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Share this at your next holiday get together and we guarantee that the conversation won’t go stale. Here are the top 10 funny facts about Christmas around the world:

1. The world’s largest Christmas present was…

…Our very own Statue of Liberty! Yes, that’s right: the 305 feet 1 inch, 22-story building colossus was a gift to the U.S by the people of France, in 1886. Talk about the Christmas shopping craze!

2. Santa’s sleigh speed

It would be somewhere around the metaphorical speed of lightning, since the average number of homes that Santa visits every second (on Christmas Eve night) is 832. That’s every second!

3. Skating to the church, in time for Christmas Mass

In the city of Caracas, Venezuela, it’s customary for everyone to skate to mass every morning from the 16th of December to the 24th. The streets are closed off to cars each morning so everyone can skate to church.

4. Spider webs as tree decorations

ukrainian spider web in christmas tree

In Ukraine, it’s very common to use Christmas tree decorations shaped as spider webs. You may think it’s a weird cross of Halloween traditions into the Christmas around the world, but it actually stems from a folk tale about a poor family. In the tale, they woke up to find that their tree was decorated overnight by spiders.

5. Fried chicken for the Christmas feast

In Japan, it has become customary to feats on fried chicken (mostly from KFC) on Christmas, even though a very small part of the population is Christian. Lo and behold, the power of fast food advertising. This has to be one of the weirdest contemporary traditions associated with Christmas around the world.

6. In Italy, Santa is replaced by a witch

On Christmas Eve, Italian children wait for a witch to deliver their gifts overnight, instead of Santa. Her name is La Befana.

To learn more about the legend of La Begana read this book “La Befana: An Italian Night After Christmas”

7. Carving in radishes

In Mexico (Oaxaca), people decorate the plaza with carved flowers, ornaments and even nativity scene characters, all made from pink radishes.

8. Hide your brooms if you visit Sweden

In Sweden, it’s customary for women to hide their brooms somewhere during the Christmas night. It’s believed that if they are in plain sight, witches may come and steal them, to use them for flying and producing chaos. This is another instance where Christmas around the world seems to resemble Halloween.

9. The Christmas pickle

In Spain, Germany, and isolated in some other European countries as well, there’s a funny tradition of including a pickle somewhere among the other Christmas tree decorations. Whoever finds it first receives an extra gift!

If you too would like to be apart of this tradition check out the Christmas Pickle here:

10. The Pooper figure

el caganer figure

In Spain (the Catalonia region, to be more precise), a rather odd character is added to the figurines of nativity scenes. He is called La Cagane, which means the pooper. Originally he was depicted as one of the shepherds, but lately people have been getting more and more creative with this character.

Bonus: Xmas

Did you know that? It seems that Xmas isn’t just a funny abbreviation, but instead it comes from Greek, where X is the symbol for ‘Christ’.

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We all like to miss a night of sleep every now and then. Ok, maybe not completely skipping sleep, but catching just two hours of zzzzs doesn’t really count as getting proper rest. We’re still young and sometimes the fun with our group of friends seems to just be beginning when our body calls for sleep, so who could blame us for sticking around? Well, we obviously share the feeling, but let’s take a look at what science says happens whenever we don’t sleep enough. Some of these effects are just entertaining to read, and some may actually cause you to think twice about the second sleepless night in a week.

sleepy guy

1. It makes you stupid

Yup, that’s right: lack of sleep actually makes you measurably dumber, in a proven way. Your short term memory (which is usually consolidated during sleep) will get hurt and function at a slower and ‘foggier’ pace, and so will attention, concentration, problem solving skills, critical thinking etc.

2. Lowered libido

If that’s not enough reason for concern, we don’t know what is. What’s worse is that the effect seems to stack up: if you tend to lose a lot of sleep regularly, you may actually become a bit sexually dysfunctional.

3. It causes heart problems

The risk of various heart problems (including serious and sudden ones such a stroke) is greatly increased after each night of getting too little sleep.

4. It causes accidents

Chances are, whenever you hear about freaky accidents or chain accidents or anything else you may find remarkable in your newsfeed, it may have all started with some dude who didn’t get enough sleep. Lack of proper movement coordination and so on, you know.

5. It makes you confused

Let’s just say that if fairytale dwarf names were still acceptable, you would definitely be called ‘Forgetful’ by all your buddies after one sleepless night. You may not realize just how annoying all your striving for words can be when you’re that tired, but trust us, all your friends do notice.

6. It makes you depressed (and possibly a drama queen too)

Being sleep deprived modifies your brain chemistry in just the most awful ways. Depression and unstoppable complaining are just the most obvious effects.

7. It makes you look bad

Your usual handsome self will be replaced by a baggy-eyed, tired fellow, but that’s not all: science proves that actually, your skin is more prone to aging and generally looks bad as well, after a sleepless night.

8. It impairs your judgement

Losing sleep is proven to lead to a chain of bad decisions, both from the point of view of your health, and in general. Constant lack of sleep will just set you on a downward spiral of self-destruction (ok, a bit of an over-emphasis there, but you get the point.

9. It makes you fat

Your body will attempt to gain back your energy and compensate for the lack of sleep by over-eating, and your appetite may be seriously unbalanced even after you recover the missed sleep.

10. It can cause you to die (no, seriously)

Yes, perhaps this is the most not-funny effect from the list: a recent study has proven that cutting your number of sleeping hours from seven to five (or fewer) can double up your risk of dying from all possible causes. Holy cow!

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They say that dudes are more likely to be dog people, and girls are more likely to be cat persons. While it’s not necessarily the case (and there’s nothing less manly about liking cats, as this awesome photo collection can prove), we do understand the appeal of dogs. They’re totally not pretentious, they can be a trusted companion (and lifeguard) in even the most soliciting of outdoor adventures you may go, and the label of ‘man’s best friend’ is completely well-deserved. But here are some extra fun facts about dogs which you may have not known about.

man with beard and dog

1. They chase their tail for different reasons

Yup, there can be various reasons for your dog’s entertaining behavior. A dog may chase its tail because of boredom, for exercise, to get rid of anxiety, or because of predatory instincts, or simply because there are some fleas bothering the dog. If you notice an excessive tail chasing behavior, check for fleas.

2. Three little lap dogs from first class actually survived the Titanic

Those little cuties may not seem tough, but sometimes it pays more to look cute, it seems. Three little lap dogs were taken by their rich caretakers in the life boats that made it out of there.

3. Dalmatians are born spotless

That’s right: the puppies are immaculately white, and only start acquiring their spots as they age. That should probably confuse Cruella enough!

4. Dogs do have the same kind of dreams as you (while sleeping)

As well as humans, dogs have the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep, in which dreams occur. Whenever you see your dog twitching (and maybe even barking in a muffled way) through its sleep, you can be sure that it is actually dreaming something.

5. Only their paws sweat

While other mammals (and humans) sweat throughout their entire body, dogs only sweat through their paws. They manage to regulate their body temperature through panting, though.

6. Dogs have night vision

They can actually see in the dark perfectly, thanks to a special membrane in their eyes, called tapetum lucidum.

7. Not just their smell, but their taste is stronger than ours too!

This is something probably everyone knows, but a dog’s sense of smell is much more acute and stronger than ours is (10,000-100,000 times more so). What you didn’t probably know is that their sense of taste is also more intense: they have 1,700 taste buds, while humans only have 9,000 and cats only 473. This is particularly funny because dogs usually eat so fast that they don’t seem to want to take the time and enjoy the taste too much.

8. They do see colors

You may have heard that dogs only see in black and white, but it’s just a myth. They do see colors, just not all of them. The color tones they do see are blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various greys. No red, though: it’s precisely the type of color-reception cell missing from dogs’ eyes, and if they would have it, it would definitely be easy to obtain all the colors, then.

9. The Newfoudland breed is perfectly adapted to water

Some people call this breed the duck-dog, because their fur is water resistant and their paws are also webbed (just as duck feet are), to help with swimming. The breed was especially created to rescue drowning people and to help fishermen haul their nets.

10. They have 3 eyelids

Yeah, you probably weren’t something so reptilian-like from your lovely companion, but nevertheless, it’s the truth. The adorable creatures have evolved to have all these eyelid layers so that they can maintain the moisture levels in their eyes easily.

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10 Surprising Facts about Mario

The Dude —  September 21, 2015

Hey there dudes (and dudettes), remember the Mario of video games we all knew and loved as children growing up? Mario games are still a hit with geeks and video game aficionados all over the country and the world, and there are plenty of gaming platforms who are reviving or enhancing the original games for their users.


If you’ve been a Mario fan since you were young or discovered him later on, here’s a list of surprising facts you may have not known about this popular character.  Enjoy a blast from the past!

1. Mario kills innocent victims

According to the manual of the original game, the innocent mushroom people who got their kingdom invaded by the evil black magic wielding turtles were turned into pieces of wall or flowers. In other words, each time Mario breaks a piece of wall for extra points, he murders one of the innocent mushroom people! Oh no!

2. There are two porn movies about Mario

Yes, totally NSFW content based on Mario fandom has been created. Both movies star Ron Jeremy as Mario. Nintendo purchased all rights to the movies in order to prevent their distribution, as it may hurt the image of their popular games.

3. Birdo is the first cross-dressing video game character ever created

The pink dinosaur with the cute bow and purple eye shadow is actually a man (and has always been voiced by a man too). The Mario game has been open-minded since way before it was cool.

4. Mario is bald and wears a toupee

In the original drawings, Mario has always appeared to have a shiny baldness on the top of his head, and game theorists think his current looks are actually aided with a toupee.

5. Fans report hidden messages in Mario games

There’s no way of knowing if these messages are indeed intentionally put there, but fans have reported that some game covers have only some of the letters highlighted by a sparkle, and that if you put these letters together, messages like ‘Ur Mr. Gay’ may come up.

6. Mario was known under different names

The creator of the character initially named him ‘Mr. Video’ and said that he intended to use him in all future video games he created. Afterwards, he was named Jumpman, and eventually Mario after Mario Segale (an American businessman).

7. The DonkeyKong Mario game was initially intended to be a Popeye game

Because the name’s creators couldn’t actually get the rights to the Popeye characters they wanted to use, they decided to use Mario and Pauline instead.

8. Nintendo has to issue an 80 million dollar settlement to gamers who injured their hands

Playing a Mario game which came out in 1996 reportedly gave people blisters in their palm or on their thumb, because the game required them to rotate the analogue joystick on their game controller vigorously. No suits were filed, but Nintendo offered up this money in order to prevent them.

9. Mario’s full name is Mario Mario

Since Mario and his brother Luigi are known as the Mario brothers, it could be inferred that their last name is Mario. The game creators, however, deny this.

10. Mario may be high on mushrooms during his game adventures

His ability to grow and shrink due to mushroom consumption is inspired from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, and by the looks of his experience (magical flying creatures, intense colors and so on), he may be quite high. This was confirmed by the character’s creator himself in a 2005 interview, when he stated that the game is indeed inspired from Alice in Wonderland and that the famous book is believed by scholars to definitely be an allegory for drug use.

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It’s Thursday yet again! Let’s celebrate it almost being Friday with some amazing pictures of our favorite things, i.e. Bikes, Cars & Women…  So, sit back, relax and browse through our special curated Thursday post. Once you’re done, head on over to Dudepins to continue spending time in the best way possible. Continue Reading…

The week is up…  Time to prep for the weekend. Here are 5 things we found on Dudepins that you definitely want to check out. Seriously: Continue Reading…

The week is up…  Time to prep for the weekend. Here are 5 things we found on Dudepins that you definitely want to check out. Seriously: Continue Reading…

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