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You may be familiar with Minecraft as the popular sandbox/survival video game played by both kids and adults, but did you know that it can also be used to create stunning and outlandish pieces of pixel art?

20 Craziest Minecraft Pixel Art Pieces

A quick Google search will pull of hundreds and hundreds of crazy Minecraft pixel art pieces, but for the sake of conciseness, we will just focus on 20 of the craziest and most impressive pieces out there.

1. BlizzCon 2010 Wallpaper Recreation

Back in 2015, the self-described “Pixel Art King” Thorlar Thorlarian broke a world record at the time when he used a whopping 1.1 million blocks to recreate a dazzling wallpaper design from BlizzCon, which is an annual convention held by video game company Blizzard.

It took him 23 weeks to complete the project, and even more impressively, he did the entire piece by hand. He livestreamed the unveiling of the piece to thousands and thousands of Twitch users and ended up raking in about $3,500 for charity.

How’s that for a crazy piece of Minecraft pixel art?

2. The Mona Lisa

If you want to check out the actual Mona Lisa painting, you need to make the trip over to France and then go to the Louvre, where you’ll probably have to wait in a long line. Honestly, who really wants to deal with all that hassle? Save money on plane tickets and enjoy the Mona Lisa from the comfort of your home with this Minecraft pixel art recreation.

Ok, maybe it’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s still pretty impressive, right?

3. The Instagram Logo

These days, the Instagram logo is probably one of the most recognizable logos out there. And while it may not look like it’s that difficult to recreate, this Minecraft pixel artist did a pretty stellar job adding shadow and detail to the logo to make it look larger than life. It looks more like a massive monument than just a mere logo, doesn’t it?

4. King’s Landing From “Game Of Thrones”

If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones (and honestly, who hasn’t by this point?), then you know that King’s Landing is a vast and intricate kingdom that most Minecraft pixel artists would probably not even bother attempting to undertake. One artist not only attempted a pixelated rendering of King’s Landing, but pulled off a breathtaking creation that you wouldn’t believe.

On top of recreating King’s Landing, this artist has a host of Game of Thrones-inspired pixel art that you absolutely need to check out.

5. The Battlestar Galactica

What Game of Thrones is to fantasy fans, Battlestar Galactica is to science fiction fans, and one look at this recreation of the eponymous Battlestar Galactica spaceship will have even the most casual fan of the show completely awestruck.

This intricate art piece required more than five million blocks. This thing is pretty close to the real deal with working lifts, control rooms, a hanger deck, and other interior spaces. It’s really a Minecraft marvel.

6. The House from Pixar’s “Up”

If you’ve ever seen the Pixar movie Up (and if you’ve never seen it, we highly recommended it. Just be sure you’re stocked up on tissues.), then you’re familiar with the focal point of the film: the balloon house

One Minecraft artist’s tribute to the house is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only is the outside of the house a perfect recreation, but you can actually check out the interior of the house as well, where the attention to detail is equally as impressive. Pixar needs to hire this artist, pronto!

7. The Minecraft Box

Sure, this is pretty meta, but you know that someone was bound to do it.

8. Plane Crash

Reminiscent of a scene from the hit show Lost, this Minecraft pixel artist’s rendering of a plane crash may not present the most uplifting scene, but if we’re talking straight-up artistic value, it’s actually quite well done.

9. The Tower of Babel

If you’re acquainted at all with biblical history, you probably know that the story of the Tower of Babel tackles the origin myth of how humans came to speak different languages. Of course, at the center of that myth is the tower itself, and this artist’s rendering of the tower is pretty close to biblical proportions.

According to the blueprint provided by the artist, the rendering includes more than 7 million blocks, 100 floors, and 90,000 lights. Just a quick look through the interior will show the great attention to detail. This is one seriously impressive piece.

10. Marine Traffic World

While most Minecraft artistic renderings tend to be based on some other existing work, one Minecraft artist tried his hand at something completely original, which he referred to as Marine Traffic World.

According to the artist, it took months and months for him to develop his ocean world filled with a whole host of ships. If you take a quick scroll through this massive project page, you’ll see that the artist made two container ships, a survey ship, a lighthouse, a research vessel, a helicopter, an oil terminal, a fishing port, a yacht, and several ferries.

Marine Traffic World, indeed!

11. “Sonic the Hedgehog” Mini Game

Both a work of art and a playable game, this Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired game really is quite incredible. If you’ve ever played Sonic the Hedgehog, you know that this artist actually did a pretty stellar job capturing its essence, as the mini game contains power-ups, checkpoints, and spring-loaded pressure plates.

12. Pixel Eye

Who knew that something as simple as an eye could look so dazzling as a Minecraft pixel art piece? Sure, the artist didn’t create an entire world or a towering structure, but the precision and striking color balance of the image is extremely impressive nonetheless.

13. Pope Francis

We guess they call him the “cool pope” for a reason, because Pope Francis has his very own Minecraft pixel art portrait.

14. The Space Shuttle

Houston, we have an art piece. There’s absolutely no problem with this amazing recreation of the Space Shuttle, as this artist’s use of layers and impressive shadowing work really makes this pixelated piece pop.

This is just one of dozens and dozens of renderings of the Space Shuttle, each one offering a slightly different and unique take on space exploration. For a bonus art piece, take a look at this Minecraft artist’s crack at the Space Shuttle. Just check out that magnificent sunset that the artist included. Isn’t that something?

15. Working Computer With RAM

So, this may be hard to wrap your head around (it’s a little hard for us to grasp, if we’re being honest), but one Minecraft artist was somehow able to find a way to build an actual functioning computer in Minecraft.

Basically, the half artist, half computer scientist used something known as redstone circuitry to make a computer that performs division, displays hexadecimal notation, and loads 16 lines of code into RAM. Speaking of the Space Shuttle, someone needs to get this person a job at NASA!

16. War Machine And Megazord

If you know anything about comic books or Power Rangers, you’ll recognize War Machine as one of the buddies of Marvel’s Iron Man and Megazord as the battle robot that all five Power Rangers combine to form.

Well, one artist decided to do a crossover of sorts when he recreated both characters for this Minecraft art project. We never thought about it until now, but having these two team up wouldn’t make for a half-bad comic book. You’re welcome, Marvel.

17. Minas Tirith From “The Lord Of The Rings”

We’ve already included Games of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica, so why not throw in The Lord of the Rings for good measure? The location of the epic battle from Return of the King, Minas Tirith is recreated in all its splendor thanks to one artist’s painstaking attention to detail.

18. Minecraft Interstate

Now, this is a regular marvel of Minecraft engineering. It took the artist two months to render this interstate, which takes you on an eight-mile, 30-minute mine cart ride in-game. When it was first created back in 2010, it even managed to impress Minecraft creator Markus Persson. That’s how you know you’ve made it as a Minecraft artist.

19. “My Little Pony” Characters

Say what you will about My Little Pony, but one artist’s two-dimensional creations inspired by the kid’s cartoon are still exceedingly remarkable. It took between 10,000 and 50,000 blocks for the artist to create each character, resulting in a collection that is pretty impressive, to say the least.

20. Mousecraft

It’s a one-bedroom apartment from a mouse’s point of view. Need we say more?

Comparison Table

Minecraft Pixel Art



Used a whopping 1.1 million blocks to recreate a dazzling wallpaper design

The Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Minecraft pixel art recreation

The Instagram Logo

Most recognizable logos out there

King’s Landing from “Game of Thrones”

Has a vast and intricate kingdom

The Battlestar Galactica

This intricate art piece required more than five million blocks

The House from Pixar’s “Up”

Attention to detail is equally as impressive

The Minecraft Box

Pretty meta, but you know that someone was bound to do it

Plane Crash

Straight-up artistic value

The Tower of Babel

Rendering includes more than 7 million blocks, 100 floors, and 90,000 lights

Marine Traffic World

Ocean world filled with a whole host of ships

“Sonic the Hedgehog” Mini Game

Contains power-ups, checkpoints, and spring-loaded pressure plates

Pixel Eye

Striking color balance of the image is extremely impressive nonetheless

Pope Francis

Has his very own Minecraft pixel art portrait

The Space Shuttle

Use of layers and impressive shadowing work

Working Computer with RAM

Displays hexadecimal notation, and loads 16 lines of code into RAM

War Machine and Megazord

Artist decided to do a crossover of sorts when he recreated both characters for this Minecraft art project

Minas Tirith from “The Lord of the Rings”

Location of the epic battle from Return of the King, Minas Tirith

Minecraft Interstate

Regular marvel of Minecraft engineering

“My Little Pony” Characters

Inspired by the kid’s cartoon are still exceedingly remarkable


One-bedroom apartment from a mouse’s point of view

Appreciating Minecraft Pixel Art

Minecraft pixel art is not your most traditional art form, but as you can see, it does require some painstaking attention to detail, and the finished products tend to be nothing short of extraordinary. From massively expansive worlds to awe-inspiring structures to simple-yet-detailed portraits, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Minecraft’s pixelated potential.

If you ever feel inspired to take a crack at some Minecraft art yourself, then there are a number of different how-to guides online that can give you step-by-step instructions on how to make some eye-popping Minecraft images.

But, if you’re just interested in simply appreciating the art form, there are plenty and plenty of examples out there for your viewing pleasure. We highly recommended checking out as many pieces as you can because they’re absolutely wonderful to look at.

Most single guys and gals these days would probably prefer to be able to just head to the closest bar and get a date through some casual flirting over a couple beers. But, being that it’s 2018, the dating game doesn’t quite the work the same way that it used to.

Sure, you can still score a date when you’re out and about, but when you couple busy schedules with advancements in social media, folks are much more inclined to choose the convenient route when it comes to dating.

With the advent of dating apps such as Tinder, a quick swipe, a few good pictures, a well-written bio, and a clever pickup line or two can go a long way in scoring you that next date. “Easier said than done,” you’re probably thinking. Well, racking up those Tinder dates doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems.

What Makes For A Good Tinder Pickup Line?

For a Tinder pickup line to be effective and at least pique someone’s interest, it should either be funny, clever, flirtatious, or a combination of all three. You don’t want to overthink a pickup line, but you shouldn’t just fire off the first thing that comes to your head either.

Just like with anything, first impressions are crucial, and if you don’t grab someone’s attention from that first message, then that person could go right back to swiping for other matches.

So, how do you find that sweet spot of sending that attention-grabbing pickup line without trying too hard? These best pickup lines should hopefully help to move you in the right direction.

The 6 Best Types Of Pickup Lines

There a number of quality pickup lines that you can use at any given time, but here, we will focus on just six types that may work the best for you.

1. The Cheesy Pickup Line

This is the type of line that usually elicits a few groans and eye rolls, but you’d be surprised at how far a cheesy pickup line can actually go in breaking the ice. What exactly constitutes a cheesy pickup line? You probably recognize a few of these:

Tinder pickup lines

“Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.”

“You better call life alert, because I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.”

“You look like you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin me.”

“Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala fications.”

“Did we ever take a class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.”

“On a scale from one to America, how free are you tonight?”

"Hey I’m a dime short, is it okay if I borrow you?"

“You must be a banana, because I find you a peeling.”

“Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knee falling for you.”

“I lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Sure, these may not be the most original lines, but sometimes a cheesy pickup line can bring a smile to your Tinder match’s face and help get that person to open up, depending on how the line is delivered.

If you choose to go with the cheesy pickup line route, make sure you have a decent follow-up line. A corny line may be enough to barely get you in the door, but you may need another line or two to seal the deal and get the conversation really going.

2. The Name Pun Pickup Line

A close sibling to the cheesy pickup line, the name pun line may be based in corniness, but it can also be a great way to get your Tinder match to laugh. To pull off that perfect name pun line, you need to, obviously, incorporate your match’s name, usually in some sort of flirtatious double meaning.

Here are a few name pun examples:

“I feel like you are Taylor-made for me.”

“If you don’t respond to this message, Alexplode.”

“How about you Ann I go out for a drink sometime?”

“Hey Julia, did you know your name’s an anagram of jail? Wait, that’s not right. I have to take U out first”

“Are you makeup? Because I could use más Cara.”

“Oh Danny boy, the swipes, the swipes are calling.”

You get the point. Of course, this type of pickup line is completely dependent on your match’s name, and not every name is conducive to that perfect pun. If it’s not something that immediately comes to mind, consider going another route.

3. The Anti Pickup Line

The anti pickup line flips the whole cheesy pickup line trope on its head by starting out with a typical setup and ending with an unexpected, absurd, or straightforward punchline. This satirical approach is perfect if going the corny route isn’t really your style.

For example, you can use something like, “Are you from Tennessee? Because we should totally go out sometime,” or “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Whoops, sorry, meant to send that to a client. I’m a personal injury lawyer on the weekends.”

The anti-pickup line is great to use on a Tinder match that has a particularly dry or off-the-wall sense of humor, or maybe on someone who doesn’t take the whole online dating thing all that seriously.

How will you know what sort of sense of humor a Tinder match has, or if they will respond well to an anti pickup line? Well, like with most Tinder pickup lines, you just need to use trial and error to see if something sticks.

4. The Observational Pick-up Line

The great thing about using Tinder (or most dating apps, for that matter) as opposed to simply meeting someone while out on the town or on a blind date is that you have a number of potential conversation topics at your disposal before you even begin a conversation. This is all thanks to the option to include a few pictures and a lengthy bio in a Tinder profile.

Tinder pickup lines

A quick scroll through the pictures and bio will show where users are from, what they do for a living, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, whether or not they have any pets, and so on and so forth.

For example, if you notice that your match is pictured with a dog in several of the profile pics, maybe ask some questions or bring up your own love of dogs. If your match expresses a fondness for traveling in their bio, try asking that person about a favorite traveling sport or an ideal vacation destination.

The observational pickup line doesn’t really have the feel of a pickup line per se, since it doesn’t exactly necessitate going out on a limb for that desired reaction. That being said, most matches will probably appreciate the directness of the observational pickup line, since it can get the ball rolling on the conversation and maybe even help to bring up a few possible date ideas.

5. The Hypothetical Date Pickup Line

With this type of pickup line, you need to set up a hypothetical date that you would take a Tinder match on. The goal of this type of pickup line is to, not so subtly, convince a match to go out with you. This is the lengthiest type of pickup line (potentially running several paragraphs) and probably requires the greatest deal of creativity.

It can start out something like, “I pick you up at 7:30, we go to your favorite restaurant, we watch the sun set...” and can continue from there. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can take the hypothetical in a number of directions, making it either more believable or crazy and outlandish (“And then we go sky diving with the entire cast from Cheers!”).

The hypothetical date pickup line can be a great way to showcase both your romantic and funny side.

6. The NSFW Pickup Line

Requiring you to lead off with some sort of sexual innuendo right off the bat, this is one of the most popular types of pickup lines, and it is also one of the riskiest. A dirty joke may earn you a laugh or two and maybe even a date, but some users may get turned off if you take things too far.

We can’t really show you most examples here, since they are NSFW and all, but know that if you’re going to go in this direction, you should be prepared to be shut down quite a fair amount.

Comparison Table

Pickup Line


The Cheesy Pickup Line

Type of line that usually elicits a few groans and eye rolls

The Name Pun Pickup Line

A great way to get your Tinder match to laugh

The Anti Pickup Line

Starting out with a typical setup and ending with an unexpected, absurd, or straightforward punchline

The Observational Pick-up Line

You have a number of potential conversation topics at your disposal before you even begin a conversation

The Hypothetical Date Pickup Line

Not so subtly, convince a match to go out with you

The NSFW Pickup Line

Lead off with some sort of sexual innuendo right off the bat

Choosing The Right Pickup Line

Whichever route you choose to go with a pickup line, it should be one that feels right for you. Again, if it feels forced to you, then it will likely feel forced to your Tinder date. The “just be yourself” mantra may seem like a cliché, but it really is the best way to operate on Tinder.

If you have more of a goofy sense of humor, then consider leading with a corny joke. If you’re more of a romantic type, then try going the more straightforward route.

It may take you a few times for you to get into your rhythm with that right type of pickup line, but once you figure out what works best for you, you’ll be scoring Tinder dates in no time.

Four duck hunter holding guns for duck hunting

Hunting is one of the most fun hobbies that you can get yourself into. When it comes to the sport of hunting, duck or waterfowl hunting is widely considered to be one of the most difficult.

Hunting by itself can be a very intimidating hobby. No amount of reading or research will properly prepare you because the important knowledge can only be gained in the wild.

If you are new to duck hunting, you probably have many questions. Fortunately, you have found the right article. Today, we’ll be sharing some useful beginner tips for hunting ducks. This guide is written to answer most (but not all) of your questions about waterfowl hunting.

Duck Hunting Tips For Beginners

Below are the must-know tips that any beginner should know about hunting ducks in the wild.

Have The Right Gear

Most people will say that buying the gun is the first step to waterfowl hunting but we beg to disagree. The right camo suit or jacket is the first thing that you should invest in. During the beginner, you will need to observe the birds in the wild and this is best done by leaving your gun in the truck.

Getting the right camo will depend on your hunting location. For example, if you’re hunting in an area with lots of dead grass, a lighter grassy camouflage would be best.

After your camo suit, you’ll definitely want to get waders. Ducks love being on the water, so expect to get wet. A good rule of thumb is to find one with a more breathable design. Then, you can get your decoys, firearm and shells, and other optional supplies like duck calls, blind bags and more.

Scout The Ideal Spot

The best way to find the best duck hunting spots is through the internet. Search your local area and there should be plenty of locations to start your hunting adventure.

Once you have narrowed down your results, you can go visit each location for scouting. Through scouting, you can identify the resources available. Things to look out for are the nearby food and good cover. In most cases, ducks will eat aquatic plants, small fish, insects, and crustacean.

It’s always a good idea to find multiple hunting spots. Ducks tend to stay away from areas where their friends keep dying. Keep scouting until you get familiar with the area, and this might take a few trips.

Setting Up Decoys

The key to a successful hunt is through a properly set up decoys. This means that you should have a good spread of your decoys. Conduct a wind check to identify the best position for your decoys and blind.

Ideally, you want the wind to come from the back so the birds will come landing right at you. A good set of drakes and hens, grouped by similar species should be a good place to start. For a good spread, set up your decoys to form the letter “J” so it allows a clear landing zone in the middle.

Quacking And Calling

For a beginner, the simplest tip would be to act and sound like a duck which also means learning the basic “quack.” After you have a good grasp on how to do a basic quack, you can do some advanced calling techniques like mating or feeding calls.

Avoid doing so many calls since it can sound unnatural.

Basically, when a duck quacks, you should answer with a single quack as well. The only way to get better at duck calling is to practice over and over again.

Duck Hunting Strategies

Know The Duck Species

The last thing you’ll want to happen is to have a brush with the law while hunting.

Duck hunting is a severely regulated sport and each of the species has its own limits. So you will need to know your duck species to avoid getting into any sort of trouble. Not all species are considered fair game and it’s imperative that you know which species are allowed for hunting.

Limits and regulations can change from year to year, so it’s always best to know the current trend. If you are not sure if a duck is fair game, then don’t take the shot. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying some hefty fines or even have your firearm seized.

Ready To Hunt?

Duck hunting is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There are just too many challenges in the field and things tend to not go the hunter’s way. So this sport is only recommended for the most dedicated hunters.

However, don’t get us wrong.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a shot and taking down your first bird. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to hunting success.

Grab a couple of friends and enjoy hunting in the wild.

Throwing Knives

A good set of knives is great for tasks like cutting through a steak or slashing through jungle vines. But can you guess that’s cooler than a sharp knife?

Whether you saw it in a movie or by watching an expert do it, someone throwing knives is always an incredibly cool thing to behold.

If you want to learn how to throw knives but never tried it yourself, know that it’s a skill that you can learn. For today’s article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about throwing knives.

Why Should You Learn To Throw Knives?

Knowing how to throw a knife is a great skill for a “last resort” self-defense tactic. With your bladed accuracy and quickness, your assailant will never see a knife coming as you throw it. But be warned, there’s some serious controversy regarding this method of self-defense. Many believe that fighting with the knife means never to throw your only weapon, especially if you can’t perform a perfect throw.

It’s also a skill that can come in handy if you want to hunt small game in a silent manner. Knife throwing is also an essential skill if you have dreams of joining a circus and dazzling the audience.

Perhaps the best reason to learn knife throwing is that it’s just too badass. Showing off your accuracy in throwing a knife is a surefire way to impress your buddies.

Where To Buy Throwing Knives

So you want to learn how to throw a knife, where do you start? Well, of course, you start by buying your first set of knives. And no, you can’t use the knives that are found in your kitchen.


Of course, just about anything can be bought on Amazon these days.

Amazon has a wide range of throwing knives available like the BladesUSA Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set which is available for the low price of $10 (current sale price) or the Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives for around $20.

The latter is especially interesting because they’re kunais which are used as a weapon by ninjas. Just how cool is that?

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Your friendly neighborhood Dick’s Sporting Goods may also carry some knives for throwing. Although the selection is not that numerous, this shop has some fairly high-end knives if you’re into quality sets.

The SOG Fling 3-pack Throwing Knives Combo and Kershaw Ion Spear-Point Fixed Blade Throwing Knife Package are definitely worth checking out.

Selection is not that great and the prices are higher but these are knives that come from reputable brands.

Knife Depot

This is a great marketplace if you’re looking for quality knives. As you might expect, they carry throwing knives as well.

The Master Cutlery Perfect Point 6 Piece Multi-Color Throwing Knives is a worthy option if you’re looking for a multi-colored set. We also love the Hibben Legacy Four Piece Throwing Knife Set due to its stainless steel construction and superb quality.

Tips On How To Throw A Knife

Here are some top tips to help hone your knife throwing skill.

Throwing knives to a tree
  • Keep an eye on the handle: Always watch the knife’s handle, not the blade. If the knife hits the target with the handle up, move forward by a few inches. This is because the knife had too much time to spin and is referred to as over-rotating.
  • Don’t snap your wrist when throwing: Snapping your wrist while throwing might feel natural but it’s not advisable. It’s really difficult to snap it the same way every time you throw.
  • Consistency is key: Try to be consistent with just about every aspect of your throw including your grip, stance, wind-up, and release.
  • The balancing point: If you want a knife that will throw equally whether you use the handle or the blade, the balancing point must be very close to the knife’s center.
  • Handle-blade heavy: A knife that is heavy on the handle will be more accurate if grip from the blade. On the opposite side, a knife that is blade heavy should be gripped from the handle.
  • Using logs for target practice: The best target for knife throwing is definitely the log round. When using log rounds, get the ones that are 4-inch thick at the minimum. Obviously, thicker logs will last longer.

Happy Throwing

Overall, throwing knives is simply a great way to have a good time. If you’re really serious about it, there are numerous competitions that you can take part in.

Should you consider knife throwing, make sure that you do your due diligence by doing proper training and having the appropriate equipment. And of course, make sure that you observe the proper knife throwing safety procedures.

Have fun!

Minecraft house ideas

Minecraft is a uber-popular game that was released back in 2009. Up to this day, it remains one of the more popular sandbox games in history. It’s all thanks to its solid gameplay, creation engine, and its amazing community.

In order to survive in the game, one of the first things that you need to do is to build a house. The most basic type of houses are built from wood and stone which are found by harvesting.

But Why Settle For Something Basic?

The beauty of Minecraft is that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the things that you can build. Today, we’re going to share some awesome Minecraft house ideas to help you build a house of your

The 8 Best Minecraft House Ideas

We’ve searched the web and found some of the best ideas for building your next house in Minecraft.

House On The Water

House On The Water

Who says that you can’t build a house over the water? With some careful planning, you can definitely build a house over bodies of water. The house is divided into many different sections and is connected with sky bridges. With enough creativity and careful planning, you can make something like the beautiful Château de Chenonceau. Truly awe-inspiring.

Survival House

Survival House

In Minecraft, you can’t just build a house. If you want, you can build a home that’s actually self-sustainable and guaranteed to help you survive – a survival house if you will. A redditor named More-Reasons has managed to build something exactly like that – a self-sustainable house complete with its own livestock farm, vegetation garden, cobblestone paths, bridges, and many other cool stuff. It helps that the house itself looks great and feels cozy.

House On A Bridge

House On A Bridge

Want a house that belongs in a quirky fantasy Miyazaki-esque movie?
Sounds like an ill-advised idea but it’s possible to create a house over a bridge. It still functions like an actual bridge but passers-by will have to go through your house. It really does look gorgeous and out of this world.
According to the author Dr_Bond, he had to use a few shaders and texture packs to achieve the look. 

Western-Canadian Style House

Western-Canadian Style House

You just can’t go wrong with a house over a lake. This Western-Canadian style house by redditor Karl_with_a_C is definitely a thing to behold. We are especially a fan of the stone pillars and the well-made foundation. It really gives off a million-dollar lake house vibe. As with many houses featured here, the author used several texture packs and modes in order to achieve this amazing look. 

Cozy Winter Cabin

Cozy Winter Cabin

If you’re usually dealing with brutal winters in your area, this is the house that might just be for you.

This cozy winter cabin by Ogthellama features a very interesting architecture, almost Asian inspired. But also, it almost looks like a house you’ll come across in Skyrim. The slope of the roof should be great for efficient snow removal and prevent accumulation. Very interesting design and should be a good Minecraft home during the winter. 

A-Frame House

A-Frame House

This A-Frame house by redditor Lonnie_Mack features a truly wild design.
Aside from the interesting architecture, the house has its own indoor garden which is a nice touch. There’s are also a stable and port underneath which is great for survival. It’s a really well-done house and the author has
fortunately put out a detailed tutorial album in case you want to create a similar house.

Corner House

Corner House

When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, going big isn’t always better.
Redditor crpeh has created a truly amazing corner house that oozes European charm. It’s by far not the largest house that we have featured here but it’s definitely one of prettiest. The craftsmanship is simply off the charts. As mentioned in the comments, the author has achieved the effect with a few renders and texture packs.

Modern House

Modern House

There is no shortage of modern houses in Minecraft and we like to think that we have found the best one. Author pixelthec has created a jaw-dropping modern house that I could swear exists in real life. It looks like an
elegant and real modern house that’s worth millions of dollars. This one seems to be heavily inspired by YouTube creator Keralis. If you want to achieve this look, you will want to download the Flow’s HD resource

Are You Inspired Yet?

There you have it, some of the best Minecraft houses that we have found in the wild. With hundreds of thousands of Minecraft house ideas and actual creations, it’s safe to say that we have barely scratched the surface. Do you have a favorite Minecraft house design in mind? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

Whistling is kind of a funny skill. Those who know how to whistle wonder how anyone could have a problem doing it. On the other hand, folks who can’t just have no idea how anyone could produce such sounds. Many of the non-whistlers believe that whistling is an ability that one is born with – kind of like having blue eyes or attached earlobes. That’s not the case at all because as mentioned, whistling is a skill and you can teach yourself how to do it, even at a relatively advanced age.

Techniques On How To Whistle

How to whistle

There are several techniques that you can use for whistling. The technique that you use can also depend on your purpose such as getting someone’s attention or whistling your favorite tunes. Regardless of the technique that you use, you should not be discouraged if you can’t do it the first time. This is about practicing over and over again until you can do it properly.

Technique #1: Whistling With Your Lips

Whistling using your lips is the way to go if you want to whistle your favorite tunes. Below are the steps to do it:

  • 1
     Start with wetting your lips and puckering them.
  • 2
     Blow some air through your lips, you can try this softly at first. If you did it right, you should be able to
    produce a tone.
  • 3
    Next, you can try blowing harder but the key is to keep your tongue relaxed.
  • 4
     To produce different sounds and tones, try adjusting your lips, jaw, and tongue.

Technique #2: Whistling With Your Fingers

This technique is good for catching someone’s attention or catching a cab since this type of whistling can be loud. Here are the steps:

  • 1
    Have your thumbs face you and hold down the rest of your other fingers, then position the tips of your two pinkies together in order to form the shape of an A. Alternatively, instead of your pinkies, you may use your index fingers, whatever works for you.
  • 2
    Wet your lips and tuck them inward and over the teeth. This will look like you’re a baby who has yet to grow a tooth.
  • 3
    Push the tongue backwards over itself using your pinky fingers until the knuckles touch the lip.
  • 4
    Next, tightly close your mouth while keeping the tongue folded, fingers in mouth, and lips tucked. The idea here is that the opening should only be between the pinky fingers.
  • 5
    Gently blow air through the opening between your pinkies. Should you feel the air blowing out from elsewhere, this indicates that your mouth isn’t closed properly.
  • 6
    Once you have it all in place, blow the air harder and you should be able to produce a high-pitched sound.

Technique #3: Whistling With Your Tongue

This technique is more on the softer side but still a worthy addition to your whistling arsenal.

  • 1
    Start by licking and wetting your lips, and do some slight puckering.
  • 2
     Slightly open your mouth and position the tongue on the roof of your mouth, it should be very close to your two front teeth. This should produce a high-pitched tone.
  • 3
    To produce a louder tone, blow harder and do more puckering.
  • 4
    In order to create many different tones, pucker and widen your mouth. These techniques should be more than enough to abandon your status as a non-whistler. Again, it’s all about practicing over and over again.

What If I Still Can’t Whistle?

So you followed all the steps above but still can’t whistle, what’s going on?
Well, there may be some medical reasons why you are unable to make the right sounds. According to Seattle Children’s Foundation, you may have a condition called velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD). It’s a condition in which parts of the throat and roof of the mouth do not function properly during speech.

Examples of VPD are:

  • Motor speech disorder
  •  Certain conditions, like the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
  • Cleft palate
  • Too much space between the palate and the throat
  •  Weak throat muscles

Practice, Practice, And Practice

Either of the techniques on how to whistle should be good enough as a starting point. However, it certainly won’t hurt to learn them all so you can use different whistles for a variety of purpose. As we have liked to stress out, you just have to keep practicing until you get it. Most people spend about 40 minutes of dedicated practice before they can reliably whistle, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it properly at first.

Once you figure it out, it’s just a matter of doing it over and over again until you can whistle like a master.

man drinking coffee sitting on a bench

Let’s face it, we men are very concerned about whether or not we’re the type that is capable of attracting women. This is especially true when talking about the woman that you actually fancy. You just met this amazing girl that’s not just beautiful but also intelligent and funny – a complete package as most people would say. If you’re currently attracted to some girl, you have probably asked yourself a dozen questions about how to get a girl to like you. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Tips On How To Get A Girl To Like You

Again, these tips are all about increasing your own likability so you become more attractive to girls in general.

1. Have Your Own Life

man working on a laptop

The very foundation of starting a great relationship is to have your own, preferably interesting, life. Whether you’re getting into a committed relationship or trying to make a girl like you, it’s imperative that you have your own life in order. Girls are attracted to guys who are living an interesting life or just someone who actually has his own thing going for him.

2. Be Passionate About Something

man and woman cooking

Whether it be cooking or programming, women find it sexy if a man is passionate for something that they do. By having an interesting passion or hobby, you are automatically making yourself interesting which relates to tip #1 of having your own life. Again, the key here is to have an intense passion about your activity or hobby. Don’t just take up a hobby because you know that the girl has an affinity towards it. Having a passion is not just good for making yourself more interesting but it’s great for personal development as well.

3. Be Presentable

man smiling drinking coffee

No, you can’t just swoon a girl by your charming personality alone. You need to make yourself more presentable. For one, girls love guys who smell good. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should shower yourself with perfumes, this simply means practicing good hygiene. Go take a shower, use body soap, shampoo your hair, put on some deodorant, and you’re set. You can opt for a cologne but don’t go to town with it. It also helps that you know how to dress the right way. This doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothes from high- end brands, this simply means that you should know how to dress sharp. The key is to look effortless with your outfit.

4. Get Her To Laugh

man hugging a woman from behind

Every girl loves a guy that can make her laugh, and that’s not just a cliché.

Even if you think that you are not funny, you might be surprised with yourself as long as you try to make her smile or laugh. Having a sense of humor gives her the impression that you are intellectually strong and humorous which is considered a desirable trait for a future partner. Get the girl so smile early on and it will make her more relax and comfortable whenever you are around. This, of course, facilitates interest and attraction.

5. Beef Up Your Confidence Game

happy man

Confidence is what separates the men who get as many dates than they can handle and those who can barely get a first date. Those who possess a high level of confidence will always be very attractive to women. On the other hand, the lack of confidence in an individual will be outright dismissed. Signs of low confidence level usually means limp posture, speaks without conviction, and very indecisive.

Can You Really Blame Women If They’re Not Attracted To Such Qualities?

Again, this all comes back to tip #1 and #2. Success breeds confidence, so it certainly won’t hurt to invest in things that you are passionate about. Take pride in the things that you excel at but make sure that you don’t look cocky.

Also, by following tip #3, you should also effectively boost your confidence level. Eat right, hit the gym, and dress sharp – these will go a long way in improving your self-confidence. Men who embody confidence will always appear attractive to women – and that’s a fact of life.

Ready To Make Her Fall For You?

With these tips on how to get a girl to like you, you will not only be able to attract that girl that you like but all women in general. These surefire tips will also make you into a better person as a whole. Any other tips or secrets that you can share for attracting women? Feel free to share your expertise in the comments section!

It wasn’t so long ago that having a car was an absolute necessity, and not having one left you at the mercy of unreliable cab drivers who never seemed to be around when you needed them. It wasn’t so long ago that you had to pay an arm and a leg to get a cab or a town car to pick you up from the airport. It wasn’t so long ago that you worried about heading to a bar without a designated driver.

But car service companies like Lyft and Uber have changed all of that. They’ve made it easy and relatively inexpensive to get where you’re going regardless of whether or not you have your own car.

In A Battle Of Lyft VS Uber, Who Wins?


They’ve revolutionized the world for city dwellers who often don’t own a car, but still need one on an occasional basis. They’ve turned your smartphone into your own private chauffeur, and they have given their customers comfort, convenience, and control over their own transportation.

If you use one of these services, then you probably have a favorite. You’ve got their app on your phone, and you might even see some of the same drivers from time to time. There is a strict divide between Lyft and Uber users, and not a lot of carry-over between them. There are those who are team Lyft, and those who are team Uber, and there’s probably not a lot that will sway anyone’s decision.

But maybe you’re still on the fence. Maybe you haven’t actually picked a team yet. Maybe you’ve used Uber once to get to a party, but that’s about all you know. You’re not likely to get impartial responses from regular users, but here is an objective breakdown of each company’s service. Using these comparisons you can decide for yourself once and for all who reigns supreme when it comes to Lyft vs Uber.

Comparing Service Areas

people discussing

One of the first key factors you need to examine when comparing Lyft vs Uber is their coverage areas and operating hours. Both companies operate at all hours of the day or night, but because they are dependent on when drivers choose to be available, you’ll likely run into longer wait times in the wee hours of the morning. This is an equal inconvenience across both providers. For you as an individual, your preference for one company over the other may come down to whether or not they are available in your town or city. Here is how they stack up on coverage.
Uber is by far the bigger company, and as a result, its service area is bigger. It provides rides in hundreds of US towns and cities and hundreds of cities worldwide. This larger service area means you are less likely to be stranded without a ride.

Of course Lyft is available in a large area as well. Although they do not operate internationally, there are Lyft drivers working in 46 US states. You can easily search their site here to see if your city falls within their range of service.

Reserving A Car

using a mobile phone

Both ride sharing services are on-demand, and though wait times are usually only a few minutes based on the location of drivers, there are times when you don’t want to risk being late. If you’re looking for a ride to pick you up from a bar after a night out, punctuality isn’t super important, but if you need to get to the airport, you don’t really want to risk a car not being available. That’s why both companies allow you to reserve cars in advance. Uber will allow you to reserve a car up to 30 days in advance. They point out that it’s perfect for rides to the airport, important work functions, or even a wedding reception. If you know the date and time that you’ll need an Uber, why not book your car in advance, and worry less?
All you have to do is open the app, click the car and clock icon, and fill in your ride details. You’ll get email notifications about your scheduled trip, and you can make changes or cancel easily. Lyft offers scheduled rides for their standard Lyft service up to 7 days in advance. You schedule your ride the same way, by opening the app and clicking the clock icon. Type in your details, and confirm your ride.

Lyft uses a calculation called Prime Time to determine the rate at which your ride will be charged based on what the predicted rate is for your scheduled time of travel. You can cancel anytime up until you have been paired with a driver.

Types Of Service Available

One obvious reason that people choose ride shares over cabs, other than the handy app, is the ability to choose the kind of car you get picked up in. A cab, regardless of the company, is just a cab. Its interior is sparse, the radio is either broken or blaring, and there never seems to be enough leg room.

A standard Uber service is called UberX. It provides you with a basic vehicle that fits up to 4 passengers. There are minimum vehicle requirements for UberX that vary slightly by city, but, generally, limit vehicles to 4 door sedans or mini vans that have no cosmetic damage, have passed a car inspection, and have a working air conditioner. Generally, models must be a 2002 or newer for this basic service.

Lyft vs Uber

If you need an SUV that seats up to 6 people, for say a trip to the airport, then you can select UberXL. If you need an SUV that seats up to 6, but maybe you’re doing something more exciting, like celebrating a bachelor party, then you can select UberSUV and get picked up in a luxury SUV instead.

UberPool lets you get the maximum out of a ride sharing program. It’s the equivalent of splitting a cab ride with someone except that Uber works out all the logistics for you, and you don’t even have to know the other passenger or passengers.

UberBLACK is the ultra way to travel. You get a professional driver, a black town car, and seating for up to 4 people. If you need to make an impression, or make an entrance, this is the way to go.

Uber also provides services for those who need wheelchair or scooter assistance through UberWAV, and UberSELECT can help you make the most of a very special occasion with the best drivers, and the best luxury cars. Finally, you can even use the UberTAXI service to find an available cab through the Uber app.

Lyft has a standard, basic service called Lyft Original, and it provides a vehicle for up to 4 passengers. Lyft has minimum vehicle requirements for their basic-level service as well. These requirements vary by state and city, but generally, cars have to be a 2005 model or newer, with no body damage, and working air conditioning.

LyftPlus provides standard cars for up to 6 passengers and Lyft Premier offers 4 passenger luxury cars. LyftLux and LyftLux SUV provide a luxury black car service for 4 and 6 passengers respectively.

Lyft vs Uber

Lastly, LyftLine allows you to share your Lyft with other passengers going in the same direction as you, if not necessarily the same place.

From the breakdown of their various service levels, it’s pretty easy to see that they are comparable to one another. Each company allows you to select vehicles based on the number of passengers you have as well as the level of style you desire.

What Else Are These Companies Doing?

So far Lyft and Uber are split pretty evenly. They offer similar levels of service, and with the exception of international service, pretty comparable service areas. Each company does a driving and background check on its drivers, and each company has a convenient app that makes scheduling, or requesting a ride a synch.

So how can you tell who is better? Here is a look at how each company is moving beyond simple ride sharing and thinking bigger.

Uber has some major plans. With Uber Eats they have made a foray into convenient food delivery, and it’s just a matter of time before they expand to other types of delivery options as well.

They also offer Uber for Business with a convenient dashboard to manage rides for employees, clients, and work events. Businesses can schedule rides and request rides without the hassle of filing out expense report forms.

Uber is also poised to get into bike sharing, as well as integrating its app into city transit systems. Before too long you may be able to pay for your subway ride within your Uber app on your smartphone. You may also have an easier way to rent out your car or someone else’s after Uber integrates the service GetAround into is app.

Lyft is likewise working with businesses through a similarly convenient dashboard system. Companies can manage how their employees and clients get to the airport, how they commute into work, and how they attend events.

Lyft also has similar services that are aimed at both patients and students. In both cases, there are services to make sure that your riders can get to where they need to go when you are not available.

If you are taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent, Lyft for Patients can help relieve some of the stress of your daily life by taking them to and from appointments for less than what other shuttle services would charge.

Or if you have kids in school that cannot take public transportation, you have a simple solution with Lyft for Students on days when an early work meeting, or a late work dinner make playing chauffeur impossible.

Their Public Image
No comparison of Lyft vs Uber would be complete without a discussion of their public images. This speaks to not simply the quality of their services, but the overall quality of their companies. While Lyft has remained fairly free from controversy, Uber has struggled recently with its public image due to a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company, and allegations of a cutthroat work environment. Uber drivers also often complain of low wages. Uber does not allow
customers to tip drivers, unlike Lyft, and this has been linked to lower job satisfaction among drivers.

Uber was also the subject of a Twitter storm under the hashtag #DeleteUber in 2017 when it appeared to be using a protest against President Trump’s Travel Ban as a way to increase profits in New York. Uber is also reportedly being investigated for trying to track Lyft drivers.

Declaring a Winner
As far as overall customer experience, there may be little difference between Lyft and Uber. They operate the same way through a convenient app, and they allow their customers to request, or schedule rides whenever they need it.

Each service provides passengers with a choice of the type of car they need, as well as varying levels of luxury. They each charge customers based on the demand of rides at the time, as well as by city and state.

Lyft comes off looking better in the press than Uber, but it has yet to significantly hurt or help either company. Plus, Uber’s plans for the future seem to get bigger every day. And it’s really the size of Uber and its reach that gives them the top spot. More drivers in more places mean less standing around and waiting. With service in more places, Uber has to take the ride sharing cake.

Everyone who owns a car should know how to jump a car. That’s because everyone who owns a car will have to jump-start it at some point. It’s inevitable. Even when there are so many measures to keep you from leaving your lights on, or draining your battery accidentally, it will still happen.

And if it doesn’t happen to you, you’re equally as likely to run into a friend, neighbor, or coworker who needs a jump start. That’s why having jumper cables in your car is part of being a responsible driver.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Jumping A Car

How to jump a car

But it’s not just having the jumper cables that is important, it’s knowing how to use them. You have a vague understanding about how to jump a car. You have a theoretical knowledge if not a working knowledge, but you know that’s not enough. Jumping a car might look easy, but there are ways to easily do it wrong that are a danger to the cars and the people in them. So before you start connecting cables willy nilly, take a look at these do’s and don’ts of how to jump a car.

The Do’s Of Jumping A Car

The first trick of how to jump a car begins long before you have a dead battery and a stranded car. It begins with buying jumper cables and keeping them in your trunk. It also means locating your car’s owner’s manual and actually reading it.

How to jump a car

You don’t need to read it cover to cover, but every car is different when it comes to the location of the positive and negative terminals that you connect the jumper cables to, and it’s important to know where they are on your car.

So definitely do bookmark that spot in your manual, and take the time to pop the hood and make sure you understand what the manual is telling you. As important as owner’s manuals are, they often have vague or confusing wording and very grainy pictures. If what your manual says does not make sense, you can always turn to YouTube to find footage of your make and model car for clarity.

With a little background knowledge in your pocket, you are ready to actually jump-start a car. Maybe you’ve had your car battery for a while, and you were wondering when it would need replaced. Turns out it’s today, and you’re already running late.

You’ll want to start with both cars turned off and placed in either park or neutral. Then take out your jumper cables and identify the proper ends. The red cable is the positive cable. Remember that. Red equals positive.

You’ll connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery, and then connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the good battery. Red cable. Positive to positive. So far, so good.

The negative cables are black. That kind of makes sense, right. Okay, so you place the negative cable on the negative terminal of the good car. On the stalled car, you will place the negative cable on a clean, unpainted metal surface.

Once the cables are placed correctly, you’ll start the engine on the good battery and run it for 2 to 3 minutes. With both engines off, you’ll remove the cables in the reverse of the order that you connected them starting with the negative cable on the engine block of the stalled car and proceeding from there.

Now it’s time to try to start the stalled car. Fingers crossed that it was just the battery. Take a little breath, maybe say a little prayer, and then turn that ignition key. Your car should start right up, and you’ll have just avoided a tow to the shop.

To make sure that the battery gets sufficiently charged before you turn the engine off, you should keep the car running for about 30 minutes.

The Don’ts Of Jumping A Car

Jump-starting a car is generally a pretty easy process, but it can still be dangerous to both you and your vehicle if done incorrectly. The biggest risk is shock, so you need to remember that both cars should be off before you start the process.

Also be sure to never to connect the negative cable of the stalled car to the negative terminal. Doing so risks shock or even explosion. Yikes. You also want to make sure not to lean over the battery during a jump-start, or try to jump-start a battery that is cracked or leaking.

Get Back On The Road Easily

If you follow these simple steps on how to jump a car, you will be able to safely and easily jump-start a car to get yourself, or someone you know out of a jam. It can be so frustrating when a car doesn’t start the way that it’s supposed to, but as long as you’ve got your jumper cables handy, it doesn’t have to ruin your day.

At a certain point in your life, there are skills that every man should you have. You should know how to change a tire on your car, how to iron a shirt, how to grill a steak, and how to tie a tie.

Tying a tie properly is a skill that reaches across both personal and professional lines. You need to know how to tie a tie for everything from a day on the job to a date with someone special. But it’s not just knowing how to tie a tie that matters. It’s knowing how to tie one well.

You’re not in eighth grade anymore getting ready for the spring dance.

1. The Four In Hand

How to tie a tie

The Four in hand knot is also known as a schoolboy knot because it is relatively easy to tie, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still a versatile knot that can take you well beyond the schoolyard.

Here’s how to tie it.

Begin with the wide end on your left side, about 8 inches below the skinny end. Cross the wide end over the skinny end and bring it underneath the skinny end. Then bring the wide end over the skinny end again and pull it through the loop. With the knot held loosely, slide the wide end through the loop and tighten the knot with a dimple.

2. The Half Windsor

Half Windsor tie

This is probably the one that your dad first taught you how to tie by putting it around his neck first. You’ve probably worn ties this way to weddings or work, but maybe you’re a little rusty on the classic form. Here’s a little refresher.

You begin with the wide end on your right. It should be about 8 inches or so below the skinny end. Take the wide end over the skinny end and bring it under the loop. Then take the wide end over and through the loop.

The back end of the tie should fall through onto your right hand. Now take the tie over the knot from left to right and bring it through the loop. Finally, take the wide end through the knot, and tighten it with a little dimple.

3. The Full Windsor

Full Windsor tie

The full Windsor knot radiates confidence. It’s a large asymmetrical triangular knot that is full and thick, and looks elegant on any occasion. It is considered by many to be the perfect knot, but it can be a little tricky. Master the Full Windsor and you can get your knot-tying badge for sure. Here’s how.

Begin with the wide end of the tie on your left side, about a foot below the skinny end. Then take the wide end over the skinny end. Bring the wide end under the cross and through the loop. You should have the wide end on your right side.

Moving from left to right, take the wide end under the knot, and then through the loop from the outside. The wide end will now be on your left side. Now, moving from left to right, wrap the wide end over the knot and bring it underneath and through the loop. Then slide the wide end through the knot and adjust its tightness.

4. The Bow Tie

Bow Tie

You might not be a super macho guy that has to speculate on what real men do and don’t do, but you’re still pretty sure that real men don’t wear bow ties that clip in the back of the neck.

You’ve got to know how to tie your own bow tie. Yes, it’s notoriously complicated, but it’s also really gratifying.

With the tie around your neck, begin with the right side slightly longer than the left side. Place the longer end over the shorter end to create an X. Then loop the longer end behind the X.

Pull the ends so that the knot is nice and snug against your neck. This cannot be adjusted later.

With your index finger on the widest part of the curve of the shorter end, fold it to create a bow shape. Then place the folded tip across your collar with the short end close to your neck.

Holding the bow with your left hand, bring the longer end down in front of the folded end.

Position it so that it hangs down in front of the shorter end. With your right hand, pinch and fold the longer end toward your chest. With the longer end hanging in front of the shorter end, tuck its folded tip behind the tip of the short end.

You now have 2 sets of wing shapes, and a long strip that sits on top of them.

Tug the loops that are behind the wings to tighten the knot. Finally, adjust the wings by holding down the middle of the knot.

5. The Pratt

Pratt tie

The pratt knot has been around for a pretty long time, but you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s a pretty simple, uneven knot with a medium size that makes it perfect for just about any occasion. Here’s how to do it.

Drape the tie over your neck with the back seams of the tie facing out. The wide end of the tie should be about 1 or 2 inches below where you want the tie to stop once it’s tied.

Take the wide end under the skinny end to form an X. Then pass the wide end through the loop and back to the right side.

Pull the wide end down with its back facing out, and then flip the tip of the wide end so that it is facing left. Bring the wide end across the knot and coming from underneath the knot, slide the wide end through the loop. The tip of the wide end should now be facing downward, and you pull it through the horizontal band. Now all you have to do is adjust it.

Take on the World One Knot at a Time
All of these knots will probably take you some lengthy practice in front of a mirror to get right, but once you’ve mastered them you’ll be both stylish and unstoppable.

In today’s world, there’s a market for just about everything, even when it comes to newer industries such as television streaming.

Before streaming, traditional TV was watched by tuning into a channel with the knowledge of the type of content that would be aired and then hope that the programming that was being aired at that time suited your liking.

Then streaming came along, and with the availability to choose specific shows to watch at a time of your choosing, traditional TV lost a lot of appeal by comparison.

Now that streaming has had some time to age, Sling TV has circled back around and created a unique service that brings the best aspects of streaming and traditional TV together.

A Fusion Of Old And New

Sling TV Review

Sling TV is the newest television streaming service to step into the streaming thunderdome alongside competitors such as Hulu.

While squaring up with such streaming giants may seem like a futile exercise, Sling TV sets itself apart from other streaming services by being the original live tv streaming service and, as of now, the cheapest as well.

This Sling TV Review will look at the features and services that make Sling TV what it is, as well as how difficult it is to use, and the pricing and drawbacks that can be expected with the service.

Features And Services

Sling TV Review

Sling TV first made itself known as a streaming service by offering “a la carte” live TV channels as an alternative to cable and satellite programming where users are often stuck with a television plan that includes more channels than the user will likely ever watch. 

Sling TV Packages

Sling has two packages to choose from: Sling Blue and Sling Orange, both of which have different channel groups to make selections from.

The two packages have some overlap in the channels they offer, but differ in the number of channels and the premium channels they offer.

Once a plan has been chosen, the user picks only the channels they want to appear on their Sling feed, effectively streamlining the live TV watching process.

A la carte or pick-and-pay live TV channel viewing is at the core of what makes Sling an appealing service, setting it up as an alternative to traditional television. But, the additional features offered by Sling are what truly complete it as a streaming service. 

Cloud-based DVR Service

While live TV certainly has plenty of appeal in its own right, there are good reasons why it has become less popular in recent years. The necessity of being in front of your TV at a specific time to watch certain programs has become tedious and is not worth it for many people living in the internet age.

Sling TV Review

The ability to record live TV so that it can be watched on the viewer’s schedule was a game changer when DVR was first introduced. As most TV providers have it as an available option, so too now does Sling.

Sling takes their DVR service one step further by having their DVR option be cloud-based, removing the need for a physical piece of hardware to store your shows.

It should be noted that Sling’s DVR only comes with 50 hours of memory, and since Sling’s cloud-based DVR is still in its early stages, it is a pretty bare- bones system with no option to save programs. Instead, it simply deletes the oldest thing on your DVR to make space once you have hit the 50 hour limit. 

On-demand Viewing

In addition to their live TV streaming and DVR options, Sling TV completes their service by offering on-demand viewing options as well.

The on-demand options are all pay-to-watch, but it is still nice to have the option to rent a specific movie or show for a few dollars when your other options aren’t quite suiting your needs.

Sling’s on-demand options aren’t as numerous as other streaming services, but they do a good job of offering new releases in addition to having a selection of older movies, both of which are available for different prices, with older movies costing roughly half the price of new releases in HD.


Sling TV is very accessible and can be used through several products and platforms. Many modern TVs with smart capabilities can support Sling as well as streaming media devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Sling can also be used through an XBOX One, an appealing option to the gamers reading this review, unfortunately Sling is not available through PS3 and PS4 systems due to Sony’s Playstation Vue being a direct Sling TV competitor.

In their promotional literature, Sling often talks about how their product takes the headache out of watching live TV through a regular TV service provider, and their commitment to make their product easy to watch on as many devices as possible is a shining example of this.


online shopping

In order to complete a thorough Sling TV review, it’s important to talk not just about the features, but also about how easy it is to use them.

The first step of using any streaming service is signing up for it, which is a non-issue with Sling. Once a package has been selected, signing up takes only a few minutes and is very straightforward. 

Choosing A Plan

Coincidentally enough, choosing which plan to pick is more difficult than signing up in itself.

Sling TV offers two different channel packages: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. There is also a third purchase option where you can subscribe to both and receive channels from both packages, this option is predictably called Sling Orange + Blue.

Sling Orange has a smaller pool of channels (25+ channels) available to choose from and add to your feed, but is 5 dollars a month cheaper than Sling Blue. Sling Orange also only allows one stream at a time from the account, so if you are looking to share your Sling TV account with others, Sling Orange may not be the best choice.

Sling Blue has a larger pool of channels (40+ channels) to select from and allows up to three different streams at a time, which is much more suited to account sharing. 

Sling TV Channel Packages

Sling TV Review

Sling Orange Channels: A&E, AMC, AXS TV, BBC America, Bloomberg Television, Cnn, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Flama, Food Network, Freeform, Galavision, HGTV, History, IFC, Lifetime, Local Now, Newsy, TBS, TNT, Travel Channel, VICELAND, and Cheddar, a tech channel available exclusively through Sling TV

Sling Blue Channels: A&E, AMC, AXS TV, BBC America, BET, Bloomberg Television, Bravo, CNN, Cartoon Network, Cheddar, Comedy Central, El Rey, EPIX Drive-In, FOX, FOX RSNs, FX, FXX, Flama, Food Network, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Galavision, HGTV, HISTORY, IFC, Lifetime, Local Now, NBC, NBC RSNs, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, Newsy, Nick Jr. SyFy, TBS, TNT, Travel Channel, Tribeca Shortlist, USA, UniMas, Univision, VICELAND, and truTV.

Once you’re all signed up and ready to use your Sling TV, it is quite easy to use and should feel familiar to just about anyone who has ever used other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

Sling shows different programs available to watch on cards that can be scrolled through to find the show you’re looking for. While this layout is undoubtedly second nature for lots of people, those looking for a more traditional TV experience may be at a bit of a loss. Luckily the search function is easy to find and is an easy and reliable way to navigate through Sling.


As mentioned earlier, Sling TV is definitely an appealing option in the world of live TV streaming because it still holds the spot for cheapest live TV streaming service. That being said, here is the need to know information on Sling TV’s pricing options.

Sling TV Review

Sling Orange is the cheapest package Sling has to offer, coming in at $20 a month for 25+ channels at your disposal and the ability to have only one stream active at a time. Sling Blue is a slightly more expensive option, providing 40+ channels for $25 a month, and the option to have three different streams active through the account at once.

It is important to remember that Sling’s pricing plan is unlike most in wherein the more expensive payment option does not include everything from the first.

While Sling Orange and Sling Blue do have some overlap, each plan does have channels available exclusively through each plan. This conundrum brings us to the third payment option available which is called Sling Orange + Blue. As you may have been able to guess, Sling Orange + Blue is a combination of the two other payment plans, costing $40 a month for 50+ channels and up to 4 active streams.

Earlier in this Sling TV review the Cloud DVR system was mentioned, along with the benefits it provides when used with the other features provided in Sling’s various packages. Unfortunately, DVR does not come included with any payment package, but rather is an add-on feature available for $5.99 a month.

Also be sure to check on the Sling TV website to stay up to date on any deals they may have available, as there usually are some.


Like any service, Sling TV is liable for a few drawbacks that any wary consumer should be aware of.


As commercials, or lack thereof, have become a significant selling point in streaming services recently, it is important to know that the shows you stream through Sling will have commercials. As many people have pointed out in other Sling TV reviews, however, if you’re willing to pay the extra few dollars for the DVR option, commercials can become a thing of the past when streaming with Sling.

No Online Streaming Option

Another drawback to Sling is that it does not have an online streaming option, i.e. you cannot watch through an internet browser like you can with Netflix or Hulu. Sling requires you to watch through a smart device of some kind, or through their app which can be installed onto your phone or laptop.

While this may seem like not much to ask of the viewer, online streaming is an accommodation that many viewers have gotten used to. And especially with the app being known for being slow or even shutting down completely, Sling’s online accessibility may become a sticking point for some potential subscribers.

Channel Availability Issues

Getting into the more minor drawbacks, Sling users have encountered issues with channel availability, specifically local channels.

Sling offers a wide range of viewing options, but their available options have not yet grown to the point that they can offer regional channels for those looking to access them through a cable/satellite TV alternative.

DVR Function Issues

Sling TV Review

Users have also stated Sling’s DVR function has not been available for a very long time. Because of this, it is not the most sophisticated-looking DVR, and it cannot record everything offered on Sling.

Users have stated that they often have trouble saving live sports programs to the DVR among other programs. This being said, their tech engineers are still working to make it a much more smoothly functioning system and it will likely be improved soon.


Sling TV is undoubtedly the new kid on the block in the world of streaming, but it has made a name for itself by bridging together the old and the new, bringing together live TV and streaming functionality.

While many people are satisfied with either sticking to plain streaming service or traditional television, Sling TV hopes to bridge the gap and provide a cheap streaming service for people looking to streamline the way they watch television.

For people looking to make the transition to a live TV streaming service, Sling TV would be a great choice because of the quality of service it provides for a price lower than its competitors.

Sling is still in its youth as a streaming platform, so some technological growing pains can be expected when using it. But, this Sling TV review can wholeheartedly suggest Sling as a cheap and streamlined way to engage in streaming live television.

In today’s job market, more and more people are looking to gain a competitive edge over any number of other applicants that may be applying for the same job.

As long as there are resumés, there are services out there to help build and improve resumés as well as coach applicants through their job application process.

In the internet age, these services have transitioned into cloud-based platforms where users can remotely work on their resumes and cover letters with the help of a resume-building software.

There are several services out there that fit this description, but their broad similarities can often make it difficult to pick one of these services over another. Luckily, there is My Perfect Resume

Features And Services

resume format

My Perfect Resume has a lot to offer in terms of features, but they do come at a cost. It is possible to use My Perfect Resume without creating an account and paying for the service, but the number of total options available will be severely limited. 

Subscription Features

Without a subscription, job seekers can only work on one resume or cover letter at a time, and the only feature available to them will be access to My Perfect Resume’s multiple CV templates.

Once an account has been created on My Perfect Resume and a subscription to the service has been paid for, the resume-building features really open up to the user. With a subscription, the user can upload and work on multiple resumes and cover letters at once and can return to work on them at a later date if necessary. This provides a crucial leg up when trying to send out as many job applications as possible.

A paid subscription to My Perfect Resume also allows you access to the full list of resume and cover letter templates, allowing the user to find the template that best suits both their needs and their personal preferences

Job Search Filters

Users also gain access to the My Perfect Resume job search tab which has search filters for job location and field of interest.

The job search tab in itself is not a particularly unique feature. It isn’t a better job search engine than any other you may find on the internet, but the convenience of having one available on the same website you are using to build your resume makes it worthwhile. 

Interview Guide

My Perfect Resume also has interview videos available to their subscribed users which walk viewers through the interview process and help them prepare for potential job interview questions and situations.

This is a feature that really brings My Perfect Resume to the next level because at this point they are no longer helping with just your application, but they are helping you prepare for the steps that come after you submit a strong resume and secure an interview. 

Resume Review And Writing

Possibly the most appealing feature that comes with the paid My Perfect Resume subscription is the resume review and writing service.

This feature of the subscription allows you to submit your resume to be edited by a member of the My Perfect Resume staff. From there, a staff member will provide you with constructive criticism and specific tips to improve your resume and cover letter.

There are a lot of things that a resume-building software can help a user with on its own, but having an aspect of human interaction in the resume-building process can be very reassuring for some users. It ensures that the improvement of their resume has not been left entirely in the hands of some resume-building software.

When building resumes on My Perfect Resume, the platform will prompt you with "Hints" throughout the process. As you enter job information and organize your resume, the software will provide tips and professional insight on how to best organize your CV in order to get noticed by hiring staff.

Whether it is a reminder to add dates to a former job position or a suggestion to use a full job title on your resume instead of an abbreviated one, My Perfect Resume continues to provide support to the user in order to prevent them from making simple mistakes that could easily go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

While it is a minor feature, it should also be said that My Perfect Resume’s resume-building software has a built-in spell check that has helped prevent avoidable pitfalls in countless job applications. 


submitting cv to jobs

My Perfect Resume is a straightforward platform to use and is very intuitive both in the way it is organized and in the way it progresses through the resume-building process. 

Easy-To-Fill User Profile

The My Perfect Resume platform starts off the whole resume-building process by asking the user a few questions regarding their level of expertise, the job field they are hoping to enter, and the reasons they are writing their resume.

From there, the user chooses one of the several CV templates available, and the platform allows the user to easily plug in their personal information, which then, in turn, produces a final product which can be printed out or converted to a number of different formats.

Job Description Guides

The My Perfect Resume platform even goes so far as to provide pre-written phrases for users to base their professional descriptions on as part of the resume-building process.

It can definitely be hard to find the right words to best describe yourself and your work experience. With this feature, you certainly get what you pay for in order to reach the end product of having a strong polished resume. 


It is worth noting that My Perfect Resume’s platform is very technologically accessible. It is broadly accessible in that all of its services are available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian in order to suit any multilingual business needs the user may have. 

Multiple File Format Support

Beyond being multilingual, the My Perfect Resume platform supports uploads and downloads in multiple file formats so that no matter what kind of computer or word processor you use, My Perfect Resume will be accessible to you and the technology at your disposal.


Last but not least, My Perfect Resume touts their technological accessibility by having a functioning and effective mobile platform, so that even when you don’t have a computer available to you, you can still access every aspect of the website from your phone or other mobile devices.

My Perfect Resume has clearly put a lot of time and attention into ensuring that their product is accessible to as many people as possible, and this ease of operation is certainly one of the platform's strengths.


submitting resume to employer

It is free to make an account at My Perfect Resume, and with an account, users are able to create an unlimited number of cover letters and resumes – but features are severely limited. In order to print, download, or send your resume or cover, letter payment is required.

The cheapest payment option is $1.45 for a 14-day trial, but not all features are included. So for an additional 50 cents, the 14-day full trial is recommended for $1.95.

At the end of the 14-day trial, it's important to remember to cancel your subscription and get a full refund for the 2-week trial, or My Perfect Resume will automatically start billing you for their monthly subscription plan which costs $24.95 a month.

My Perfect Resume also offers an annual subscription plan which costs $71.40 up front, which comes out to cost only $5.95 per month and it includes the websites full range of features.


My Perfect Resume has racked up a lot of positive aspects over the course of this review, but no website is without its drawbacks.

While the platform itself has been known to deliver on its promises consistently, many users have made statements regarding the quality of the customer service.

Most of these negative statements come from people who have signed up for the 14-day trial and then have tried to cancel their subscription in order to get their refund.

These users have claimed that the customer service has been unhelpful in providing refunds and actually cancelling the service, even going so far as continuing to bill users for months after they had initially asked to have their subscriptions cancelled.

While it may be excessive to say that My Perfect Resume practices predatory salesmanship, the wise shopper would undoubtedly want to know about these statements being made before engaging in business with My Perfect Resume themselves.


writing a cv

In summary, My Perfect Resume is a strong resume-building software that offers many tools and features geared to help the user succeed and emerge from their service with not only a stronger resume, but also with knowledge to take forward with them regarding interviews, cover letters, and the whole job seeking process.

The only drawbacks are that in order to access the entirety of the website's features and get the most out of the service, the user has to be willing to create an account and purchase a subscription.

The user should also be wary of difficulties other users have had with My Perfect Resume’s customer service when trying to cancel their subscriptions.

All said and done, My Perfect Resume is a well-designed platform with a lot to offer. When looking for an online service to help improve your resume, there are few better choices.

In the internet age, shopping is easier than ever before. All it takes is a click, and products will be delivered to your doorstep before you know it. With the advancement of internet shopping and rapid, consistent delivery, monthly subscription services have become increasingly popular.

Subscription boxes take a lot of the difficulty out of shopping not only by eliminating the need to go to the store, but also by curating content for you when you can’t decide what products are right for you or for when you don’t have the time to make those decisions yourself. Among subscription boxes, man crates have emerged as a popular sub set-boxes that fit the needs and tastes of the traditional man in all of us.

Man crates

Man Crates



Delivers six artisan food products every two months in a rustic handmade wooden crate

Butcher Box

Excels in providing quality meats to people

Stitch Fix

You pay for the clothes you want to keep and return the rest free of charge

Sprezza Box

High-quality box that is perfect for the man in need of a little style boost

Birchbox Man

Perfect man crate for a man who is looking to take their grooming routine up a notch


High-quality shaving razors at a lower price than store brands

Loot Crate

Great subscription box that is incredibly easy to sign up for and is sure to fill that geeky hole in your heart


This box offers a wide range of products for a wide range of interests that are sure to please

Craft Beer Club

Monthly subscription box that wants to make you more than just a beer drinker

Saloon Box

High-quality contents will ensure satisfaction at the end of your monthly mini bartending experience

Man Crates For Delivery: What Could Be Inside?

There’s a monthly subscription box that can fit almost any manly need or interest imaginable, from hygienic products to clothing, to food, to games and toys.

Subscription box services can be counted on to select quality products that suit your taste. With a click of a button and a monthly fee, you can have carefully curated boxes filled with food, drink, fashion, hygiene, and fun delivered directly to you every four weeks.

For The foodie:

 1. Mantry - The Box For Men Who Need More              Artisan Food In Their Life


Technically a bi-monthly subscription box, Mantry delivers six artisan food products every two months in a rustic handmade wooden crate, with each box curated around a certain theme (such as barbecue or grilling during the summer months).

Mantry is not your typical food subscription box. It doesn’t deliver full meals to you to be prepared at home. What it includes are six individual items and a pamphlet identifying the items in your crate, explaining what they are, where they came from, and how to use them and incorporate them into a meal. They can even go so far as to include recipes on their website that use their products if you are looking for some extra culinary guidance.

With their high-quality products and presentation, Mantry comes in a little on the pricey side at $49 for a crate every two months, or $245 for their annual subscription which includes six crates.

Mantry requires a little more work than the average food subscription box, but for those willing to put in the effort to incorporate these high-quality curated items into their meals, you will be hard-pressed to find a box with better value.

 2. Butcher Box - The Box For All Your                     Carnivorous Needs

Butcher Box

Undoubtedly a man crate for the advanced home cook, Butcher Box has earned a spot on this list sheerly by filling a specific primal need and doing it with quality products.

Butcher Box comes with a hefty price tag of $129 per box, but included within is 8-11 pounds of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork (enough meat for 20-28 meals).

Butcher Box is by no means a subscription box for everybody, but it excels in providing quality meats to people who may not otherwise have access to them, and the website provides recipes using the meats they provide for those not sure which way they want to prepare their meaty feast.

3. Stitch Fix - The Box For Men Looking To Bring More Style To Their Wardrobe

Stitch Fix

Shopping for clothes can be an ordeal in itself, but easily finding clothes in your size that suit your style and wardrobe can be downright impossible. Stitch Fix has found the answer to this problem with their monthly clothing delivery service.

What makes Stitch Fix unique is that when you first sign up for their subscription, you are asked to answer a few questions regarding the clothing you like and your specific preferences. And from there, a stylist is assigned to your account who will send you five pieces of clothing every month.

The great thing about Stitch Fix is that of the five things they send you, you only pay for the things you want to keep and return the rest in the mail. This process not only saves you money and ensures your happiness with your delivery, but it also helps your Stitch Fix stylist make better decisions regarding your style and what to send you in the following months.

All Stitch Fix costs is a $20 monthly styling fee, and from there, you pay for the clothes you want to keep and return the rest free of charge. Stitch Fix is a great man crate catered to your exact taste and is guaranteed to level up your wardrobe.

4. Sprezza Box - The Box For Men In Need Of A Little Flair

Sprezza Box

While many fashion boxes offer the opportunity to embark on a total style overhaul, Sprezza Box is a smaller subscription box service for the men out there looking to add a little spice to their wardrobe through accessories such as sunglasses, socks, ties, watches, and more.

For the low price of $28 a month, your Sprezza Box will arrive with 5-6 accessories having over a $100 value. Sprezza Box is a high-quality box that is perfect for the man in need of a little style boost but who isn’t ready to commit to a more thorough fashion subscription box such as Stitch Fix.

For The Prim And Clean:

5. Birchbox Man - The Box For Men Looking To Introduce Grooming Products To Their Daily Life

Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man is the perfect man crate for a man who is looking to take their grooming routine up a notch. Started as a platform to disrupt the online women’s beauty industry, Birchbox expanded their services to include male products in 2012 and has been servicing happy customers since.

Every month, Birchbox will deliver to you five top-of-the-line male grooming sample products for you to try. In any box, you can expect samples ranging from skin care to hair products to shaving accessories and more. The sample sizes are appealing because of the low-commitment factor, allowing you to try what you want without going all in on a new grooming routine.

When signing up for Birchbox, the first thing you do is fill out a Grooming Profile which helps determine the products best suited for you and your body. Then you choose between two payment options: Birchbox Man for $10 a month and Birchbox Man Plus, which includes a hand-catered full-size grooming product in addition to the usual five samples for $20 a month.

Birchbox is the man crate of choice for anyone who is looking to enhance their style through daily grooming, ready to try new things before finding the grooming routine that is right for them.

6. Harry’s - The Simple Box For Men Who Are Simply Hairy


Harry’s is arguably one of the most well-known man crates out there because it is a service that provides for a uniquely manly need.

Harry’s has slowly been taking over the men’s shaving industry with their monthly subscription box because they have been able to provide high-quality shaving razors at a lower price than store brands while also delivering straight to your door.

Depending on your shaving needs, Harry’s offers different shaving sets ranging from $8 - $24 a month. Harry’s is a straightforward delivery service that offers high-quality products for an affordable price and is without a doubt one of the best man crates out there.


For The Hobbyist:

7. Loot Crate - For The Man With A Geeky Side


Loot Crate is the subscription box that your inner geek has been waiting for.

Filled with a wide range of things such as action figures, comic books, t-shirts, and accessories, Loot Crate appeals to both modern and old-school tastes with products from pop culture franchises both new and old. Every crate is tied together by a loose theme and includes a t-shirt and pin in addition to other various items.

Starting at $20 for a one-month subscription, Loot Crate offers increasingly better deals with their three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions. Loot Crate is a great subscription box that is incredibly easy to sign up for and is sure to fill that geeky hole in your heart.

8. Battlbox - For The Man Who Heeds Nature’s Call


If comic books and pop culture aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’re the type who finds enjoyment by spending their free time in the great outdoors. If this is the case, Battlbox may be the man crate for you.

With box prices ranging from $24.99 to $149.99, Battlebox will send you 4-7 items every month. Battlbox contents are tied together by a monthly theme and can include tools for camping, military/tactical tools, and emergency/disaster prep items. This box offers a wide range of products for a wide range of interests that are sure to please.

For The booze Enthusiast:

9. Craft Beer Club - For The Beer Lover Who’s Looking For More

Craft Beer Club

There’s a fine line between being just a beer drinker and being a beer connoisseur. Craft Beer Club is the monthly subscription box that wants to make you more than just a beer drinker.

For $42 a month, Craft Beer Club will send you twelve craft beers (4 styles, 3 of each) from independent microbreweries around the United States.

Craft Beer Club is the perfect monthly subscription box for the man who is interested in trying more beer but doesn’t know where to start. With their monthly selections, Craft Beer Club will have you tasting the difference between IPAs and APAs in no time.

10. Saloon Box - For The Man Who Loves A Good Cocktail

Saloon Box

Unleash your inner bartender with Saloon Box, the monthly subscription box that every cocktail lover will enjoy. Each month, your box will arrive with ingredients and instructions for two craft cocktails, sent directly to you from some of the world’s best bartenders.

Coming in at $37.50 a month, each box comes with enough ingredients for each cocktail to serve you and a friend. Each box’s high-quality contents will ensure satisfaction at the end of your monthly mini bartending experience.

What's Your Pick?

In the ever-growing world of subscription box services, the chances of being unable to find the man crate that’s right for you are growing increasingly slim.

From cooking a meaty at-home meal to preparing for the great outdoors, to having a drink and a shave, subscription boxes can fill these needs for you in neat monthly installments while feeding your interests and hobbies that make you the manly man you are.

Whatever your interests may be, hopefully, this list can point you in the right direction towards monthly enrichment and fulfillment in the form of man crates.

Gone are the dark days where a small, boxy TV in the corner of the basement boiler room constituted as your man cave. These days, it has become a stylish addition to every contemporary home and consists of some major features that are awesome for both entertaining friends and spending some quality alone time.

However, it can be challenging to furnish and tailor your man cave in a way that leans away from the frou-frou and remains as classy and masculine as possible. You might be looking at a few gadget and furniture choices to upgrade your existing digs, but there’s a little bit more to the details then simply picking the comfiest looking couch and craziest looking gadget. So here are 5 awesome ways you can upgrade your man cave.

  1. Hidden Doorways

    First and foremost, you need to ensure the privacy of your sacred space – no wives, no kids, just zero unauthorized personnel. So what’s the best way to do that? It’s by camouflaging the door into a shelf that may constitute as a hidden entrance.These in-built shelves can be a life-saver when you simply want to enjoy some downtime in your personal space without someone nagging or screaming at you. This unique entrance idea ensures an exclusive vibe to your man cave that could be a contemporary imitation of your very own personal gentleman’s club. There’d be no need to stow away your video game controllers if someone rudely comes barging in without knocking – the perfect upgrade!
  2. The Next-Generation Lazy Boys

    Before you go ahead and buy a boring old couch, we’d like to stop you right here. There are definitely tons of classy seating options that you can find all over the internet, but nothing can quite beat the masculine appeal of the Lazy Boy chairs! These are definitely a must-have when you’re upgrading your man cave and we’ve got the perfect selection ready and waiting for you!The Divo from Palliser is the next generation of Lazy Boy and would be the perfect, comfortable and manly addition to your home theater system. Its theatrical arrangement comes with cup holders, fixed end chaises and center recliners. Like all Lazy Boys inspired furnishings, it comes with the ‘kick-back’ option and its modular design ensures that it can be flexibly arranged around your space!
  3. IMAX at Home

    When it comes to upgrading your man cave, you can never compromise on the quality of your entertainment. We’d definitely recommend that you splurge on a stunning, state-of-the-art television so you can enjoy game and movie nights with your best buds to the fullest.The Samsung Curved 78-Inch 4K Smart LED TV is an awesome choice. Resembling an IMAX screen with its curved physique, this TV is powered by the Quantum Dot Color Drive, which basically takes HD to a whole new level because it fires off a billion more colors than a typical TV. This will let you experience the full vibrancy of whatever you’re watching and this is only just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more fantastic specs that you’ll simply have to see for yourself!
  4. R2-D2 Refridgerator

    While you’re investing on upgrades, here’s something you should definitely take a look at! The R2-D2 14 liter refrigerator is straight out of every Star Wars fan’s fantasy, but best of all? It keeps food and drinks both cool and warm!So if you want to keep your lasagna hot till the game starts, put the container in there! Or if you want to keep your beers ice-cool, this is the perfect gadget for you! Aside from the retractable handle on the top for portable carrying, this fridge comes with a number of other cool features that’ll definitely take your man cave to a whole new level!
  5. A New-Age Foosball Table
    Tired of all the space-age paraphernalia? Want to go back to the roots to spruce up your man cave? You can simply opt for a foosball table and set it up smack in front of your theater seats. Whenever you or your buddies get bored, you can simply lean forward to play an epic match on the table.

    ThegreenheadIf you’re short on space and don’t know whether you’ll be able to fit one in, you can simply go for the coffee table version of this accessory! You can even litter comfy bean bags and floor cushions around it for maximum comfort!

    These 5 ideas are sure to make your man cave the best one on the block – from fun games to food and even furniture, you’ll have covered all bases for the best effect!



Katie Porter is an aspiring writer, movie lover, and part of the team at Seatup. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home state Colorado and plays in women’s amateur rugby league.


Once every four years, the world is blessed with the biggest sporting event on the planet. Wars stop, political differences are set aside, and people stand to support their respective nations. Football can change individual lives and bring entire countries together both on and off the field with moments that will last forever. You will always remember where you were when your team scored the game-saving goal. The feelings of elation and joy shared by the players to their fans can also transcend off the field and outside of the stadium, sometimes in the form of sex. Below are some birth rate patterns that, coincidentally, occur about the World Cup.

Vuvuzelas and Baby Boys

South Africa became the first African country in history to host the World Cup in 2010. For the nation, this was a prestigious honor and a momentous milestone, and they did not disappoint in their hosting duties. Some may call South African native Siphiwe Tshabalala’s goal against Mexico the highlight of the tournament that year. He performed one v. one breakaway that he scorched the upper 90 with. As hosts, the country did an excellent job with the tournament. No one in attendance or who watched at home will ever forget the noise of the vuvuzelas, which they made infamous. Buzzing around the stadium like a swarm of hornets, the sound has become associated with South Africa. With all the excitement surrounding the tournament and that comes with being the host nation, an interesting figure occured nine months after the tournament. 1,088 boys were born in South Africa at that time, majorly disrupting the trend of male to female births. Researchers pointed at the World Cup as being the reason behind the change.

The Viking-Thunder Clap

Iceland is the newest country to take the football world by storm. They are entering into their first World Cup ever next week, and many eyes will be on this nation which has the smallest population of any that qualified for this year’s tournament. Iceland’s team is famous for its long last names and unique celebration, known as the Viking-Thunder Clap. Whereas they do not have an increase in birth rates from a World Cup (yet), their famous victory over England on June 27 in the 2016 Euro created a baby boom. Nine months after that win, doctors reported having given the most epidurals at the hospital for a weekend. With Croatia, Nigeria, and World Cup favorite Argentina, standing in their way at the tournament, it will be exciting to see what moments they have on the field to create a new baby boom.

Going Head To Head

In the end, all of these nations will be competing on the field. However, we want to take a moment to discuss the competition off the field. Much like the odds of winning the Cup are different among each team given their abilities, average penis size varies different from country to country. Colombia will be hoisting the trophy this year, and Japan will be packing up early and heading home. The average size of all nations combined would come to be 5.79 inches. The United States, who failed to qualify this year and broke the hearts of many fans, fell below average, much like in the actual tournament, at 5 inches. As you gear up to watch the World Cup this year, if you want to be able to perform off the field and gain more confidence, check out Hims for information on all your personal men’s health needs.