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Looking for ways to boost your metabolism easy and in a natural way? Did you happen to hear from your trainer that coffee and tea should be the only drinks allowed besides water, if you’re looking to get ripped? Wondering how much truth there is to all that?

Here is what you need to know about this hypothesis of coffee and tea as metabolism boosters, if it’s a myth or a fact, and how you can use them to your advantage.

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How to Boost Your Metabolism with Coffee and Tea

We don’t like to over-generalize, but two basic truths are probably valid for (almost) all us dudes in the younger generation. We all lead pretty busy lifestyles and don’t really have the time to apply all those my-body-is-my-temple health and fitness principles, and at the same time we would all like to have a fitter body. Today’s dietary and lifestyle conditions don’t really make it easy for the average dude to be able to keep and enhance his physical shape easily, and that’s why we need all the help we can get.

You’re already aware that it’s important to keep your diet as clean as possible, and that working out moderately but constantly is the truest path to a fitter shape. But alas, these things don’t often bring the rewards we want, no matter how religiously the principles are applied. We then blame it on our metabolism and start taking all sorts of supplements, and maybe making matters worse in the process. But what if we told you that coffee and tea can really be the simple and natural answer to boost your metabolism a bit?

Here is all you need to know about how.

man drinking coffee in a cafe

What Conditions Must Be Fulfilled for Coffee and Tea to Act as Metabolism Boosters

First of all, you must probably wonder if these two natural substances really work as metabolism boosters, scientifically speaking. The results of studies on this topic show that undoubtedly, even compared to Placebo, the effect of polyphenols and antioxidants present in both coffee and green tea can indeed boost your metabolism significantly. This means that by ingesting these substances regularly throughout the day (less coffee and more green tea, preferably), you can actually make sure the workouts you perform are indeed effective.

young man drinking gree tea in the kitchen

But here’s the trick: if together with the coffees and tea you drink you also bring a lot of extra calories or unhealthy additives, you’ll boost your metabolism almost for nothing and the positive effect will be nullified by the rest. To make sure your drinks boost your metabolism and end up making your fitness and dieting routine more effective with less effort involved on your behalf, it’s easier if you just follow these simple rules:

  • You can add a splash of milk to your coffee, but no sugar;
  • If you absolutely must sweeten your coffee and tea, just use 1 teaspoon of agave or stevia syrup instead of sugar (per cup);
  • You shouldn’t drink more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day (one of them should preferably be drank right before the workout);
  • You should then drink about 4 additional cups of green tea per day (you can also switch some for white tea, but not black tea, because added to the coffee intake it may cause you to become a bit jittery);
  • Also drink about 3-4 cups of plain water a day and your hydration needs will be perfectly met, not to mention that you will also manage to help boost your metabolism by way of the coffee and tea you drink;
  • As for fruit juices, cross them off your list, no matter how freshly squeezed and additive free they may be. Whatever benefits they might bring, they’re simply not worth the extra sugar they pack.

If you follow these simple rules in addition to a reasonable diet and workout routine (something that doesn’t make you necessarily a ‘pro’, but it’s just right for a busy young professional man that wants to lead a normal life outside the gym), you will notice that the coffee and green tea you drink will definitely make these small lifestyle changed more effective. You can boost your metabolism and the efficiency of your moderate efforts only through making some tweaks to your drinks.

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Just when we thought this week couldn’t start any better, we got in touch with our friends at Essense Coffee and we have some great news to share! We are delighted to announce that Essense Coffee is starting their coffee testing program (which they are calling “Be a Taster”) for fans and aficionados, making it possible for select individuals (like you) to take part in a most exquisite coffee tasting experience and have the opportunity to give your feedback.
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We recently stumbled upon some truly incredible car photos that we just couldn’t pass up sharing with everyone. We’ve gone ahead and added a whole bunch to Dudepins but wanted to dedicate a complete blog post to the automotive art done by Richard Thompson. Continue Reading…

5 Great Ways to Use Dudepins

The Dude —  March 11, 2015

Any Dudepins member will know that it’s the best place to discover anything manly.  Here are 5 awesome ways to use Dudepins, the only website for Men that really matters. Continue Reading…

The Dudepins iOS App update is live! Version 1.3.1 includes several changes requested by all of our amazing users. Continue Reading…

Let’s celebrate this hump day with some amazing pictures of our favourite things, i.e. Bikes, Cars & Women… we also decided to throw in some other cool photos in this roundup as well. Continue Reading…

BMW just released an EPIC video of the new BMW M4 doing some pretty insane laps on an aircraft carrier… that’s right, an aircraft carrier. Continue Reading…

We heard your calls and we are here to please.. earlier today we launched the Dudette category, what this is is essentially a category filled with photos of beautiful women. Prior to today, we, the website for men and manly interests, unfortunately had to remove most pictures of women, as we could not filter them to keep the website SFW (Safe for Work). That problem is solved. Continue Reading…

The Dudepins team recently pitched, the site for men and manly interests, to the Dragons on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den. If you haven’t head of Dragons’ Den, then chances are you may have heard of Shark Tank, which is vastly popular in the United States.

Here is a quick snap shot of our Dragons’ Den pitching cast.

Thanks everyone!



About Dudepins:

Dudepins is The Site to Discover & Share everything that’s Manly. It’s where you find the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Guys.

Dudepins is an easy to use and visually stunning way, to discover, save, and share all the most interesting things on the internet. Dudepins features collections of pictures, videos and articles that are organized into various personal montages and interest categories.

With Dudepins, you can easily save and organize your interests into various montages, such as fancy rides, latest styles, good eats, dream destinations, newest hardware and so much more. But that’s not all, you can also discover and explore the interests of your friends, favourite brands, online communities and other trending topics.

Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits, scotches that are older than dirt and everything associated with being a Man.

Man up. Sign up. Pin up.

Where to start…. Well, it’s been just over 4 months since Dudepins launched and what a 4 months at that. Dudepins initially started as a mere idea, a result of scotch, cigar and just great conversation between two good friends, who knew that we would get to where we are so quickly.. In a short 4 month, we have received incredible coverage from, what seems like, a countless number of both admirers and critics, including of course CNN which lead us to upping our servers and really getting serious about Dudepins and of course, the amazing community.

So what’s with the update Dudes?…. well:


A) We’re mobile… are you? If the saying, “Save the best for last” has any merit, we’re sure not applying it here! We are absolutely head over heals excited to announce that we will be launching both an iPhone and Android app very, very soon. Our app dudes have been working away to make this happened and it’s coming together really quite nice, you’ll see a blurred and very secretive preview, of just one, below. As a warning, we want to refine these apps around what you want, how you want to use them and what features you want added/removed, so please e-mail us, tweet us, facebook us and don’t stop with the feedback once the apps are live, it’s absolutely appreciated.


B) Booom! Enter New Dudepins. We put some serious time into redesigning our brand to be more aligned with our overall company goals and community values, we are proud to present:



C) Oh my… I had to look twice! The site that you currently see is soon to be gone, we’re not only fixing existing bugs and issues, we’re going to be completely re-launching Dudepins very soon. Yup, new website, new look, new feel, new functionalities, and tons and tons of new features which are all the birth child of what you, the Dudepins community, want to see in a social sharing service for Men.

So, now that we’re seriously serious about what Dudepins is about to become and evolve into, we want you to know that for the next…. well, ever…we are working hard to build a service that goes beyond the current, we are building a site that incorporates deeper features and is designed with a very grandiose purpose. Simply put, Dudepins is going to go beyond being the coolest place for dudestuff.. what that means? You’ll have to wait and see. Here’s a peak:



D) Invites…. what invites? Let’s face it, waiting sucks…. so, the days of waiting for your invites to be approved are completely over.. To be honest, the only reason we didn’t start with a direct signup is because we needed to sort of the techy stuff (no good if our site has crashed all the time..) and figure out exactly what our servers could, and could not, do. Point is, we’ve partnered with the incredible folks at Softlayer and as a result, traffic loads are not going to be a problem for the next while; onwards. Simply put, Man up. Sign up. Pin up.



E), F), G)…. We can’t give away everything!


So there you have it, Dudepins is making some very big moves and we’re excited to be giving the community everything you have been asking for. We plan to keep you in the loop every step of the way, so stay tuned and check back often because things are only going to get more exciting. As we’ve said before, it’s our mission to continue making Dudepins the community for the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Dudes, Gentleman & all Men of honor.

Want to get in touch?

Twitter – @Dudepins

Facebook – Join us on Facebook

We Dudes are hard at work and that incredible image is all the clues we’re giving away at this point…. It’s simple, a new Dudepins is coming, get excited, tell your friends and get ready for something unthinkable.


We at Dudepins are continuing our commitment to dude stuff by adding a forum. Before we just let you share your favourite picture and videos (which is awesome!) but now you have a place to talk about them. Have questions about where a picture came from, what gun is best suitable for what, or if a video is real or not? battle it out on the forum; You can talk Cars, Sports, Politics.. whatever.
Our Forum Topics are:

  1. General Discussion
  2. Man up. Introduce Yourself.
  3. News & Politics
  4. Sports
  5. Cars, Bikes, Boats & Planes
  6. Style
  7. Entertainment
  8. Dude Gear & Hobbies

Also, if you find bugs on the website or just want to provide some general feedback this is the best place to do it.

Here’s to making Dudepins just that much better,

The Dudes

Oooo baby its beta time! Its official Dudepins is now live. To join the party request an invite on our

want awesome dude stuff but we also want to have awesome dude stuff you can look at anywhere. The rule of thumb we are working with is if you wouldn’t be comfortable showing it to your boss, husband or wife don’t put it up because we are just going to take it down and call you lame. If you are found to be lame we will publicly broadcast over twitter, facebook and google+ your crime and make fun of you.

Just as a heads up, we are in beta which means we are still cleaning up the site and figuring things out. You might encounter some minor bugs or experience some site changes as we make Dudepins better. If you come across anything that is broken or have ideas on how to make Dudepins better then help a dude out and let us know.

Man up. Sign up. Pin up.