black and grays that have been dominating your wardrobe during the winter months.

Use these tips to help you pull off bold prints this spring.

Don’t be afraid of prints


Prints work for both relaxed and amped up situations. It can work even on the most casual of days. You have the option to wear a graphic tee, printed chinos, dress shirt, or even Bermuda shorts. But when wearing prints, whether it be Aztec, polka dots or floral prints, you want to tone it down with a basic pair of jeans and shoes. Use neutral colors to balance out a loud combination.

Dark trousers will also look great when paired with a bright patterned shirt. If you find floral prints a big feminine, you can toughen it up by pairing a floral shirt with more masculine accessories like a blazer or jeans. You may also wear a neutral-patterned jacket to combat those April showers.

Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns and colors. Try out a few patterns to see which one will suit the location and occasion. Have fun working on your individual style.

Smart casual


Most people are under the impression that print shirts are meant for casual attires. Oftentimes, people see it as a holiday shirt or those worn by middle-aged men. Sure, they may look a lot more casual as compared to their dress shirt counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn stylishly.

Floral prints, for instance, can look sophisticated, provided that you only have one item of clothing featuring this pattern. It could be a floral shirt or a jacket. Match it up with solid colored pieces like a basic pair of trousers. You want it to look pulled together and not too busy.

If you decide to wear a patterned blazer, be sure to wear a white shirt underneath to tone it down a bit. If you try to pull off mixed prints, there’s a good chance that the colors will clash and you may end up looking like a walking street light or a clown.

Suit up


Imagine a jacket and trousers that bear the same print. That’s a sure head turner. We know it’s a bold start, but if you really want to look cutting edge, you might as well head into it full on. Keep in mind, though, that everything should be done in moderation.

If you find that you absolutely love printed suits, we recommend that you pair it with a solid colored shirt of a completely different color. This will help balance out the busyness and loudness of the suit. Neutral colors are your best option. Do this and you’ll become the most well dressed man you want to be.



Bold print makes for a great statement piece. If you are looking to add a little flare to your outfit but find it a bit intimidating, accessories would be a great place to start. Ties, watches, belts, caps, socks, shoes or other accessories that feature paisley or floral prints may be what you need to make an impact. This is especially recommended if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the patterned end of the pool.

If you’re a smart dresser, you may want to start by pairing a white shirt with a patterned tie. White shirt is like a blank canvas, so you can use whatever tie you like and it will undoubtedly look good.

Introduce pattern into your wardrobe slowly, especially if you are new to wearing print. Just start small to see how it feels for you. When you feel confident enough to move towards a bolder wardrobe, then go ahead and invest in printed shirts, pants, shorts and other pieces of clothing.

Final thoughts

Bold prints make for some much needed color and vibrancy into minimal or neutral outfits. When done right, you’ll be able to stand out in the crowd. But wearing prints will only work for you if you feel confident with what you’re wearing.

Awkwardness is extremely difficult to hide. Any kind of second guessing will make you look comfortable. When wearing bold prints, the key is to wear it with a great deal of confidence. Remember, it’s how you carry your clothes that make the biggest impact.

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As much as we’re fascinated by smartwatches and their ever-increasing influence on technology and fashion, we still believe in the traditional wristwatch as a punctuation mark of men’s style. In fact, watches are less and less about being simple instruments of timekeeping and have increasingly become a statement of quality and individualism.

Here are just a few we thought you might like :

1.Bulova Precisionist 96B158




If you’re man who desires utter precision and accuracy on time, then Bulova Men’s 96B158 Precisionist Leather Strap Watch is the watch for you. It has smooth Japanese quartz, with perpetually running second hand. It has a  classically beautiful appearancel; grey dial with white markers and hands, a date window at the 3 o’clock location, flat mineral crystal protected window, and a stainless steel case. It also has an attached durable buckle clasped, black leather. This timepiece is said to be water resistant down to 99 feet, enduring small splashes but not submersion. Costs around $300.00.

2.Seiko SSC013





A great looking watch that looks expensive but supplied at a great price.The SSC013 is a real eye-catcher. The white face provides a striking contrast to the dark slide-rule bezel and the fine brown leather band, which fits very comfortably on your wrist. It also includes an alarm chronograph and date window, stainless steel case which is water-resistant up to 100m/330ft/10ATM, fold-over claps with push button release, luminescent dials. Costs around $250.00

3.Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar

Image Source:www,

Equal parts classic and technologically advanced, this Japanese chronograph has both daring rose gold style and movement that’s powered by the sun with no battery required. It has a 1/20 second chronometer function, dual time zones, and a perpetual calendar which means you’ll never have to manually set it. The fact that it makes you look like a wealthy pilot is just icing on the cake. Costs About $283.00.

4. Swiss Army 241519 Men’s Infantry Brown Dial Brown Leather Strap Swiss Automatic Watch



Swiss Army 241519 men’s Infantry brown dial brown leather strap Swiss automatic watch is offered, in a gunmetal ion plated solid stainless steel case. This model is made in dimensions of 38mm across and 11mm high. This watch has a fixed bezel and a textured push/pull main crown. Swiss Army 241519 is equipped with a brown genuine leather strap. Securing the strap is a pin buckle clasp made in stainless steel. Costs around $300.00

5. Accurist Men’s Chronograph Brown Leather Watch 

best watch under 500




Accurist is another brand that should be familiar to those “in-the-know” about watches. Headquartered in West Hamstead, London a British brand with watches now produced in the classic tradition,  Oozing with manly appeal and equipped with a choreographers precision dial with GMT window, the Sub Quartz is every bit a man’s watch. The $499 price tag gets you a  sunburst dial and a classic brown leather strap as well.

Best Men’s Watches under $200

The Dude —  October 6, 2015

Since autumn is now here and fall clothes are again on our minds, so are watches. While we have nothing against wearing a nice watch in summer as well (especially if it happens to be waterproof), colder seasons are particularly well-suited to display a manly watch on your wrist. But while the options for exquisite pieces are limitless and you can find plenty of vanity options to invest in, sometimes we just want a nice change and some variety without spending our entire credit balance.

Our advice, therefore, is to simply invest in one, two or three luxury watches to have for more formal occasions and as a fall back for a classy choice, but to also feel free to indulge in the occasional extra treat. Less expensive watches are not particularly a timeless piece, but they can be more colourful or with a funky design, precisely because it’s ok for them to only be a good match for some outfits and not all of them. Variety is good, so feel free to experiment. This is our list for the best men’s watches under $200, keep ‘em pinned and have your pick:

Jack Mason Ole Miss University Rebels Stripe

jack mason ole miss watch

This model is just perfect as match for any striped clothes, navy shirts or, even better, navy stripes. It can also bring a most welcome touch of red to any otherwise sober outfit. You can find it for $95 here.

Szanto Leather Strap Watch

szanto leather strap watch

This classy piece looks just as good as a more expensive watch, and we suggest matching it with a leather outfit, or with any tartan shirt you may own. You can find it here for under $200.

Skagen Holst with Multi-Function

skagen holst with multi-function

This quartz watch isn’t something you should want for its stunning visual impact, but instead for its multi-function possibilities. The abilities of the watch are actually quite impressive for its low price. You can find it on Amazon for $155.

Fossil Wakefield Chrono

fossil wakefield chrono

This beautiful watch from Fossil will probably appeal more to those of you who prefer sportswear above all other fashion choices. You can find it on Amazon for $125 (in multiple color options).

Kenneth Cole New York

kenneth cole new york chrono watch

A classy watch appropriate for any sleek, simple, black and white outfit, as well as for formal and tie outfits as well. The delicate writing looks like it was hand-made and the overall effect is very stylish. You can find it on Amazon for $75.

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


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