AVI-8 Men’s Watches Sale – 60% Off

The Dude —  February 12, 2015

Finding a Mens watch you like can be an extremely difficult task and there’s for sure no shortage of ‘watch experts’ trying to point you in one direction or the other. Here’s a fact. These stunning Men’s watches made by avi-8 are simply gorgeous and right now you can own one for as little as $139, regular price, $470.

“Aviators,” “Pilots,” “Flyboys” — these champions of the wild blue ‘yonder go by many names, but one thing is for certain — their heroism and bravado has been immortalized throughout history. AVI-8 has created a line of watches whose designs were inspired by legendary military aircraft and the men who flew them. Shop Now

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Each stainless steel watch case is equipped with modern componentry like light-powered movements, scratch-resistant mineral glass and hardworking Japanese movements for a precision, durability and reliability rivaling the WWII Bombers and sleek Harrier aircraft after which they were modeled. The dial color schemes are also derived from the paint used on military aircraft, ensuring high legibility even in the low-light situations you might encounter in a cockpit high above the Pacific.

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Head on over to the AVI-8 Men’s watch sale and get one before they are all out – Shop Now.

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