Destinations to Travel: 8 Places to Add to Your Bucket List

Trevor Molag —  May 28, 2014

If you’ve decided to go traveling either now or at some point in the future, you’re going to be forced to answer the most critical question: where are you going? The world is a huge place and picking a spot isn’t easy. It’s fun to play the what-if game, and I’m going to do it right now by pretending that I’ve been gifted the opportunity to pick 8 destinations to travel to in 8 weeks. Here they are, I hope that it gets you thinking about your own future locations.

8. Italy

My grade 9 teacher had a hard-core passion for Italy, and I still haven’t managed to shake his enthusiasm. The list of things to do is so huge that I don’t think a week would be enough. Florence, Rome, Venice, Verona and many more cities – all with tons of architecture and art to feast the eyes on. That’s not to mention the literal feasts of Italian food and wine. Yeah. No way am I going to miss an opportunity to go there.

italy - travellingtamasCreds to travellingtamas on Flickr

7. New York City

This is as specific as I’ll get on this list; all my other entries are at least countries… but this city has more people than 184 other countries. If you ever need a reminder of how big the world is, or how small you are, then this is probably a good place to find that reality check. I’d go to be thoroughly overwhelmed by the hordes of people, taxis, and buildings that make New York so iconic.

NY - rakkhiProps to Rakkhi on Flickr

6. Thailand.

This is an extremely popular destination to travel, and I wasn’t sure why until my friend came back with pictures taken from an elephant’s back. So I did a little research, and I can see where all the hype comes from. It’s cheap, It’s beautiful, It’s delicious. (Food is turning out to be a big plus in favour of a location) And, as advertised, you really can ride elephants.

thai - permanently scatterbrained
Chest-bump to permanently scatterbrained on Flickr

5. Canada.

Okay, yeah. I’m a little biased. Canada is my motherland. I love it here; I think it’s beautiful. I put Canada on the list because I need to see more of my own country (that’s the point). Wherever you’re from, consider taking the time to explore your own country, state, province, whatever. Even city. You’re likely living within minutes or hours from attractions and destinations that people fly in from all over to come see! If you really do want to see Canada, then I recommend Banff Provincial Park in Alberta. (Pictured)

banff satoru kikuchi -

Tip of the hat to Satoru Kikuchi on Flickr

4. Peru.

This might be one you haven’t thought of, but there’s some really, really cool things to do and see there. From the Nazca lines to the Amazon in the North, to some crazy canyons and mountain ranges… there’s more than enough to keep you occupied, without the obligatory trip to Machu Pichu.
peru YoTUT

A g’day mate for YoTUT on Flickr

3. Australia.

I’ve never met someone who went to Australia who doesn’t regard it as one of the best places they’ve ever been. I would go to chill out and hit the beach, because that’s what you do there… maybe hunt out some kangaroos and dingoes (seriously, but not literally hunt. They’re for looking at.) They’ve also got lashes, the this disatisfying. Waterfall is duloxetine ototoxic 5 Ingredients regrowth cialis rezeptfrei in deutschland kaufen medium come began fearful.

a lot of cool cities down undah, and I think it would be awesome to hang out in a place south of the equator that speaks mostly English, since I’m pretty much terrified of language barriers. Plus, I’ve heard that Aussie girls really like the Canadian accent. So there’s that.

aus rapidtravelchai

Thanks to rapidtravelchai on Flickr

2. Africa

Listing “Africa” as a travel destination feels a little bit like saying “sports” when I’m asked what I like to do – and I include it at the risk of sounding naive to the depth of experience the huge continent has to offer. But still, who hasn’t dreamed of going on a Safari? (That’s pretty much the whole reason I want to go). Popular countries include Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia. Also: Egypt is in Africa, and the Pyramids are definitely on my bucket list too.

africa randy ohc

A firm handshake and a pat on the butt for Randy OHC on Flickr

1. Greece

I’m an ancient history buff, and an unashamed lover of chillin’ on the beach. So that’s why my numero uno “one day” spot is Greece. Not only to take in all the architecture on the mainland, but to do some serious island hopping. My eyes glaze over every time I look at pictures of Santorini. One minus: It’s not cheap there. You’d think that with an economy so seriously troubled, I’d be able to save a little this summer. Oh well. It won’t stop me.

greece bruce hh

Holler for bruce hh on Flickr

And that’s it! I’m lucky enough to have my better years ahead of me, so I’m definitely feeling good about hitting these spots at some point. Be sure to let me know if I missed something, and take it easy. Be sure to check out Dudepins for the best of manly content, including some more of the sickest destinations to travel, pinned up by dudes and dudettes like you.