All is Lost Official Movie Trailer

The Dude —  October 16, 2013

In this whirling and winding journey, all is lost, Robert Redford stars in this open-water thriller about one man’s battle for survival against the elements after his sailboat is destroyed at sea. Written and directed by Oscar nominee J.C. Chandor.

Although our friends at IMDB only give this movie a 7.1/10, which when all is said and done is quite good, we think it’s worth a few more stars. The movie is about an unnamed man, Redford, who sets out on a solo mission deep into the Indian Ocean. Redford wakes up one morning to find his 39-foot yacht filling with water, after colliding with a abandoned shipping container left floating in the sea.

As the plot grows, we learn that his his navigation equipment and radio are disabled, the man continues to sail into the path of a violent storm. As the movie rolls on, we are exposed to ongoing challenges, close calls and deadly opportunities that awake the lone sailor.

If you enjoy adventure, thriller or dramatic movies, All is lost is sure to entertain. Watch the trailer below and then make a decision whether or not you wish to embark on an adventure.


The Dude

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