Apple Watch: 10 Reasons to NOT Buy It..the iwatch.

Kamil Szybalski —  March 9, 2015

You’ve most likely already heard, seen or talked about the infamous Apple watch, or iwatch, that Apple introduced the other day. Well, we did too and to be frank, we’re not impressed.. here’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Apple watch.



Okay, so yes, it is pretty, it looks pretty slick and does come with some nifty accessories.. all that aside, there is many ways how the Apple iWatch falls short of really being the watch that’s going to change tech, at least for now anyways. Here’s 10 reasons:

10. It’s reliance on the iPhone: Lets be honest, if i’m going to wear a watch that is suppose to be a substitute for my phone, I’d like it to actually be a substitute for my phone. The Apple phone falls short here as it relies on your iPhones data for almost all the features that I actually want.. which, are also available on the iPhone, i.e. fitness, messaging, maps, etc, etc.

9. It’s Ugly: Yes, it’s shiny and looks good in photos.. but wearing the thing and seeing it in photos of people actually wearing it, it’s pretty damn ugly. It’s bulky and really doesn’t scream “style”.


8. It’s NOT waterproof: Apple said that it has some water resistance.. yes, that’s true but guess what, it’s not waterproof. This means you can’t wear it in the shower, can’t swim with it, etc. Hey, I bet some people were hoping to use this as a swimming fitness tracker… guess not. Also, how “Sporty” is that Apple…


7. Battery life sucks: Apple isn’t particularly good at making devices with lasting batteries, we all know that.. Well, the Apple watch isn’t any different. If you wish to wear this thing “all the time” you’ll need to remember to plug it in every night, as the iWatch will need a full refill at the end of the day if you hope to wear it again in the morning. So much for long weekends away from a plug, or you know, late night parties…


6. You have to take it off to charge: Common Apple, I know you took 10 minutes to talk about how fancy the magnetic charging capabilities are.. well, lets face it, it kinda sucks to have to take the thing off to charge it, especially when i’m not home, etc, etc.

5. It’s nothing like a good Automatic: Hey, maybe i’m one for classic, but there is still nothing like a good old automatic watch. There is something to be said about a good time piece that stands the test of time and doesn’t rely on a yearly updated and cash gouge from Apple.. yes, that’s right. Plus, how lazy are some people… want notifications, pull your phone out of your pocket and look at it.. better yet, keep your phone at home once in a while. See here.


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.41.14 PM



4. It’s the first version: Well, we’ve all seen this story played out before.. Apple launches new product, people rush in.. Appple launches new product 12 months later with “vast” improvements and the crowd rolls in again. Well, it is safe to assume that Apple has a product timeline that spans a few years out, so we say skip the first version, it’s a #fail, and wait for next one.. the next one being something that Apple has already planned out very well.

3. Again.. it has no data: Common, we’ve already written about this above, but please Apple. Why do you expect people to wear a watch that has amazing functions but is dependant on my phone to actually function.. it just seems ridiculous that anyone would actually use this thing. It would be interesting to see what the power Apple users use the iphone for, then see if those use cases are different than what apple has made the Apple watch reliant on the iPhone for…



That Gold sure is pretty….

2. It’s not for “not watch” people: Apple, let us let you in on a little secret. Not everyone is a watch person.. there’s also more phone people than there are watch people. If you’re trying to enter the market of, “watches for use where phone people could have more convenience”, you’ve failed miserably… for now. IF HOWEVER, you don’t care about “not watch people”, then you’ve hit the nail on the head, props.

1. Lets be fair to Apple… a little: Time to give one to Apple. When the folks at Apple first introduced the iPod, the market was confused, angry and just didn’t understand the new gesture that Apple was introducing with the swivel, rotating, wheel thing.. Well, guess what, forward 6 months and all mp3 manufacturers are introducing wheel swivel things. Apple has a way to innovate, be criticized, then be copied. It may just be so that Apple has the ability to change the way we wear watches, I sure hope so, I just don’t think the Apple Watch is it… yet.

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Kamil Szybalski