Best shorts for men

Kamil Szybalski —  May 5, 2014

Summer is fast approaching, so you know that it’s about time to get your hands on some shorts. Shorts for men seem to be a tricky spot when it comes to our fashion sense. What’s the right length? What looks stupid? What looks good? Everyone has an opinion, and Dudepins is pumped to weigh in as the site for men and manly interests, which allows us an inside look at trending mens fashion. These are our suggestions, so take a look and enjoy the tips and product suggestions. And remember, none of this is law; just our friendly tips based on our community observations.


You’ll hear the people with a dislike for pockets are a lot louder than those who do. I’ve heard some pretty brutal things said about the traditional cargo short. (I still bought three pairs at the beginning of summer). I figure the haters are going to hate, and there’s no point in trying to please them; cargo shorts are not an automatic geek machine as some would have you believe. With that said, however, do take it easy on the pockets. There’s no style in having bulging sacks hanging off the side of your legs.

Reccomendation: CK Intensity $39 (Buy It)



I might be on the wrong side of the fence here, but be wary of the trend. I don’t get the dudes out there struttin’ their stuff in the light pinks and light greens lately, especially when they’re of the too-short

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variety (see number one). These shorts don’t look as “hip” or whatever it is they’re going for as they like to imagine. Quickly, let’s ask the ladies: Style Girlfriend has not promoted the pastels lately, so that’s another tick in the box! (Confirmation bias noted). Don’t be afraid to venture beyond the khaki, but keep it classic and manly by staying away from the pretty colours. If you find yourself asking yourself if they’re acceptable, they’re probably not going to earn you too much cred among your fellow dudes.

Suggested: Levi’s 08 $30 (Buy It)


We’d consider this the very maximum in colourful…ness.

Jean Shorts?

Another question around the interwebs – it depends, and I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Make the switch from “jean” and go to “denim”. Jean makes us think of the horrid, way over the knees stonewash carpenter cutoffs. Denim is cool. Dark or fashionably coloured can work, and I’d advise you avoid bagginess at all costs, because these can be tough to pull off. Make sure your outfit as a whole is well constructed, because no matter what, jean shorts are unfortunately associated with the guy you don’t necessarily wanna be. Letting people know that overall, you’re concerned with how you look can make the difference in a first impression.

Suggestion: Lee 5 Pocket $20 (Buy It)



It’s often wondered, but the consensus is certainly out. Don’t let them cover any more than your kneecap, and don’t let them creep any higher than an inch or two above the kneecap. Easy. I’m not obsessed with fashion, but it still makes me cringe whenever I see a guy rocking them super high or low. If you find your shorts are too long or short, at least try wearing them at a different position on your waist before clicking through and laying down some cash (worked for me). Still gonna get some fresh ones? Figure out your ideal inseam first; the length from your crotch to the bottom of the short. It’ll make things easier.

Suggestion: (just about anything, but these look nice) Fox Essex $35 (Buy It)


Again, feel free to disagree. One of the dopest things about clothes is that they allow for comfort and expression; If you look in the mirror and are pleased with it then you’re good. We’re all about keeping it effortless and keeping it real… so just do it. Visit us at to keep your eyes on what’s good for men, determined only by you.

Kamil Szybalski