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searching for Local jobs

There are lots of different ways to find local jobs in your area that are very effective and get results, often quite quickly.

In order to find local jobs near you, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. There are more jobs out there than you may think there are –especially if you live in urban or suburban areas.

There is a hidden job market in locations with larger population. However, this job market is not easily accessible without knowing a few facts about how to tap into it.

In order to help you find local jobs near you in your field either in hidden job markets, or through traditional means, we have assembled a short guide to help you find your way. So, let’s take a look into what those ways are here.

The Top 5 Ways To Find Local Jobs In Your Field Locally

1. Online

There are many different job boards located online, some of them you may have heard of, others you may not have.

Finding local jobs through online

Since looking for work online is one of the more preferred ways to look for employment for both employees and employers today, we will start here. Below is a list of the top online job resources available for employment seekers currently.

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Craigslist
  •  Snag-A-Job
  •  CareerBuilder
  • LinkedIn

2. Contact Businesses Directly

One way that works for a lot of people to find employment is to call businesses or email them directly and inquire whether they have work available. You will want to contact the human resource department
or manager at these businesses.

Local jobs application

You can find phone numbers or email addresses and either use the telephone or the email system to contact human resource manager or general managers in charge of the department that you would wish
to work in. Leave a message in the voicemail or work email.

You can make it short and sweet, letting them know you’re interested in working for them and give a number they can contact you at. You can find the contact information through internet searches on online search engines.

For example, if you typed “car dealerships” into a search engine and added a location and did your search, you would come up with a large number of car dealership websites. Then you just have to look up the human resource manager or general managers contact information and contact them. Cold calling does work well a certain percentage of the time to find jobs.

3. Look In Newspapers

searching for Local jobs in the newspaper

The old-fashioned method of looking through periodicals such as newspapers and trade magazines may get you results when looking for new employment. Many newspapers carry want ads including
employment ads. There are many localized small newspapers that are located in specific local areas that are great resources for finding local employment.

4. Attend Job Fairs

If you are interested in attending a job fair for a good job in your area, there are many different job fairs advertised in local newspapers and online. Keep an eye out and ask around to find out when these events are held. If you are vigilant about finding job fairs, be prepared for lots of competition.

applying for Local jobs

However, if you are a good candidate and you have a good resume, job fairs are an excellent place to hook up with potential employers who are seeking Ideal candidate such as yourself.

5. Visit Businesses In Person And Apply

If you are interested in applying to a specific business, in many cases, you should just go to the business during normal business hours and ask to speak to the manager, or human resources manager about potential employment.

notebook, phone, laptop and hand on the table

Types of inquiries are welcome as they see that the potential candidate has taken the initiative and has the nerve to actually step into their office. That shows a certain amount of bravery and courage, that not all candidates possess. This may be seen as the strength that they would welcome in their office rather than something they would want to discourage or turn away.

Things To Keep In Mind On The Job Trail

These are definitely some great ways to find local jobs in your area in your field. But first, be sure you have your current, updated resume readily available to show any prospective employer.You should also be well dressed or appropriately dressed when you meet your employer.

If you’re sending emails or other correspondence to employers, you should have a good cover letter in addition to your resume. Create all of your correspondence in a professional manner. Always be courteous and polite with your employers even if they turn you down.

There’s no harm in asking someone if they have work available. It shows that you are eager and hungry to work. You’re making yourself productive to society. Many employers will look favorably upon this.

You mustered the courage to ask that gorgeous woman out on a date. Luckily, she said yes. That’s great! Now that the hard part is over, all you need to do is to plan out the perfect first date.

Going out for dinner and watching a movie are the first things that come to mind when planning a date. While these are good first date ideas, wouldn’t it be great to add a little spice?

A first date should be casual and low-key. The entire point of going out on a date is to get to know the person. It will be hard to to that if you take her to the movies. Think about it. You won’t even have the opportunity to talk to her. Plus, it’s so dark you can’t even get a good look at her.

First dates can make or break a potential relationship. We’re assuming that you like this woman, so you’re hoping to land a second date. To help ensure that your date is an ultimate success, we have compiled a list of fun and unique first date ideas.

Here are the top 5 first date ideas that are sure to make a winning impression.

Theme parks

Theme Park

Image Source:

Theme parks appeal to just about everyone. If there is an amusement park within easy driving range, we recommend that you take your date there.

You’re already nervous about a multitude of things going into a first date. The last thing you want is to worry about your wardrobe for the day. By taking your date to a theme park, there is no pressure in finding the perfect outfit. You can just chuck on some shirt, jeans, and trainers, and you’re good to go. Plus, you don’t need to take her to a fancy restaurant.

Queues are inevitable, especially in theme parks. In some rides, you may even have to wait for an hour or two. It may seem boring, but it provides the perfect opportunity to talk to your date.

You have nothing else to do, so you might as well take this as an opportunity to get to know the person better. If you run out of things to talk about, then chat about the ride you’ve just been on.

Even if your chemistry isn’t as strong as you hoped, it is still a good excuse to have fun and let your inner kid out.

Sporting event

Sporting event

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Nearly everyone feels nervous when going on a first date. Often, we experience a racing pulse and sweaty hands. A fancy dinner date will only make you feel nervous and awkward.

A sporting event provides a more casual, relaxed environment. You don’t have to work too hard to impress your date.

Even if she’s not a sports fan, we think it would be a blast to hit up a sporting event on your first date. It’s hard not to have fun while doing the wave. Plus, you’ll also have ample time to talk.

If there are any lulls in the conversation, the game makes a great fall back discussion topic. Plus, food and drinks won’t cost you an arm and leg, which is especially great if you find out that she isn’t the woman of your dreams.

Haunted house

Haunted House


Not everyone is into the darker side of life. But if you’re both looking for something out of the ordinary, you can visit a haunted house.

First dates can be quite awkward. You don’t know each other that much, so you try to think of something to talk about. After about 10 minutes, you run out of things to say and you’re stuck staring at each other over dinner. If you want your first date to be memorable, we suggest that you take her to a haunted house.

Although it’s one of the most unconventional first date ideas, it can be surprisingly romantic. You get to hold her hand when she gets scared. Plus, you’ll have lots to talk about later on.

Don’t be another dinner and movie date that blends in with the rest. Think out of the box.

Get ice cream

Ice cream

Image Source:

First dates don’t always mean going out for dinner. It can be as simple as getting dessert.

Take your date to an ice cream parlor. Order a humongous portion of ice cream and watch as a huge smile spreads across her face. Go ahead and keep the conversation rolling as you enjoy your dessert.

You may also be surprised at how much you can learn about the person based on her favorite flavor or topping choices. Does she love strawberry ice cream? If so, then she’s fiercely loyal and energetic. Individuals who love chocolate ice cream are open to exploring new ideas and experiences. Vanilla ice cream lovers enjoy living in the moment. They also appreciate good quality and minimalism.

Bike ride

Bike ride

Image Source:

If you’re looking for fun and unique first date ideas, try asking her out on a bike ride. If she agrees, that means you share a common interest, which is great.

A riding date allows you to explore new places while spending time with each other. Start the day by planning where you want to go. While most cyclists love the spontaneity of pedaling without a specific destination in mind, it’s not a good idea if you’re going on a bike ride with someone. You may also want to take a short break for a quick meal and take this opportunity to chat.

Dating a cyclist gives you something exciting to talk about. You can talk about your experiences on long bike rides. Who knows, you may even have her agree to come with you next time.

A decade ago, people had to visit physical stores if they wanted to buy something. Today, however, you can buy everything in the comfort of your home. Thanks to sites like Amazon and other marketplaces, shopping has become easier and more convenient. Some people even buy men’s clothing online, and the numbers are increasing every year.

Recent survey shows that 96% of Americans are going to the web for most of their purchases. The majority of them prefer shopping online because they want to avoid the crowds. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much of their time. While brick and mortar stores are still relevant today, it is clear that Americans prefer the convenience offered by online shopping.

Buying clothes is one of the biggest challenges of online shopping. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a pair of pants or shirt and waiting for it to be delivered to your home, only to find out that it doesn’t fit you.

To simplify the process, we’ve put together some tips for buying clothes online. Follow these tips to make the most out of your online shopping experience. These shopping tips will ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchases and eliminate the need to send everything back.

Take your measurements


Shopping online does have its benefits, but it also has some drawbacks too. Not having the chance to try out clothes before paying for them is one of them. As a result, a lot of people receive clothes that don’t fit them. In fact, this is the top reason why people hesitate to buy apparel online. They want to avoid the hassle of having to return a shirt or a pair of pants that doesn’t fit, so they opt to visit local stores instead.

To prevent disappointment and the hassle, make sure that you take your measurements. This is one of the first things you should do when buying men’s clothing online. You can’t just rely on the sizes, since they vary from brand to brand. One store’s size 8 can be another store’s size 6.

If you are planning to buy a shirt, you’ll need to take measurements like length, sleeves, chest and shoulders. When buying pants, some people assume that they only need the measurement of their waist. But in order to get the best fit possible, you also need measurements such as length, hips, thighs, and rise. These are pretty handy information to have when buying clothes online.

By comparing your actual measurements to the size charts, you can easily tell if the shirt is too long for you or if the pants will be a little snug on the thighs. If you have some questions about the sizing, feel free to send a message to the seller. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Read the product information

Size chart

Image Source:

Most clothes are categorized by sizes – small, medium, large, XL. Keep in mind, though, that sizes vary greatly from brand to brand. As such, we recommend that you always refer to the size charts. All online stores have their own version of a sizing chart. Here, the dimensions for each size are usually listed in inches or centimetres. This will make it easier for you to choose the right size.

Read the product information carefully. Some sellers include detailed information with sizing information, dimensions, garment, color, patterns etc. Check the details thoroughly. Also, pay special attention to the details regarding the fabric because the fabric will dictate whether an article of clothing will look cheap. It may look nice on picture, but if the fabric isn’t of good quality, the shirt will look cheap. You can gauge whether or not you will like the shirt based on the information given.

Read customer reviews


From convenience to finding great deals and avoiding crowds, there is every reason in the world to buy men’s clothing online. Despite these benefits, some people still shy away from shopping online. Many of them still prefer to visit physical stores because they are afraid of getting scammed or receiving poor quality items.

It is easy to be persuaded to buy a shirt or a pair of pants if it is on sale. But there are times when the product photos don’t look the same as the actual product. To avoid disappointment, try to read feedbacks and comments before placing an order. See what their previous customers have to say. From the feedbacks, you can tell if the products are of good quality. You can also assess whether they had a terrible or wonderful buying experience. High ratings and good feedbacks are also an assurance that you are dealing with a legit seller.

Buy from trusted sellers


To make sure that you’re buying from a trusted seller, we recommend starting your search with trusted sites. If you have been shopping online for a while, chances are you have bought from a few sellers. Ask yourself, how was your experience with them? What can you say about their products?

The next time you plan to go on a shopping spree, try to come up with a list of sellers you have bought from in the past. Also, what size shirt or pants did you get? Buying from sellers you have already dealt with before eliminates the fear of getting scammed or receiving shoddy items.  If you are familiar with the website, it is less likely to be a rip off.

Fill your shopping cart

Shopping cart

Image Source:

There are thousands and thousands of products online. With so many options, you can easily fill your shopping cart in just a minute or two. Some sellers offer deals you can’t refuse, but try to resist the urge to buy the first jacket or sweatshirt you see. Try to do a little sleuthing before you click the “Buy Now” button.

One of the beauties of online shopping is that it gives you an opportunity to compare similar items. Try searching different sites to see all the available options. Shop around until you find the best deal.

Travelling is good for the soul, they say. Not only does it provide an opportunity to visit new places, it also allows you to get away from the stresses of life. While travel is often associated with fun and relaxation, it can also be exhausting and stress-inducing. Worse, people tend to forget about their healthy habits when they travel. This can take a toll on your body. If this is you, you may be in need of some travel tips to help keep your health in tip-top shape.

With a little planning and some travel tips, you can minimize the negative effects of travelling, as well as stay happy and healthy during your trip. Here are some essential travel tips to help you stay happy and healthy while travelling.

Travel tips to stay healthy

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Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need and kick-starts your metabolism. It can also make a big difference on your mood and overall health. You may be in a hurry to get to your destination, but never miss out your morning meal. This is one of the most important travel tips you should take note of.

You want to aim for a healthy breakfast that combines some protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. Berries, oatmeal, eggs, Greek yogurt, and protein shake are some of the best foods to eat for breakfast.

Squeeze in exercise into your daily routine

When we talk of exercise, most people conjure an image of someone running on the treadmill or torturing themselves in the gym with gym weights. But exercise doesaying healthy means staying active. Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean that you won’t exercise. You may not have access to the gym, but there are some forms of exercise that doesn’t require any gear or equipment. You can do cardio exercises in your hotel room or even in a park nearby. Or better yet, go hiking, biking, swimming or walk as much as you can. The more activity you engage in, the more you get your heart pumping. Start your day with a mini workout and you are sure to feel better the entire day.

Maintain your normal diet as much as possible

Vacations provide a great opportunity to indulge. Often, people would splurge and eat out on a fancy restaurant. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is best if you maintain your normal diet as much as possible.

If you travel to abroad, you may find a street lined with restaurants, cafe or street foods. Trying new food is a part of the adventure. It might be tempting to try as much food as you can, but resist the urge to do so.  Overeating is not only bad for your health, it can also add a few inches to your waist. Wherever possible, try to cut down on sweets, processed foods, and alcoholic beverages. It is important to observe travel tips like this one, especially if you want to stay fit and healthy during your trip.

Increase your fluid intake

Staying hydrated is important to helping your body function optimally. Every organ, tissue, and cell in your body needs water to work properly. But sometimes, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re out on a walking tour or drinking with your best buddies. Aim to drink 8 to 15 glasses of water a day.

Make your own meal

Part of travelling means trying out new restaurants and local delicacies. But eating out for every meal can be expensive, especially since it’s difficult to find an affordable restaurant that serves good food. In an attempt to save money, some travellers opt for fastfood chains, where there is a general lack of healthy, satisfying options.

If you want to save on food, stay in a place with a kitchen. Also check out local grocery stores and look for food items that are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare. Whenever possible, try to pack your own snacks, so you have something to munch on when you get hungry. Not only will it help you stay on budget during your trip, you’ll also be eating healthier meal on most days.

Get enough rest

Travelling can be physically and mentally exhausting. This is especially true for those who will be crossing one or more time zones during their travel. You’ll be travelling by plane, bus, train or another type of transport. You will also be walking from destination to destination. Some even carry their backpacks while going around. Listen to your body. If you’re tired, then sit down and take a break.

Find a comfortable place to stay in. Sleep early, especially if you’ll be heading out early the next day. Give your body enough time to rest. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.

Make new friends

Some people prefer to travel in groups; while others prefer to travel solo. Although travelling alone has its benefits, wouldn’t it be better if you have someone to hang out with?  Try to interact with locals or other travellers during your trip. Smile and say hello. Try to learn as much as you can about their cultures and traditions. Remember, people enrich your travels more than sights do.

Have some alone time

We live in a world of constant contact. We mentioned above that travelling with friends can be a lot of fun, but it is also a good idea to spend time alone from time to time. Even the most extrovert person needs some time alone. Some alone time can help you clear your mind and is soothing for the soul. Spend time alone and celebrate you.

As we move into summertime, the latest haircuts designed for hot weather are needed. But staying stylish is important for all of us. Choosing the right style can be tricky, though, because something that looks good on Ryan Reynolds won’t necessarily look good on Colton Haynes.

Comparison Table

Hair Cut Terminology



Are always short, close to the head, and are perfect for those with thinning hairlines


Usually has close-cut sides, and the top “deck” of the hair is standing upward


Originally favored by women in the early-to-mid 1700s


A quiff combines the pompadour of the 1950s with a flattop


Fading short hair into the longer hair at the top


Originally popular in the Edwardian era


Creates a short or “mini” pompadour in the front, and gradually shortens in length towards the back of the head

Hard Part

A hard part in a haircut is a shaved line which creates a permanent hair part


A vintage style haircut designed to have the hair intentionally, and skillfully, combed over to one side


This hairstyle means a haircut made at jaw level and usually accompanied with bangs or a fringe

How To Choose The Right Hairstyle

As you’re getting ready for a summer haircut, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. Several key factors will play into the decision-making process, so keep them in mind before you head to the barbershop.

Face Shape

Your face shape, or head shape in some cases, have a huge impact on how a hairstyle will suit your appearance.

Men's Face Shape

Image via manofmany

  • Oval – The length of the face is greater than the width of the cheekbones. The forehead is larger than the jawline. The jaw is rounded rather than angular.
  • Square – A square face has similar measurements all around. The jawline is sharper than the round face jawline.
  • Triangle – The cheekbones measure larger than the forehead and the jawline measures larger than the cheekbones.
  • Heart – The forehead is the largest portion of the face, and the chin is pointed.
  • Rectangle – The length of the face is the longest measurement. The other measurements are similar in size: cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.
  • Diamond – The face length is the largest and the jawline is the smallest feature. The chin is pointed.
  • Round – The length of the face is as similar to that of the width of the cheekbones. The forehead and jawline have similar measurements to each other but are smaller than the face length or cheekbones. The jawline is soft and rounded.

How To Figure Out Your Face Shape

There are two basic ways to figure the shape of your face.

In The Mirror

For the easier, but less precise determination, use some glass chalk or a dry erase marker in the bathroom mirror.

Get your hair away from the edges of your face – if it’s long enough, toss it into a ponytail, or, if it’s too short for that, use some hair product to slick it back, or borrow some of your girlfriend’s bobby pins. We won’t tell.

Mens hairstyles

Once you’ve gotten your hair out of the way, take the marker or chalk and trace the outer edges of your face in the mirror. Whatever approximate shape you have on the mirror is your face shape.

Compare to the descriptions of shape faces above, if you’re not totally sure which shape is yours.

With A Measuring Tape

If you’ve got a measuring tape handy, you can get actual measurements and determine your face shape that way. It’s recommended that you measure in front of a mirror to visually be sure you’re hitting the widest points on each section that you’re measuring.

You’ll also need a flexible measuring tape, like a seamstress’ measuring tape, rather than a construction tape. Don’t forget a paper and pen to jot down measurements for reference.

Measure Your Cheeks

To measure your cheekbones, start and end at the pointiest parts of your cheeks at approximately the outer edge of your eye sockets. You’ll draw the measuring tape from one corner to the other, across the nose.

Measuring Your Forehead

Measuring from approximately one temple to the other, you’ll measure your forehead at its widest point. The widest point is typically just above the eyebrows or half-way between the eyebrows and the hairline.

Measure Face using Measuring Tape

Measuring Your Jawline

Instead of measuring around the edge of your jawline, you’ll measure from the corner of your jaw that starts below your ear. Measure along this line, away from the ear, towards the chin. Bring the tape to the tip of your chin on that side only.

Next, repeat this measurement on the other side of your face, from the corner of the jaw to the tip of your chin. Add the two figures together for your jawline measurement.

Measuring Your Face Length

Normal Hairline and Non-Prominent Nose

If you do not have a receding hairline and non-prominent nose, simply draw the measuring tape downward from your hairline to the tip of your chin. This is your face length.

Notes for Those with Receding Hairlines or Prominent Noses

For those with a receding hairline, estimate where your hairline would be and measure down to the tip of your chin from that point. For those with a prominent nose, don’t follow the contours of your face, but rather hold the measuring tape out slightly from your face and measure that way.

Determining Your Face Shape

Mens hairstyles

Once you’ve completed measuring or tracing your face on the mirror, you can look at the information above to determine which face shape you have. Keep this information handy for helping you decide which hairstyles may be the most flattering.


Of course, one of the key factors in choosing a hairstyle is your personal sense of style and personality. Someone highly disciplined, for example, is less likely to want a shaggy, unkempt sort of haircut like Jesse Spencer sported on House as Doctor Chase.

Before you start looking through specific style options, think about your personality, and interests, and look for images of actors and models that seem to reflect a similar personality to your own.


Of course, even if you’re a chill dude who’d rather go long and curly, you may have some lifestyle restrictions that will determine the style of haircut you’ll need to get.

Think through your workplace and any appearance restrictions they may have. Also consider your prominent activities – are you excessively active, spend a lot of time in the water during the summer, play in a band, spend a lot of time outdoors, live in cold or hot weather climates, or a host of other factors.

Outdoorsy Types

If you’re outside a lot, you’ll want to go with a low-maintenance style that’s easy to wash and go, and not mess with things like pomades and blow-dryers. Shag cuts, buzzcuts, and tapers are perfect for anyone outdoors a lot.

Outdoorsy Types

Athletic Types

Generally speaking, athletes should also focus on low-maintenance haircuts for similar reasons as the outdoorsman. Specifically, buzzcuts are great for anybody who wears a helmet, since they won’t leave you with helmet head.

Creative Types

If you’re an artist of some kind, you have the freedom to go as extreme as you like, generally speaking, unless you work in an uptight office environment. If you’ve got the freedom to go wild, why not do so? Let your personality shine through any style that gets your imagination going.

Business Types

Professional fields are starting to open up to more interesting hairstyles for men and women, but they’re unfortunately still pretty limited in most office environments. Because of that, you should look more for neutral hairstyles, whether that’s a buzzcut, taper, crewcut, or slicked back side part.

World Traveler Types

If you travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, you’ll want something that’s going to look great without a lot of hassle. Nobody wants to travel with tons of product.

World Traveler

Shoot for something like a medium layer cut off the ear. This is a slick look without a ton of maintenance, that you can fix quickly after a flight, even before you leave the airport bathroom.

Hair Types

The final, and possibly most important factor in choosing a haircut, is your hair type.

There are a ton of hair types, but we’re talking specifically about curly, wavy, or straight hair. You can go more in-depth to determine all of your type needs, too, though, and that may help determine the types of products you should or should not use.

Figure out your hair type, then hit those style books.

  • Straight hair – This hair type has absolutely no curl or wave.
  • Wavy hair – This hair type has just a hint of curves and curls, without distinct curls.
  • Curly hair – This hair type has quite a bit of curl to it and can keep a curl without any type of styling.
  • Coily hair – This hair type has tight kinks or curls that spring back to the curl when stretched out and released.

Hair Cut Terminology


British actor Tom Hardy with a buzz cut at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Buzzcuts are usually created using electric clippers. Buzz cuts are always short, close to the head, and are perfect for those with thinning or receding hairlines, or people who want a super low-maintenance hairstyle.



A flattop haircut usually has close-cut sides, and the top “deck” of the hair is standing upward and cut to appear flat across the top of the head.



The pompadour was actually originally favored by women in the early-to-mid 1700s. However, the style modified and shrank a bit, and became popular in the 1950s and 1960s for men. Some famous men with pompadours include Elvis Presley, James Dean, Desi Arnaz, and Marlin Brando.



A quiff combines the pompadour of the 1950s with a flattop, and sometimes a mohawk for a close-cut side, full volume top kind of look.



Image via Yelp

A fade involves fading short hair into the longer hair at the top. It could be faded up from a completely shaved base, or just nearly shaved.


An undercut hairstyle means that the top of the head has longer hair than the sides of the head – which is buzzed very short – with a part on the top at one side or the center.


This hairstyle was originally popular in the Edwardian era but has been seeing a comeback in recent years among musicians. Since that popularity has brought it back, others have tended towards this cut that can be styled with a full look on top or slicked back.



A crewcut creates a short or “mini” pompadour in the front, and gradually shortens in length towards the back of the head. Overall, this is a short cut that can be adjusted in height to match and compliment the contours of the wearer’s face shape.

Hard Part

Hard Part

A hard part in a haircut is a shaved line which creates a permanent hair part.



A combover in this context is not that hideous option that balding men have chosen to do to attempt to hide their baldness. A combover is actually a vintage style haircut designed to have the hair intentionally, and skillfully, combed over to one side.


bob hairstyle

Image via ukhairdressers

The bob hairstyle isn’t just for women. This hairstyle means a haircut made at jaw level and usually accompanied with bangs or a fringe. This especially looks awesome on guys with curly, coily, or wavy hair.

The Hottest Men’s Hairstyles For Summer 2019

Whether you’ve got curly locks, kinky ‘fro worthy hair, or pin straight hair, these various styles will suit you. We’ve broken them down by hair type for you to help you make that tough decision.

Best Men’s Hairstyles For Curly Hair

  • Temple Fade
  • Buzzcut with High Fade
  • Crew Cut
  • High Razor Fade with Curly Hair
  • Layered braids
  • Man Bun

Best Men’s Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

  • Messy Quiff with High Fade and Beard
  • Tapered Undercut with Added Height
  • Low Fade with Wavy Height
  • High Fade with Quiff
  • Crewcut with High Swept Fringe and Fade
  • High Taper Fade with Textured Brushed Up Hair
  • Messy Quiff with High Fade
  • Slicked Back Undercut
  • Man Bun

Best Men’s Hairstyles For Straight Hair

  • High Fade with Textured Spiky Hair
  • High Fade with Line Up and Long Spiky Hair
  • Messy Spiked Hair with Short Tapered Sides
  • Low Fade with Hard Part Comb Over
  • High Fade with Quiff
  • High Skin Fade with Hard Part and Slick Back
  • Slicked Back Undercut with Beard
  • Short Sides with Comb Over Pompadour
  • Disconnected Pompadour
  • Man Bun

Finding Your Best Look

These men’s hairstyles for 2019 summertime are sure to offer you options perfect for your sense of self. Be sure to find your face shape, choose a style that suits your personality and lifestyle, and study some images of other guys that look a little like you. You won’t regret doing some research on such a critical part of your looks.

There is nothing more unflattering and uncomfortable than wearing clothes that don’t fit your body perfectly. Often, men assume that dressing for their body type is only for women. But the truth is your body shape and type is the most important thing to consider when choosing your outfit.

Most men fall into one of the 5 body shapes – oval, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, and trapezoid. Determining your body type will help you find clothing that works well with you and dress in a way that best suits your physique. Plus, it helps you determine which pieces of clothing you need to stay away from.

Whether you’re rocking the “dad bod” or you’ve got the perfect body shape, learning how to dress for your body type isn’t as tricky as most people think. This blog post is going to teach you how to dress for your body type. Use this as a guide to determine which type of clothes would flatter you.


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If you have an oval body type, it means the majority of your mass is concentrated at the center of your body. You’re obviously someone who enjoys eating sweets or drinking alcohol. Sometimes, men with oval body have thinner legs, which create a disproportionate shape. Your goal is to create the illusion of height and choose pieces that elongate your form.


For broad men, the key to dressing well is to find a shirt that fits you perfectly. Avoid wearing shirts that are too small or too big for you as it may add even more bulk.

Stick with simple clothing. Clothes in dark, solid colors are your best bet. The goal is to get people’s attention off of your body and focused on your face. As such, we suggest that you avoid shirts or polo with bold patterns as they can draw attention to your midsection. Tight fitting tops are also a bad choice. Shirts with vertical stripes or pinstripes are ideal for you since they can lengthen your torso.


Pants should always be worn at the natural waist. Also, wear pants that are comfortably loose. While it is okay to wear a belt, make sure that it is not too tight. This may cause the pants to wrinkle or pinch. It may also cause the bottom of your tummy to be squeezed upward and sag down in front of the belt.


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Men with triangular body type have wider hips and waist than their chest and shoulders. The emphasis is towards the belly area. To dress better, the idea is to draw the attention towards your shoulders and away from your waist.

Shirts and tops

Button-down and single-breasted styles will help streamline your torso and emphasize your shoulders. Also, opt for structured tailored jackets and blazers. They will make your midsection look slimmer. Avoid narrow crew-necks and polo necks because they decrease shoulder width.

While shirts with horizontal stripes can do a great job of making you look thinner, it doesn’t work well on men with a triangle body type. This is because it can draw attention to the stomach area. Any kind of outerwear with details will also put focus on your stomach. As such, we suggest that you steer clear of it. Rather, wear clothing in dark colors and simple patterns.


Choose pants with a slight flare. This will bring balance to the bottom half of your body. Avoid wearing skinny jeans as it will emphasize your waist and midsection.

Inverted Triangle


Men with an inverted triangle body shape usually have broad shoulders, muscular arms and a narrow, defined waist. Most athletes fall under this category.  You’re obviously someone who likes training your chest, back, and shoulders. Most people tend to confuse inverted triangle with that of trapezoid body type, but this has more extreme proportions.

With this type of body, you may find it easier to dress up as compared to others. But in order to look your best, you need to focus on balancing proportions.

Shirts and tops

Most men with slimmer figure don’t have trouble finding a shirt that fits them perfectly. However, broader men tend to have more problems finding one that could accommodate their brawnier arms, chest and upper body. Our advice? Get shirts that are labelled as “slim fit” and opt for one that is one size larger than the one you would normally buy.

V-neck shirts are also a great choice for men with broad chest and shoulders. It creates a natural visual line that draws eyes to your trim waistline and narrows your chest.


Since you have a nice body, you probably like wearing tight clothing. However, wearing skinny jeans will only make your upper body appear even wider. The goal is to balance out your proportions, so we suggest that you try straight or more relaxed trousers.




Men with a thin and tall frame fall under rectangle body shapes. Typically, their shoulders have the same width as their hips and waist.  Since their upper body is thin and long, the goal is to expand the dimension of their otherwise slim frame.

Shirts and tops

Wear tops with pops of brighter color or horizontal stripes to widen the shoulders a bit and create an illusion of structure. You may also want to opt for a layered look to add instant bulk to your body frame. Try wearing a vest or a cardigan over a crisp white t-shirt to add width to your slim frame.


With a square body type, the idea is to choose pieces of clothing that will prevent you from looking too thin. In this case, we recommend that you choose straight-legged or relaxed fit pants.


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If you have a muscular body with broad shoulders, slim waist and lean legs, then you have a trapezoid body type. You won’t have a hard time finding clothing that would flatter your body. After all, you already have a nice body.

Shirts and tops

Since there is a natural visual balance between your upper body and your waist, you have the freedom to wear prints. You can wear horizontal or vertical strips without messing up your visual proportions too much. What’s great about having this body type is that you can wear something slightly skinny or slightly oversized.


Since your legs are not super slim, you have the option to wear slimmer fit pants or straight legs. Just be sure to avoid the extremes like tight-fitting or baggy pants.

We all want to make a good impression. Since appearance has become an asset of today’s lives, most people strive to look good. Paying attention to your hair and skin is a must if you want to become more attractive. Great looking hair meant proper hair care for men.

Healthy hair is important to make any hairstyle look great. Use these hair care for men tips to maintain the health of your locks. Treat it right and you’ll have healthy and awesome mane for years to come.

hair care for men

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Don’t overwash your hair

Shampoo works like a cleanser. It washes away the grime and product buildup. However, excessive shampooing can be bad for your hair. Daily washing can strip natural oils off your scalp, leaving your hair dry, brittle, more prone to breakage.

No one wants greasy hair. As it turns out, a little bit of hair grease is actually healthy. Every time you wash your hair, you’re washing away your natural sebum. Your body responds by producing more of it. The more frequently you wash your hair, the more oil is produced. It’s good to shower daily, but you’re not supposed to shampoo your hair daily.

You want some oils to remain in your hair and scalp. Sebum keeps your hair soft, easy to manage, and protects your mane from the environment. As such, we suggest that you limit shampooing to three to four times a week.

Condition, condition, condition

We all want soft, shiny, and healthy hair. Unfortunately, most people would describe their hair as dull, dry, and unhealthy. To improve the condition of your hair, you should make regular conditioning a part of your hair care routine.

Make sure that you condition your hair every time you wash it. Not only will it make your hair softer and more manageable, it also prevents tangling and breakage.

Use clarifying shampoo

You may think you have no need for hair detox. But if you usually apply some styling products on your hair or if you color your hair, then you may want to consider adding a clarifying shampoo to your hair care routine.

If you use styling products regularly, the wax, silicone, and other ingredients may coat your strands. Over time, they could build up on top of the other and may clog the pores in your scalp; thereby, leaving you with dull, lackluster locks. In this case, it would be beneficial to occasionally work in a clarifying shampoo into your hair care regimen to remove product buildup.

Hair care for men must include a good clarifying shampoo. It will remove impurities in your hair, making it look full of life again.

Take a cold shower

Nothing is more relaxing than a long, hot shower. However, hot water can dry out your scalp and ruin your hair. When you wash your hair with water that is too hot, you’re removing more oil from your scalp, making your hair more brittle and prone to breakage.

If you want your hair to appear shinier and healthier, we suggest that you wash your hair with cool water. Cold water temporarily tightens skin and prevents it from being stripped of its healthy natural oils too quickly. Not only will it make your hair stronger, healthier, and shinier, it will also improve your skin.

If you aren’t comfortable with cold showers, then go ahead and bathe with warm water. Make sure, though, that you rinse your hair with cold water.

Less is more

Styling products like gel and wax can help keep your hair in place. But too much of it will leave your hair messy and greasy. Plus, it can weigh your hair down.

When it comes to hair products, less is more. Place a pea-sized amount in your palm and then add more as needed. Always rub the product between your hands before applying it to your hair. This is to ensure that your locks are receiving equal attention and that the product is more evenly distributed.

Dry your hair gently

Thin is a word most people don’t want to associate with their hair. Although heredity and stress are the most common causes of hair fall, some bad habits may also ruin your hair. One good example of which is how you dry your hair.

Most people have the habit of drying their hair feverishly with a towel upon stepping out of the shower. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of excess moisture. However, it can damage your hair and can possibly make it fall out. Our hair is at its weakest when wet. Meaning, it is more susceptible to damage. Rubbing your wet head with a towel can potentially lead to breakage. Plus, it can rough up the cuticle, causing it to look frizzy.

Towels are made of tough fibers, but the towel itself won’t cause harm to your hair. If you rub it too hard against your hair, it can cause tension and eventually lead to breakage. To prevent damage, use an old shirt or a microfibre towel when drying your hair. Most importantly, do it gently.

Eat healthy

Your hair is a reflection of your overall health. Although good hair care for men practices can help improve the condition of your hair, you also need to eat healthy maintain strong, shiny, and healthy-looking hair.

Proper nutrition is important for healthy hair. Your hair cells need a balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for better hair and scalp health. Make sure that your diet is composed of lean meat, poultry, fish, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Nourish your hair inside and out by eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods. A healthy diet combined with proper hair care for men are a must for healthy, luscious locks.

Essential hair care for men

Good grooming goes beyond following a skin care routine. Besides taking care of your skin, you also need to take care of your hair. Follow the tips above and you’ll see the difference on how awesome your hair looks.

If you’re looking to change up your look a little bit, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe or fancy accessories. Sometimes, something as simple as a new facial hair style can take you leaps and bounds when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

But with so many different facial hair styles out there, which one should you go with?

10 Best Facial Hair Styles

While there are a number of different facial hair styles you can rock at any given time, here are 10 that may be the best for you.

1. The Few-Day Stubble Beard

This is one of the easiest styles to pull off in that it’s pretty simple to grow and maintain, and it’s perfect for all face shapes. To achieve this look from a clean-shaven face, all you have to do is go about a maximum of three days without shaving (depending on how quickly your beard grows), and then use a trimmer to maintain.

When rocking this look, you will want to make sure that your neck is cleaned up (trimming or taking a razor to any hair that grows below the Adam’s apple is a good rule of thumb) and that any hair that grows just above your cheekbone is shaved or trimmed.

Depending on how scruffy you want your stubble beard to look, you can either use a two-millimeter (short stubble), a four-millimeter (medium stubble), or six-millimeter attachment trimmer comb. If you want that shorter stubble look, you should trim about every two days, whereas a medium stubble look necessitates a trim about every week or so.

For that longer stubble look, you can go as long as two weeks before trimming, but make sure you’re getting rid of any longer hairs that pop up in the meantime.

2. The Balbo

Perfect for guys with more narrow chins, the Balbo is a beard without sideburns and that has a trimmed, floating mustache. Robert Downey Jr. has been known to rock this style from time to time, so it’s definitely fairly popular.

If you want to pull off this look, you will need to grow a full beard first. Wait at least about four weeks until you begin the beard sculpting process. Once you have enough beard to work with, you will need to utilize some quality razors, both of the electric and straight razor variety.

To get that perfect Balbo look, you need a steady and precise hand, so if this is something you’re willing to undertake yourself, be patient.

3. The Van Dyke

Perfect for guys with narrow chins, this facial hair style was popularized by 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke and is a mixture of a goatee and a mustache. Achieving this beard type requires delicate care and precision.

First, wait until your beard gets a decent amount of stubble. Then, using a good razor, shave all of the hair off your cheeks, neck, and sideburns. Leaving the mustache completely unaffected, form you beard in the chin region by making what can best be described as an inverted T.

Next, allow the beard on your chin to grow until it reaches about two inches. Finally, be sure to trim every once and a while to get that ideal V shape.

4. The Imperial

Popularized during the 2nd Empire, the Imperial is a mustache style that is perfect for oblong or rectangular faces. While it is normally worn as a standalone mustache, it can also be incorporated with chin beards or sideburns. Just make sure that, if you do decide to have some accompanying facial hair, the mustache remains the focal point.

To achieve this look, go as long as you can without shaving, so that you have thick enough whiskers that can be properly shaped. Many growers of the Imperial wait as long as three months to get that perfect look.

You want to make sure that the hair near your mustache is shaved, but don’t trim the mustache itself. An untrimmed mustache is absolutely crucial to maintaining that natural look.

Finally, and this is the main feature of the Imperial, you will want to use either mustache wax or beard oil to curl the ends of the mustache. The end result will have you looking as fancy as ever.

5. The Circle Beard

Ideal for round and oval faces, the circle beard (also referred to as the “standard” beard), is a tidy and presentable mixture of a rounded goatee beard and a mustache.

For this look, you will want to go a fairly decent amount of time without shaving to ensure that your facial hair is properly thick. Once it’s time to sculpt that circle beard style, most guys will go to a salon to get it properly shaped, since it can be tricky to get that circle shape down pat.

But, with the right amount of precision and patience as well as the perfect combination of shaving and trimming, you can achieve the circle beard look on your own.

6. The Full Beard

Most guys who are looking to grow beards prefer the full beard. Unfortunately, not every guy can grow a full beard, since it’s pretty much dependent on genetics.

For those who can achieve it, it is best suited for triangle, inverted triangle, or diamond face shapes. To best attain the full beard look, allow your facial hair to grow until it’s at around a medium stubble length and then shape it with a razor. Wait until six weeks before shaving, and then trim to keep the beard at the appropriate length.

7. The Extended Goatee

Guys with either oval or square face shapes are best suited for the extended goatee, which is also known as the Hollywoodian or the tailback. A combination of a mustache and a goatee, this style is unlike the full beard in that it requires you to take the hair off of your sideburns.

Before shaping your beard into an extended goatee, be sure to grow your facial hair to medium stubble. Then, while making sure you keep your mustache completely intact, trim your facial hair to your preferred width.

8. The Mutton Chops

Also referred to as sideburns or side whiskers, mutton chops were popularized by famous Civil War general Ambrose Burnside (who gave us the term “sideburn” to begin with).

Best for square or circular face shapes, this facial hair style is achieved by allowing your mustache and sideburns to grow until they meet up. You will want to be sure that you shave all the hair on your chin until your lower lip region.

For added effect, let your sideburns grow out until they become extra fluffy.

9. The Garibaldi

Best for rectangular or oval faces, the Garibaldi has a wild and unkempt look to it, but it does work for some guys.

To accomplish this facial hair style, you’ll need to let your beard grow for a long time. We’re talking about four months, or until it gets to be around 20 centimeters. To give it that round look, make sure that you shape and trim the lower area.

Despite having so much beard to work with, it’s actually best if you don’t use any styling products, so that the beard keeps its natural look. You will want to make sure you keep your eye on your mustache length though, as a mustache that is too long will take the focus away from the beard itself.

10. Clean Shaven

Hey, technically being clean shaven is a facial hair style, despite there not being any hair on your face. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to rock a clean look every once and a while.

Comparison Table

Facial Hair


The Few-Day Stubble Beard

Pretty simple to grow and maintain, and it’s perfect for all face shapes

The Balbo

A beard without sideburns and that has a trimmed, floating mustache

The Van Dyke

Allow the beard on your chin to grow until it reaches about two inches

The Imperial

Go as long as you can without shaving

The Circle Beard

A tidy and presentable mixture of a rounded goatee beard and a mustache

The Full Beard

Best suited for triangle, inverted triangle, or diamond face shapes

The Extended Goatee

Requires you to take the hair off of your sideburns

The Mutton Chops

Allowing your mustache and sideburns to grow until they meet up

The Garibaldi

You’ll need to let your beard grow for a long time or until it gets to be around 20 centimeters

Clean Shaven

Technically being clean shaven is a facial hair style

Choosing The Right Style Of Facial Hair For You

When deciding on the right facial hair style for you, there are several things you should think about. For one, you want to take the shape of your face into consideration. Depending on if you have a more square-shaped face or a rounder face or more rectangular face, some facial hair styles may work better than others.

You will also want to take your beard-growing capabilities into account. Not all beard-havers are created equal, and while some guys can grow hair on pretty much every inch of their face, others might have particular spots that just don’t grow in. Obviously, not being able to grow facial hair in certain areas will disqualify you from pulling off certain looks, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Additionally, you will want to consider your budget. Some facial hair styles will require you to get certain products, whether it be beard oil or a full-on trimming kit, to maintain the style. Simply put, the longer the beard, the more time and money you need to put into grooming it.

Finally, you will want to choose the style or styles that look best on you. Suggest to a significant other or to close friends or family members what look you’re considering going with. If they react strongly one way or another, you should have a pretty solid idea public opinion-wise.

Bottom line though, it has to be a style that you feel confident rocking. If you think you can pull it off, then by all means give it a try. If it’s not getting the reaction you were hoping for, then you can just shave it all off and start from scratch.

Four duck hunter holding guns for duck hunting

Hunting is one of the most fun hobbies that you can get yourself into. When it comes to the sport of hunting, duck or waterfowl hunting is widely considered to be one of the most difficult.

Hunting by itself can be a very intimidating hobby. No amount of reading or research will properly prepare you because the important knowledge can only be gained in the wild.

If you are new to duck hunting, you probably have many questions. Fortunately, you have found the right article. Today, we’ll be sharing some useful beginner tips for hunting ducks. This guide is written to answer most (but not all) of your questions about waterfowl hunting.

Duck Hunting Tips For Beginners

Below are the must-know tips that any beginner should know about hunting ducks in the wild.

Have The Right Gear

Most people will say that buying the gun is the first step to waterfowl hunting but we beg to disagree. The right camo suit or jacket is the first thing that you should invest in. During the beginner, you will need to observe the birds in the wild and this is best done by leaving your gun in the truck.

Getting the right camo will depend on your hunting location. For example, if you’re hunting in an area with lots of dead grass, a lighter grassy camouflage would be best.

After your camo suit, you’ll definitely want to get waders. Ducks love being on the water, so expect to get wet. A good rule of thumb is to find one with a more breathable design. Then, you can get your decoys, firearm and shells, and other optional supplies like duck calls, blind bags and more.

Scout The Ideal Spot

The best way to find the best duck hunting spots is through the internet. Search your local area and there should be plenty of locations to start your hunting adventure.

Once you have narrowed down your results, you can go visit each location for scouting. Through scouting, you can identify the resources available. Things to look out for are the nearby food and good cover. In most cases, ducks will eat aquatic plants, small fish, insects, and crustacean.

It’s always a good idea to find multiple hunting spots. Ducks tend to stay away from areas where their friends keep dying. Keep scouting until you get familiar with the area, and this might take a few trips.

Setting Up Decoys

The key to a successful hunt is through a properly set up decoys. This means that you should have a good spread of your decoys. Conduct a wind check to identify the best position for your decoys and blind.

Ideally, you want the wind to come from the back so the birds will come landing right at you. A good set of drakes and hens, grouped by similar species should be a good place to start. For a good spread, set up your decoys to form the letter “J” so it allows a clear landing zone in the middle.

Quacking And Calling

For a beginner, the simplest tip would be to act and sound like a duck which also means learning the basic “quack.” After you have a good grasp on how to do a basic quack, you can do some advanced calling techniques like mating or feeding calls.

Avoid doing so many calls since it can sound unnatural.

Basically, when a duck quacks, you should answer with a single quack as well. The only way to get better at duck calling is to practice over and over again.

Duck Hunting Strategies

Know The Duck Species

The last thing you’ll want to happen is to have a brush with the law while hunting.

Duck hunting is a severely regulated sport and each of the species has its own limits. So you will need to know your duck species to avoid getting into any sort of trouble. Not all species are considered fair game and it’s imperative that you know which species are allowed for hunting.

Limits and regulations can change from year to year, so it’s always best to know the current trend. If you are not sure if a duck is fair game, then don’t take the shot. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying some hefty fines or even have your firearm seized.

Ready To Hunt?

Duck hunting is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There are just too many challenges in the field and things tend to not go the hunter’s way. So this sport is only recommended for the most dedicated hunters.

However, don’t get us wrong.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a shot and taking down your first bird. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to hunting success.

Grab a couple of friends and enjoy hunting in the wild.

Throwing Knives

A good set of knives is great for tasks like cutting through a steak or slashing through jungle vines. But can you guess that’s cooler than a sharp knife?

Whether you saw it in a movie or by watching an expert do it, someone throwing knives is always an incredibly cool thing to behold.

If you want to learn how to throw knives but never tried it yourself, know that it’s a skill that you can learn. For today’s article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about throwing knives.

Why Should You Learn To Throw Knives?

Knowing how to throw a knife is a great skill for a “last resort” self-defense tactic. With your bladed accuracy and quickness, your assailant will never see a knife coming as you throw it. But be warned, there’s some serious controversy regarding this method of self-defense. Many believe that fighting with the knife means never to throw your only weapon, especially if you can’t perform a perfect throw.

It’s also a skill that can come in handy if you want to hunt small game in a silent manner. Knife throwing is also an essential skill if you have dreams of joining a circus and dazzling the audience.

Perhaps the best reason to learn knife throwing is that it’s just too badass. Showing off your accuracy in throwing a knife is a surefire way to impress your buddies.

Where To Buy Throwing Knives

So you want to learn how to throw a knife, where do you start? Well, of course, you start by buying your first set of knives. And no, you can’t use the knives that are found in your kitchen.


Of course, just about anything can be bought on Amazon these days.

Amazon has a wide range of throwing knives available like the BladesUSA Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set which is available for the low price of $10 (current sale price) or the Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives for around $20.

The latter is especially interesting because they’re kunais which are used as a weapon by ninjas. Just how cool is that?

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Your friendly neighborhood Dick’s Sporting Goods may also carry some knives for throwing. Although the selection is not that numerous, this shop has some fairly high-end knives if you’re into quality sets.

The SOG Fling 3-pack Throwing Knives Combo and Kershaw Ion Spear-Point Fixed Blade Throwing Knife Package are definitely worth checking out.

Selection is not that great and the prices are higher but these are knives that come from reputable brands.

Knife Depot

This is a great marketplace if you’re looking for quality knives. As you might expect, they carry throwing knives as well.

The Master Cutlery Perfect Point 6 Piece Multi-Color Throwing Knives is a worthy option if you’re looking for a multi-colored set. We also love the Hibben Legacy Four Piece Throwing Knife Set due to its stainless steel construction and superb quality.

Tips On How To Throw A Knife

Here are some top tips to help hone your knife throwing skill.

Throwing knives to a tree
  • Keep an eye on the handle: Always watch the knife’s handle, not the blade. If the knife hits the target with the handle up, move forward by a few inches. This is because the knife had too much time to spin and is referred to as over-rotating.
  • Don’t snap your wrist when throwing: Snapping your wrist while throwing might feel natural but it’s not advisable. It’s really difficult to snap it the same way every time you throw.
  • Consistency is key: Try to be consistent with just about every aspect of your throw including your grip, stance, wind-up, and release.
  • The balancing point: If you want a knife that will throw equally whether you use the handle or the blade, the balancing point must be very close to the knife’s center.
  • Handle-blade heavy: A knife that is heavy on the handle will be more accurate if grip from the blade. On the opposite side, a knife that is blade heavy should be gripped from the handle.
  • Using logs for target practice: The best target for knife throwing is definitely the log round. When using log rounds, get the ones that are 4-inch thick at the minimum. Obviously, thicker logs will last longer.

Happy Throwing

Overall, throwing knives is simply a great way to have a good time. If you’re really serious about it, there are numerous competitions that you can take part in.

Should you consider knife throwing, make sure that you do your due diligence by doing proper training and having the appropriate equipment. And of course, make sure that you observe the proper knife throwing safety procedures.

Have fun!

Minecraft house ideas

Minecraft is a uber-popular game that was released back in 2009. Up to this day, it remains one of the more popular sandbox games in history. It’s all thanks to its solid gameplay, creation engine, and its amazing community.

In order to survive in the game, one of the first things that you need to do is to build a house. The most basic type of houses are built from wood and stone which are found by harvesting.

But Why Settle For Something Basic?

The beauty of Minecraft is that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the things that you can build. Today, we’re going to share some awesome Minecraft house ideas to help you build a house of your

The 8 Best Minecraft House Ideas

We’ve searched the web and found some of the best ideas for building your next house in Minecraft.

House On The Water

House On The Water

Who says that you can’t build a house over the water? With some careful planning, you can definitely build a house over bodies of water. The house is divided into many different sections and is connected with sky bridges. With enough creativity and careful planning, you can make something like the beautiful Château de Chenonceau. Truly awe-inspiring.

Survival House

Survival House

In Minecraft, you can’t just build a house. If you want, you can build a home that’s actually self-sustainable and guaranteed to help you survive – a survival house if you will. A redditor named More-Reasons has managed to build something exactly like that – a self-sustainable house complete with its own livestock farm, vegetation garden, cobblestone paths, bridges, and many other cool stuff. It helps that the house itself looks great and feels cozy.

House On A Bridge

House On A Bridge

Want a house that belongs in a quirky fantasy Miyazaki-esque movie?
Sounds like an ill-advised idea but it’s possible to create a house over a bridge. It still functions like an actual bridge but passers-by will have to go through your house. It really does look gorgeous and out of this world.
According to the author Dr_Bond, he had to use a few shaders and texture packs to achieve the look. 

Western-Canadian Style House

Western-Canadian Style House

You just can’t go wrong with a house over a lake. This Western-Canadian style house by redditor Karl_with_a_C is definitely a thing to behold. We are especially a fan of the stone pillars and the well-made foundation. It really gives off a million-dollar lake house vibe. As with many houses featured here, the author used several texture packs and modes in order to achieve this amazing look. 

Cozy Winter Cabin

Cozy Winter Cabin

If you’re usually dealing with brutal winters in your area, this is the house that might just be for you.

This cozy winter cabin by Ogthellama features a very interesting architecture, almost Asian inspired. But also, it almost looks like a house you’ll come across in Skyrim. The slope of the roof should be great for efficient snow removal and prevent accumulation. Very interesting design and should be a good Minecraft home during the winter. 

A-Frame House

A-Frame House

This A-Frame house by redditor Lonnie_Mack features a truly wild design.
Aside from the interesting architecture, the house has its own indoor garden which is a nice touch. There’s are also a stable and port underneath which is great for survival. It’s a really well-done house and the author has
fortunately put out a detailed tutorial album in case you want to create a similar house.

Corner House

Corner House

When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, going big isn’t always better.
Redditor crpeh has created a truly amazing corner house that oozes European charm. It’s by far not the largest house that we have featured here but it’s definitely one of prettiest. The craftsmanship is simply off the charts. As mentioned in the comments, the author has achieved the effect with a few renders and texture packs.

Modern House

Modern House

There is no shortage of modern houses in Minecraft and we like to think that we have found the best one. Author pixelthec has created a jaw-dropping modern house that I could swear exists in real life. It looks like an
elegant and real modern house that’s worth millions of dollars. This one seems to be heavily inspired by YouTube creator Keralis. If you want to achieve this look, you will want to download the Flow’s HD resource

Are You Inspired Yet?

There you have it, some of the best Minecraft houses that we have found in the wild. With hundreds of thousands of Minecraft house ideas and actual creations, it’s safe to say that we have barely scratched the surface. Do you have a favorite Minecraft house design in mind? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

Whistling is kind of a funny skill. Those who know how to whistle wonder how anyone could have a problem doing it. On the other hand, folks who can’t just have no idea how anyone could produce such sounds. Many of the non-whistlers believe that whistling is an ability that one is born with – kind of like having blue eyes or attached earlobes. That’s not the case at all because as mentioned, whistling is a skill and you can teach yourself how to do it, even at a relatively advanced age.

Techniques On How To Whistle

How to whistle

There are several techniques that you can use for whistling. The technique that you use can also depend on your purpose such as getting someone’s attention or whistling your favorite tunes. Regardless of the technique that you use, you should not be discouraged if you can’t do it the first time. This is about practicing over and over again until you can do it properly.

Technique #1: Whistling With Your Lips

Whistling using your lips is the way to go if you want to whistle your favorite tunes. Below are the steps to do it:

  • 1
     Start with wetting your lips and puckering them.
  • 2
     Blow some air through your lips, you can try this softly at first. If you did it right, you should be able to
    produce a tone.
  • 3
    Next, you can try blowing harder but the key is to keep your tongue relaxed.
  • 4
     To produce different sounds and tones, try adjusting your lips, jaw, and tongue.

Technique #2: Whistling With Your Fingers

This technique is good for catching someone’s attention or catching a cab since this type of whistling can be loud. Here are the steps:

  • 1
    Have your thumbs face you and hold down the rest of your other fingers, then position the tips of your two pinkies together in order to form the shape of an A. Alternatively, instead of your pinkies, you may use your index fingers, whatever works for you.
  • 2
    Wet your lips and tuck them inward and over the teeth. This will look like you’re a baby who has yet to grow a tooth.
  • 3
    Push the tongue backwards over itself using your pinky fingers until the knuckles touch the lip.
  • 4
    Next, tightly close your mouth while keeping the tongue folded, fingers in mouth, and lips tucked. The idea here is that the opening should only be between the pinky fingers.
  • 5
    Gently blow air through the opening between your pinkies. Should you feel the air blowing out from elsewhere, this indicates that your mouth isn’t closed properly.
  • 6
    Once you have it all in place, blow the air harder and you should be able to produce a high-pitched sound.

Technique #3: Whistling With Your Tongue

This technique is more on the softer side but still a worthy addition to your whistling arsenal.

  • 1
    Start by licking and wetting your lips, and do some slight puckering.
  • 2
     Slightly open your mouth and position the tongue on the roof of your mouth, it should be very close to your two front teeth. This should produce a high-pitched tone.
  • 3
    To produce a louder tone, blow harder and do more puckering.
  • 4
    In order to create many different tones, pucker and widen your mouth. These techniques should be more than enough to abandon your status as a non-whistler. Again, it’s all about practicing over and over again.

What If I Still Can’t Whistle?

So you followed all the steps above but still can’t whistle, what’s going on?
Well, there may be some medical reasons why you are unable to make the right sounds. According to Seattle Children’s Foundation, you may have a condition called velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD). It’s a condition in which parts of the throat and roof of the mouth do not function properly during speech.

Examples of VPD are:

  • Motor speech disorder
  •  Certain conditions, like the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
  • Cleft palate
  • Too much space between the palate and the throat
  •  Weak throat muscles

Practice, Practice, And Practice

Either of the techniques on how to whistle should be good enough as a starting point. However, it certainly won’t hurt to learn them all so you can use different whistles for a variety of purpose. As we have liked to stress out, you just have to keep practicing until you get it. Most people spend about 40 minutes of dedicated practice before they can reliably whistle, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it properly at first.

Once you figure it out, it’s just a matter of doing it over and over again until you can whistle like a master.

man drinking coffee sitting on a bench

Let’s face it, we men are very concerned about whether or not we’re the type that is capable of attracting women. This is especially true when talking about the woman that you actually fancy. You just met this amazing girl that’s not just beautiful but also intelligent and funny – a complete package as most people would say. If you’re currently attracted to some girl, you have probably asked yourself a dozen questions about how to get a girl to like you. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Tips On How To Get A Girl To Like You

Again, these tips are all about increasing your own likability so you become more attractive to girls in general.

1. Have Your Own Life

man working on a laptop

The very foundation of starting a great relationship is to have your own, preferably interesting, life. Whether you’re getting into a committed relationship or trying to make a girl like you, it’s imperative that you have your own life in order. Girls are attracted to guys who are living an interesting life or just someone who actually has his own thing going for him.

2. Be Passionate About Something

man and woman cooking

Whether it be cooking or programming, women find it sexy if a man is passionate for something that they do. By having an interesting passion or hobby, you are automatically making yourself interesting which relates to tip #1 of having your own life. Again, the key here is to have an intense passion about your activity or hobby. Don’t just take up a hobby because you know that the girl has an affinity towards it. Having a passion is not just good for making yourself more interesting but it’s great for personal development as well.

3. Be Presentable

man smiling drinking coffee

No, you can’t just swoon a girl by your charming personality alone. You need to make yourself more presentable. For one, girls love guys who smell good. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should shower yourself with perfumes, this simply means practicing good hygiene. Go take a shower, use body soap, shampoo your hair, put on some deodorant, and you’re set. You can opt for a cologne but don’t go to town with it. It also helps that you know how to dress the right way. This doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothes from high- end brands, this simply means that you should know how to dress sharp. The key is to look effortless with your outfit.

4. Get Her To Laugh

man hugging a woman from behind

Every girl loves a guy that can make her laugh, and that’s not just a cliché.

Even if you think that you are not funny, you might be surprised with yourself as long as you try to make her smile or laugh. Having a sense of humor gives her the impression that you are intellectually strong and humorous which is considered a desirable trait for a future partner. Get the girl so smile early on and it will make her more relax and comfortable whenever you are around. This, of course, facilitates interest and attraction.

5. Beef Up Your Confidence Game

happy man

Confidence is what separates the men who get as many dates than they can handle and those who can barely get a first date. Those who possess a high level of confidence will always be very attractive to women. On the other hand, the lack of confidence in an individual will be outright dismissed. Signs of low confidence level usually means limp posture, speaks without conviction, and very indecisive.

Can You Really Blame Women If They’re Not Attracted To Such Qualities?

Again, this all comes back to tip #1 and #2. Success breeds confidence, so it certainly won’t hurt to invest in things that you are passionate about. Take pride in the things that you excel at but make sure that you don’t look cocky.

Also, by following tip #3, you should also effectively boost your confidence level. Eat right, hit the gym, and dress sharp – these will go a long way in improving your self-confidence. Men who embody confidence will always appear attractive to women – and that’s a fact of life.

Ready To Make Her Fall For You?

With these tips on how to get a girl to like you, you will not only be able to attract that girl that you like but all women in general. These surefire tips will also make you into a better person as a whole. Any other tips or secrets that you can share for attracting women? Feel free to share your expertise in the comments section!

It wasn’t so long ago that having a car was an absolute necessity, and not having one left you at the mercy of unreliable cab drivers who never seemed to be around when you needed them. It wasn’t so long ago that you had to pay an arm and a leg to get a cab or a town car to pick you up from the airport. It wasn’t so long ago that you worried about heading to a bar without a designated driver.

But car service companies like Lyft and Uber have changed all of that. They’ve made it easy and relatively inexpensive to get where you’re going regardless of whether or not you have your own car.

In A Battle Of Lyft VS Uber, Who Wins?


They’ve revolutionized the world for city dwellers who often don’t own a car, but still need one on an occasional basis. They’ve turned your smartphone into your own private chauffeur, and they have given their customers comfort, convenience, and control over their own transportation.

If you use one of these services, then you probably have a favorite. You’ve got their app on your phone, and you might even see some of the same drivers from time to time. There is a strict divide between Lyft and Uber users, and not a lot of carry-over between them. There are those who are team Lyft, and those who are team Uber, and there’s probably not a lot that will sway anyone’s decision.

But maybe you’re still on the fence. Maybe you haven’t actually picked a team yet. Maybe you’ve used Uber once to get to a party, but that’s about all you know. You’re not likely to get impartial responses from regular users, but here is an objective breakdown of each company’s service. Using these comparisons you can decide for yourself once and for all who reigns supreme when it comes to Lyft vs Uber.

Comparing Service Areas

people discussing

One of the first key factors you need to examine when comparing Lyft vs Uber is their coverage areas and operating hours. Both companies operate at all hours of the day or night, but because they are dependent on when drivers choose to be available, you’ll likely run into longer wait times in the wee hours of the morning. This is an equal inconvenience across both providers. For you as an individual, your preference for one company over the other may come down to whether or not they are available in your town or city. Here is how they stack up on coverage.
Uber is by far the bigger company, and as a result, its service area is bigger. It provides rides in hundreds of US towns and cities and hundreds of cities worldwide. This larger service area means you are less likely to be stranded without a ride.

Of course Lyft is available in a large area as well. Although they do not operate internationally, there are Lyft drivers working in 46 US states. You can easily search their site here to see if your city falls within their range of service.

Reserving A Car

using a mobile phone

Both ride sharing services are on-demand, and though wait times are usually only a few minutes based on the location of drivers, there are times when you don’t want to risk being late. If you’re looking for a ride to pick you up from a bar after a night out, punctuality isn’t super important, but if you need to get to the airport, you don’t really want to risk a car not being available. That’s why both companies allow you to reserve cars in advance. Uber will allow you to reserve a car up to 30 days in advance. They point out that it’s perfect for rides to the airport, important work functions, or even a wedding reception. If you know the date and time that you’ll need an Uber, why not book your car in advance, and worry less?
All you have to do is open the app, click the car and clock icon, and fill in your ride details. You’ll get email notifications about your scheduled trip, and you can make changes or cancel easily. Lyft offers scheduled rides for their standard Lyft service up to 7 days in advance. You schedule your ride the same way, by opening the app and clicking the clock icon. Type in your details, and confirm your ride.

Lyft uses a calculation called Prime Time to determine the rate at which your ride will be charged based on what the predicted rate is for your scheduled time of travel. You can cancel anytime up until you have been paired with a driver.

Types Of Service Available

One obvious reason that people choose ride shares over cabs, other than the handy app, is the ability to choose the kind of car you get picked up in. A cab, regardless of the company, is just a cab. Its interior is sparse, the radio is either broken or blaring, and there never seems to be enough leg room.

A standard Uber service is called UberX. It provides you with a basic vehicle that fits up to 4 passengers. There are minimum vehicle requirements for UberX that vary slightly by city, but, generally, limit vehicles to 4 door sedans or mini vans that have no cosmetic damage, have passed a car inspection, and have a working air conditioner. Generally, models must be a 2002 or newer for this basic service.

Lyft vs Uber

If you need an SUV that seats up to 6 people, for say a trip to the airport, then you can select UberXL. If you need an SUV that seats up to 6, but maybe you’re doing something more exciting, like celebrating a bachelor party, then you can select UberSUV and get picked up in a luxury SUV instead.

UberPool lets you get the maximum out of a ride sharing program. It’s the equivalent of splitting a cab ride with someone except that Uber works out all the logistics for you, and you don’t even have to know the other passenger or passengers.

UberBLACK is the ultra way to travel. You get a professional driver, a black town car, and seating for up to 4 people. If you need to make an impression, or make an entrance, this is the way to go.

Uber also provides services for those who need wheelchair or scooter assistance through UberWAV, and UberSELECT can help you make the most of a very special occasion with the best drivers, and the best luxury cars. Finally, you can even use the UberTAXI service to find an available cab through the Uber app.

Lyft has a standard, basic service called Lyft Original, and it provides a vehicle for up to 4 passengers. Lyft has minimum vehicle requirements for their basic-level service as well. These requirements vary by state and city, but generally, cars have to be a 2005 model or newer, with no body damage, and working air conditioning.

LyftPlus provides standard cars for up to 6 passengers and Lyft Premier offers 4 passenger luxury cars. LyftLux and LyftLux SUV provide a luxury black car service for 4 and 6 passengers respectively.

Lyft vs Uber

Lastly, LyftLine allows you to share your Lyft with other passengers going in the same direction as you, if not necessarily the same place.

From the breakdown of their various service levels, it’s pretty easy to see that they are comparable to one another. Each company allows you to select vehicles based on the number of passengers you have as well as the level of style you desire.

What Else Are These Companies Doing?

So far Lyft and Uber are split pretty evenly. They offer similar levels of service, and with the exception of international service, pretty comparable service areas. Each company does a driving and background check on its drivers, and each company has a convenient app that makes scheduling, or requesting a ride a synch.

So how can you tell who is better? Here is a look at how each company is moving beyond simple ride sharing and thinking bigger.

Uber has some major plans. With Uber Eats they have made a foray into convenient food delivery, and it’s just a matter of time before they expand to other types of delivery options as well.

They also offer Uber for Business with a convenient dashboard to manage rides for employees, clients, and work events. Businesses can schedule rides and request rides without the hassle of filing out expense report forms.

Uber is also poised to get into bike sharing, as well as integrating its app into city transit systems. Before too long you may be able to pay for your subway ride within your Uber app on your smartphone. You may also have an easier way to rent out your car or someone else’s after Uber integrates the service GetAround into is app.

Lyft is likewise working with businesses through a similarly convenient dashboard system. Companies can manage how their employees and clients get to the airport, how they commute into work, and how they attend events.

Lyft also has similar services that are aimed at both patients and students. In both cases, there are services to make sure that your riders can get to where they need to go when you are not available.

If you are taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent, Lyft for Patients can help relieve some of the stress of your daily life by taking them to and from appointments for less than what other shuttle services would charge.

Or if you have kids in school that cannot take public transportation, you have a simple solution with Lyft for Students on days when an early work meeting, or a late work dinner make playing chauffeur impossible.

Their Public Image
No comparison of Lyft vs Uber would be complete without a discussion of their public images. This speaks to not simply the quality of their services, but the overall quality of their companies. While Lyft has remained fairly free from controversy, Uber has struggled recently with its public image due to a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company, and allegations of a cutthroat work environment. Uber drivers also often complain of low wages. Uber does not allow
customers to tip drivers, unlike Lyft, and this has been linked to lower job satisfaction among drivers.

Uber was also the subject of a Twitter storm under the hashtag #DeleteUber in 2017 when it appeared to be using a protest against President Trump’s Travel Ban as a way to increase profits in New York. Uber is also reportedly being investigated for trying to track Lyft drivers.

Declaring a Winner
As far as overall customer experience, there may be little difference between Lyft and Uber. They operate the same way through a convenient app, and they allow their customers to request, or schedule rides whenever they need it.

Each service provides passengers with a choice of the type of car they need, as well as varying levels of luxury. They each charge customers based on the demand of rides at the time, as well as by city and state.

Lyft comes off looking better in the press than Uber, but it has yet to significantly hurt or help either company. Plus, Uber’s plans for the future seem to get bigger every day. And it’s really the size of Uber and its reach that gives them the top spot. More drivers in more places mean less standing around and waiting. With service in more places, Uber has to take the ride sharing cake.

Everyone who owns a car should know how to jump a car. That’s because everyone who owns a car will have to jump-start it at some point. It’s inevitable. Even when there are so many measures to keep you from leaving your lights on, or draining your battery accidentally, it will still happen.

And if it doesn’t happen to you, you’re equally as likely to run into a friend, neighbor, or coworker who needs a jump start. That’s why having jumper cables in your car is part of being a responsible driver.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Jumping A Car

How to jump a car

But it’s not just having the jumper cables that is important, it’s knowing how to use them. You have a vague understanding about how to jump a car. You have a theoretical knowledge if not a working knowledge, but you know that’s not enough. Jumping a car might look easy, but there are ways to easily do it wrong that are a danger to the cars and the people in them. So before you start connecting cables willy nilly, take a look at these do’s and don’ts of how to jump a car.

The Do’s Of Jumping A Car

The first trick of how to jump a car begins long before you have a dead battery and a stranded car. It begins with buying jumper cables and keeping them in your trunk. It also means locating your car’s owner’s manual and actually reading it.

How to jump a car

You don’t need to read it cover to cover, but every car is different when it comes to the location of the positive and negative terminals that you connect the jumper cables to, and it’s important to know where they are on your car.

So definitely do bookmark that spot in your manual, and take the time to pop the hood and make sure you understand what the manual is telling you. As important as owner’s manuals are, they often have vague or confusing wording and very grainy pictures. If what your manual says does not make sense, you can always turn to YouTube to find footage of your make and model car for clarity.

With a little background knowledge in your pocket, you are ready to actually jump-start a car. Maybe you’ve had your car battery for a while, and you were wondering when it would need replaced. Turns out it’s today, and you’re already running late.

You’ll want to start with both cars turned off and placed in either park or neutral. Then take out your jumper cables and identify the proper ends. The red cable is the positive cable. Remember that. Red equals positive.

You’ll connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery, and then connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the good battery. Red cable. Positive to positive. So far, so good.

The negative cables are black. That kind of makes sense, right. Okay, so you place the negative cable on the negative terminal of the good car. On the stalled car, you will place the negative cable on a clean, unpainted metal surface.

Once the cables are placed correctly, you’ll start the engine on the good battery and run it for 2 to 3 minutes. With both engines off, you’ll remove the cables in the reverse of the order that you connected them starting with the negative cable on the engine block of the stalled car and proceeding from there.

Now it’s time to try to start the stalled car. Fingers crossed that it was just the battery. Take a little breath, maybe say a little prayer, and then turn that ignition key. Your car should start right up, and you’ll have just avoided a tow to the shop.

To make sure that the battery gets sufficiently charged before you turn the engine off, you should keep the car running for about 30 minutes.

The Don’ts Of Jumping A Car

Jump-starting a car is generally a pretty easy process, but it can still be dangerous to both you and your vehicle if done incorrectly. The biggest risk is shock, so you need to remember that both cars should be off before you start the process.

Also be sure to never to connect the negative cable of the stalled car to the negative terminal. Doing so risks shock or even explosion. Yikes. You also want to make sure not to lean over the battery during a jump-start, or try to jump-start a battery that is cracked or leaking.

Get Back On The Road Easily

If you follow these simple steps on how to jump a car, you will be able to safely and easily jump-start a car to get yourself, or someone you know out of a jam. It can be so frustrating when a car doesn’t start the way that it’s supposed to, but as long as you’ve got your jumper cables handy, it doesn’t have to ruin your day.