How To Throw The Best Bachelor Party Ever: Creative Tips For You

Kathlyn Angeles —  December 11, 2018
Bachelor party

If you’re the best man, best friend, or father of the groom to be, you know what you have to do. Getting a bachelor party together is your duty to mankind.

However, there are certain things that make a bachelor party successful as well as some things to avoid.To help you throw the best bachelor party ever, we assembled a list of some absolute musts. There are different types of guys and that means there are different types of bachelor parties appropriate for them.

You want to avoid putting the groom in compromising situations at all cost. Remember that the man is getting married – we don’t want to hook him up with a sex partner no matter what you do. Some people make this mistake, so beware. This would be disrespectful to the bride-to-be and it could potentially ruin his life.

That being said, there are certain limits you will want to impose on the entertainment. Although you also want to celebrate all that it is to be a guy and everything that it has to offer, this should be done in a restrained kind of way.

In order to throw the best bachelor party possible. let’s take a look at what other really successful parties have in common to get together some ideas on what you can do.

What A Bachelor Party Really Is

Bachelor party

Most bachelor parties these days consist of celebrations surrounded by several different forms of entertainment. These vary from party to party.

In the history of time, bachelor parties are relatively new. They evolved from what was known as a gentleman’s dinner or bachelor’s dinner. These were celebrated from early ancient times by the Spartans all the way up to the forties fifties of the last century.

These parties were meant to celebrate manhood and served as a rite of passage between the world of the single man and that of a man entering marriage. They were held mostly by the groom’s father who assembled the groom’s friends for a night of feasting and toasting.

These celebratory dinners now have been replaced by the modern bachelor party, largely. If you want to throw a really successful bachelor party, you will want to perhaps combine some of the following activities.

1. Dinner

You will want to have a group of the groom’s friends (all male) assembled in one area and dine together. You may want to toast each other and spend the night to your hearts’ content, eating anything you

boys talking in a Bachelor party

Typically, you may want to serve the groom his favorite food. And although you may be sharing a tab, it would be a good gesture if all the guys got together and paid for the groom’s food as well as everything else in the bachelor party for him.

2. Drinks

In most situations, there will be a certain amount of alcohol being served at your typical bachelor party. You should want to make sure no one will drink and drive as well because responsible parties always
look out for their guests. Stealing people’s keys when drunk is what makes a good friend sometimes.

men drinking beer

If the groom does not drink, please do not pressure him to drink at this party, especially if they are in recovery from alcoholism or something. A lot of people are into this recovery, these days, so we thought we would add this.

And some in cases where certain people don’t drink alcohol, you may want to bring non-alcoholic beverages, or perhaps go out for coffee at a fancy café.

3. Entertainment

Now typically for many bachelor parties, this involves getting strippers. This is a time honored classic way to go about having a bachelor party for many folks. As long as the fiancé of the groom does not have any major objections to strippers being present at a bachelor party, it’s up to you. If you want to and it’s legal in your area, then this is acceptable to many people.

people partying

There are other different forms of entertainment. Besides strippers, some grooms-to-be may want to have guests go to movies, concerts, or other events they would enjoy. A day in an amusement park or a
sporting event are all acceptable forms of entertainment they may want to engage in as well.

Throwing The Best Bachelor Party Made Easy

There are all kinds of different things you could do in addition to these ideas, or you could create a completely different type of bachelor party using your own imagination and creativity.

You could rent out a pool hall or video game room, or many other different forms of entertainment to go along with the food and drinks. If you party safely and wisely, we will all wake up the next day happy and healthy. The groom will have it all out of his system and be ready to walk down the aisle with a smile.

Kathlyn Angeles