Wanna advertise on the top leading Pinterest for Dudes? First we want to say thank you for taking interest in our many advertising opportunities. Here, at Dudepins, we have several programs to help promote your product or service. Currently we offer the following opportunities including, sponsored reviews, banner ads and brand campaigns.

Why Advertise On Dudepins?

Dudepins is one of the fastest growing websites, as well as the leading Pinterest website for men. Dudepins is the site to discover, share & buy everything that’s Manly. It’s where you find the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Guys. Our primary target audience is men who are all about fast cars, tailored suits, scotches that are older than dirt and everything associated with being a Man. Compared to Pinterest our audience will not get hit with wedding pictures or having to eat salads from a mason jar. Here, at Dudepins we have what men actually want to pin!



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Sponsored Reviews

Do you have a product or a service you would like to promote? Having a sponsored review can help you get the exposure you need to launch that new project into outer space. We will help you spread the word! All sponsored reviews are available for $300 per post /article. Please contact us with the details of your promotion.

Banner ads

Banner ads is one of the best ways to get exposure on the internet.We also offer advertising opportunities directly through If you are interested in purchasing a banner ad, contact us and let us know what you have in mind so we can try to accommodate you.

Payment Methods

If you would like to advertise with us, we accept Paypal and all major credit cards through Paypal. Its fast and easy. Payment must be paid in full before your ad campaign goes live.

Please Note: A Paypal account is not required in order to purchase one of these banners ads.


If you are interesting in adverting on Dudepins and would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.