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Fair warning, this post contains pictures of boobs and stuff. They are made out of cake, but some are pretty realistic.



So, you’re getting hitched. Congratulations! You’re about to embark on the journey to the best day of your life, hopefully filled with joy, laughter, and love between you and your honey. Quite possibly, this time will be one of the most stressful for you, as there are buckets of money to be spent, and your wife, her mother, and your mother are going to fold themselves into wedding-planning machines until they’re satisfied…which could possibly be doing the impossible.

But, what about you? You’re getting married too. Apart from all the planning, you get your final day of being a bachelor. with all of your closest friends, and that one weird second cousin your soon-to-be wife probably made you invite.

alan gif

Don’t let the goon squad take away from your bachelor party experience. It’s time to go all out and treat yourself! Go clubbing, get sloshed, do whatever you probably won’t be able to do when you get married. For starters, you could get, I dunno, a cake shaped like a massive set of boobs? How about Barbie on a stripper pole? Cupcakes shaped like beer steins? The possibilities are literally endless. Nothing is off limits when you’re coming up with an idea for a bachelor party, and I’m not exaggerating when I say nothing. If I were a baker that specialized in bachelor’s party cakes, I’d see more boobs and butts made of cake than real ones in my life, hands down. So, without further ado, here are some awesome, striking ideas for bachelor party cakes that maybe will inspire you to ask your mom to make you a cake shaped like a gigantic penis.

  1. This workout cake that will do the exact opposite to your waistline, by Amaranto’s Cakes.amaranto cakes  Check out more cakes at
  2. This stripper cake from Cakes by Ane that looks like the real deal from a distance.
    cakes by ane   Check out more cakes at
  3. This xBox cake for the gamer that finally unlocked the most valued achievement in the game.
    centralfloridacatering Check out more cakes at, with tips and tricks for making your own xBox cake! Save money and get loads of credit!
  4. This slot machine cake that was made at home, that looks good enough to bet your wedding bands on…okay, maybe not. But still.
    novie   Check out more cakes at!
  5. This delicious final resting place for all the drunken, half naked memories that will be cherished from now only in your mind…and a photo album kept private on your phone.
    Sublime Cake Design   Check out their website at
  6. This homemade lumberjack cake that makes a manly man feel at his manly home with his manly friends.
    sugargeekshow See the full story at
  7. This super realistic set of knockers made out of pure cake that will make your mom disappointed, your wife jealous, and all of your friends super happy. Make it even more fun by taking bets as to who will call dibs on the nips.
    The Little Cupcake Kitchen   Check out The Little Cupcake Kitchen for more cakes. Pretty innocent name for a bakery making cake boobs, ammiright?
  8. This G-rated fun cake that reminds you that your freedom has ended. But your married life is beginning.
    heathers cakes and confections   Check out more of her work at The website hasn’t been updated for a while, but if you read reviews on wedding websites, you won’t be disappointed!
  9. Last but not least, my personal favorite, this booty-ful cake. Hah. Booty.
    valentine street bakery   Check out more of their works at I couldn’t find their actual website, but this does provide some contact information!


Hopefully this post has inspired you, made you laugh, or made you drool (quite possibly in more than just hunger). Share this post with all your soon-to-be groomsmen and show them all the possibilities. Who knows what can happen!

For us, St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most fun holiday of the year: plenty of beer, drunken bands, street celebrations and scantily clad girls in green fairy costumes. What could a dude wish for more? Of course, the actual feast of St. Patrick has more serious origins, and has come to be associated in time with Irish pride, especially in minority Irish communities which felt a need to express themselves, often against discrimination. But beyond the more serious meaning, this day sure is super-fun! Therefore, we decided to make a list of the best St Patricks Day gifts for dudes from this year’s edition of the fest.

Treat yourself to something cute and funny, or buy a gift to a bro of yours; whichever way, these cute St Patricks Day gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone.

1. St Patrick’s Day Beer Coolers (Pack of 2)

2 pack st patricks day beer coolers

The choicest way to keep drinks cool when attending a St. Patrick’s Day party or drink-out. Comes in pairs for your date or your closest bro, and when you’ll be armed with these 2 beer coolers you’ll be ready for the most awesome bar hop of the year.

2. Shamrock Head Boppers (by the Dozen!)

st patricks day gifts for 12: head boppers

Again, one of the coolest gifts you could possibly make to all your friends, be they boys or girls. Heck, it’s even a fit hand-out for a kid as well, should you happen to have a few around you as well. Makes everyone cuter, bolder and ready to par-ty, par-ty, par-ty! You can find the head boppers in a super-cheap dozen pack on Amazon.

3. The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt for Guys

black t shirt with shamrock tie

No list of St Patricks Day gifts could dream of being complete without a proper T-shit. A classy choice is this tie T-shirt in black, with a single but essential green detail – the shamrock tie. You can go for other color combinations as well, especially if you plan to gift some of these shirts to others as well (so you won’t be wearing identical tops to the party).

4. The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt Suit

t shirt suit st patricks day

If you’re ready to take your leprechaun style a step higher, then why not wear a suit-printed shirt instead, to bring out the handsome devil inside you? Only a notch classier, but just as fun, the T-shirt suit will make you the main attraction of the party.

5. An Actual St. Patrick’s Day Suit

st patricksday men suit

Also, if you’d like to take your style even further a notch and wear an actual St. Paddy’s Day themed suit, this classy suit is definitely the item you should bet on. It’s high quality enough not to look as a cheap rip-off from some shady website, but also affordable enough and super-fun. For the dandy of the Irish party.

6. A Huge Irish Green Hat

huge shamrock velvet hat

Choose a velvet hat for a timeless chic touch (and by all means please avoid plastic).

7. An Official Beer Taster Hat

official beer taster hat

For a funnier effect, choose this hat: the fur trimmings are cute, it looks good on almost anyone and the message makes for one of the funniest St Patricks Day gifts possible. Not that we actually need any formal office to taste as many beers as possible!

8. Luck of the Irish Pillow

luck of the irish pillow

If you’ve had enough of the usual fooling around St Patricks Day gifts, this pillow is actually sturdy and classy, and suitable for use long after the holiday will pass. If you’d like to keep (or gift) a memento of the good times, not to mention a little good luck charm, this comfy pillow for home use is the ideal choice.

9. A Quality Shamrock Picture Frame

shamrock picture frame

If you choose this classy model from Belleek, it will come with a warranty and an elegant touch of white china, with just the right shamrock touch. Another classier choice that distinguishes itself from the other St Patricks Day gifts as an actual memorable gift which will last.

10. Shamrock Coaster Set

st patrick's day coasters

And since we couldn’t end our list of ultimate St Patricks Day gifts on that serious note, check out this set of coasters with just the right theme. Let’s not forget that this day wouldn’t be complete without plenty of beer, and these coasters will definitely contribute to the festive air.

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Top 10 Cool Facts about Space

The Dude —  February 16, 2016


It has been called the great beyond or the final frontier and it is a very well-known fact that we know so little about space. Our technology is currently so rudimentary that we can’t actually explore it like we wanted to, no matter how much we desire to know the ultimate truth and find out what really lies out there, so far away from our reach. But the facts that we do know about space is mind-blowing in and of itself, so here are 10 cool fact about space, that will blow your mind!

#1. Space is completely silent

There is actually no discernible sound in outer space, which makes is a completely weird place for us, giving that we come from a planet were sound is all around, at all times. The lack of any noise is due to the fact that sounds need a medium to journey through and, since there’s no atmosphere in outer space, sound can’t propagate.

#2. The footprints on the Moon will be there forever, probably

When the Apollo astronauts first set foot on the surface of the Moon, their space suited feet left footprints in the soil. Since the Moon has no atmosphere of its own, there is no wind, water nor erosion that could wash them off, which is why scientists estimate they will be there for at least 100 billion more years.

#3. Our solar system is actually…the sun

In a whopping proportion of 99%, the sun takes up the whole of our solar system. The star is so big and so dense that it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. This is also why it’s at the center of our system and has enough gravitational mass to keep all the other planets revolving around it.

#4. The sun will implode

And speaking of the sun, most astrophysicists subscribe to the theory that says our solar system will cease to exist at some point because our sun will keep getting bigger and bigger, engulfing some of the planets nearest to him and it will collapse on itself, leaving nothing in its stead but a vast empty nothingness. If it won’t engulf the earth as well, life on our planet will die nonetheless, because of radiation or lack of warmth and light.

#5. String theory

There is a widely accepted theory in the world of physics about the universe, which says that it’s not the only one in existence. There are actually multiple parallel universes, which we cannot see or perceive in any way, very close to ours. This is why they claim the correct term shouldn’t be ‘universe’, but ‘multiverse’.

#6. Metals in space

If there are two pieces of metal of exactly the same type in space and they touch, they will bond and remain like that forever. The effect has been dubbed ‘cold welding’. The reason is even more astounding than the fact. In space, unlike on earth, atoms have absolutely no idea they belong to different bodies, so they simply stick together and never let go.

#7. Our moon is the only one without a name

Different planets in our solar system have a number of moons, gravitating around them. The number depends on how big the planet really is. The bigger the planet, the greater the gravitational pull. We have managed to name all of them, giving them titles such as Elara, Europa, Leda, Mneme, Thebe, all belonging to Jupiter or Atlas, Calypso, Hyperion, Phoebe, Titan and Tethys, all belonging to Saturn. Only ours is called ‘The Moon’.

#8. White holes

There is a mathematic principle which, when applied, gives the result that white holes can actually exist. A white hole is a definite area in spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which light and matter can escape. We have never found a white hole.

#9. Good night on Uranus is (almost) permanent

Uranus has a very special tilt as far as its position to our Sun is considered. And this is why one night on Uranus lasts for 21 years continuously, until the planet manages to revolve and step into the light again. Another cool fact about Uranus is that almost all of its known moons have been named after the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

#10. Black holes eat planets

And they literally eat them whole. If a planet gets close enough to a black hole, its huge amount of gravity will actually tear the planet apart down to the last grain of debris and it will swallow it whole. It has happened in other galaxies than ours and scientists say it was both fascinating and terrifying to watch.

And, as a last bonus cool fact about space, even though we still know so little about it, due to our toddler-like pieces of technology, we still know more about space than we do about the depths of our oceans.

What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas? This is a question many dudes involved in a steady relationship are asking themselves. Nature didn’t really intend for us to be good at choosing gifts, and this seasonal frenzy of gift buying and gift exchanging are often a tiresome and overwhelming time for guys. In an effort to get it right, we end up overdoing it and crossing into cheesy territory, or looking like an idiot for not trying enough. Fear not, these 10 gift ideas for your girlfriend will save you. Browse through and think of what she might like, there’s something for everyone here.

1. A new digital camera

nikon coolpix s33

Choose one in a pretty, vivid color to match her usual style, since women tend to accessorize everything to everything. The waterproof Nikon Coolpix S33 is a smart choice, and only $96 on Amazon. Then, you get to experiment with the settings together and learn more about amateur photography, so it really is a nice gift for the longer run as well.

2. A bottle of perfume which is trending right now

juicy couture bottle perfume

Choose something there’s currently a hype about, so she will get a chance to try on something new. A nice choice is Juicy Couture by Viva la Juicy, one of this year’s best sellers. A bottle is only $42 now on Amazon (due to end of the year sales).

3. Her favorite TV show on DVDs


Help her stock up on all the episodes of something she likes. Do it even if it means you will occasionally have to watch them along too, it’s one of the best gift ideas you could have. Check out his hot Netflix original series: Orange is the New Black.

4. An album with a story (HONY)

hony story album

If she’s a fan of books or art albums in particular, she will definitely enjoy a new addition to her collection. The popular Humans of New York series of photos is among the best choices to make. You can find it on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

5. A pretty necklace with Swarovski crystals

snowflake crystal necklace

Sure, this is already dwelling dangerously into cheesy territory, but the point is that she’ll like it. As long as you choose something classy and cute like this snowflake pendant (and stay away from hearts and so on), it will all be fine. This snowflake necklace with Swarovski crystals is available on Amazon for just $69.99 around this time.

6. An ugly Christmas sweater with a sassy twist

naughty christmas hoodie

Ugly Christmas sweaters are now tradition, but surprise her with a bit of sass inscribed on it and it will make of one the best gift ideas you ever had. You can even go to something more original and skip the sweater altogether. Check out this naughty hoodie on Amazon, for example.

7. Arrangements for an unusual experience

Plan an unique date for the two of you even if it won’t necessarily be a gift per se. This can be a tutorial in a craft, or an extreme sports experience (if you’re both the adventurous type) or a date in a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city. Experiences instead of actual objects are one of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, and a way to make a lasting impact.

8. A gourmet food gift with various ingredients and samples

swiss colony gourmet gift

If your girlfriend enjoys experimenting with tastes and trying out new foods, then she will definitely enjoy one of these gift ideas. Look in the variety of gourmet gifts already selected and packed nicely. A good example is this food gift from The Swiss Colony, with a little bit of everything in it.

9. An assortment of teas

tea box gift

Every other girl nowadays is probably a fan of exotic teas, which makes an assorted tea box one of the best gift ideas for girlfriends everywhere. Take a look at this tea gift box on Amazon and see how simple you can make it for her to sample the world one cup at a time.

10. A ticket to a show or concert you know for a fact that she likes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a ticket for her alone or for her and a friend, to something you don’t like that much yourself. It will simply show that while you may not share her tastes entirely, you listen to what she tells you about.

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There are plenty of opinions on what a man should have in his car or not, and how things can be boiled down to the essential. We strived as well to come up with this final list of only 10 items, and there have been plenty of heated debates on the matter among us bloggers on the DudePins team. But even for the dude who doesn’t have a car, this list of awesome stuff can help you out in any situation, both at your man-cave or when gone camping. Therefore, we’d totally recommend them to any dude in almost any circumstance.

manly power tools

1. The Swiss Army Knife

The ultimate tool which every boy who leaves home – even for a day – should have with him. Even if you don’t invest in an extra-complicated model, having a basic Swiss Army Knife with you when the situation calls for a can to be opened, a piece of rope or packaging to be cut, and so on, can really make you look awesome in the eyes of any wanna be swiss army knife owner (either dudes or dudettes).

2. An extra phone charger

You don’t want to remain without service (or without ways or getting in touch with civilization) just because you forgot your phone charger at home. It’s maybe not the manliest of manly tools you need to have, in an obvious macho way, but super-useful nonetheless.

3. A flashlight

The flashlight can be not just useful, but also a source of infinite fun for a lot of camping activities. Think in-tent light show for you and a special lady friend, for example. Corny, but romantic enough for the dudette in question, trust us.

4. Jumper cables

Also a source of infinite usefulness, for a whole variety of situations, beyond getting your car unexpectedly unresponsive.

5. Couple of blankets

For whenever the chill catches you and whoever you’re with unprepared. A blanket may not sound very manly on a shopping list, but it gives you an instant ‘Prince Charming’ aura when you come warm someone up with it.

6. Flares

Look for something versatile, which can be used on the side of the road, but maybe a flair gun as well, if you ever get really lost or need to scare off a dangerous animal.

7. First aid kid

The name should be self-explanatory, but if it’s not, trust us when we say that you should have one with you. You should also take some first aid lessons so you can help out anyone in need get back on their feet.

8. Water purifier

You can easily find special straws which purify up to several gallons of water, in case you get stuck in the wild for a while and need to drink something, but the local supply of water seems a bit questionable.

9. Life hammer

You never know when you might need to get out of the sinking car as fast as you can! Keep it next to your seat.

10. Ice scraper

Trust us, you don’t want to be that funny-looking dude who is scraping the frost off his car windows using his bank card or something equally lame. Just get the ice scraper your car needs and keep it in the trunk already. It’s time to get proper tools for your manly needs, instead of being caught unprepared forever.

We’ll continue our series of blog posts with other lists of tools & essentials for other places besides your car. All in all, our man caves are starting to get geared up pretty nicely since we started giving these lists some thought.

Image source: here.

We all like to miss a night of sleep every now and then. Ok, maybe not completely skipping sleep, but catching just two hours of zzzzs doesn’t really count as getting proper rest. We’re still young and sometimes the fun with our group of friends seems to just be beginning when our body calls for sleep, so who could blame us for sticking around? Well, we obviously share the feeling, but let’s take a look at what science says happens whenever we don’t sleep enough. Some of these effects are just entertaining to read, and some may actually cause you to think twice about the second sleepless night in a week.

sleepy guy

1. It makes you stupid

Yup, that’s right: lack of sleep actually makes you measurably dumber, in a proven way. Your short term memory (which is usually consolidated during sleep) will get hurt and function at a slower and ‘foggier’ pace, and so will attention, concentration, problem solving skills, critical thinking etc.

2. Lowered libido

If that’s not enough reason for concern, we don’t know what is. What’s worse is that the effect seems to stack up: if you tend to lose a lot of sleep regularly, you may actually become a bit sexually dysfunctional.

3. It causes heart problems

The risk of various heart problems (including serious and sudden ones such a stroke) is greatly increased after each night of getting too little sleep.

4. It causes accidents

Chances are, whenever you hear about freaky accidents or chain accidents or anything else you may find remarkable in your newsfeed, it may have all started with some dude who didn’t get enough sleep. Lack of proper movement coordination and so on, you know.

5. It makes you confused

Let’s just say that if fairytale dwarf names were still acceptable, you would definitely be called ‘Forgetful’ by all your buddies after one sleepless night. You may not realize just how annoying all your striving for words can be when you’re that tired, but trust us, all your friends do notice.

6. It makes you depressed (and possibly a drama queen too)

Being sleep deprived modifies your brain chemistry in just the most awful ways. Depression and unstoppable complaining are just the most obvious effects.

7. It makes you look bad

Your usual handsome self will be replaced by a baggy-eyed, tired fellow, but that’s not all: science proves that actually, your skin is more prone to aging and generally looks bad as well, after a sleepless night.

8. It impairs your judgement

Losing sleep is proven to lead to a chain of bad decisions, both from the point of view of your health, and in general. Constant lack of sleep will just set you on a downward spiral of self-destruction (ok, a bit of an over-emphasis there, but you get the point.

9. It makes you fat

Your body will attempt to gain back your energy and compensate for the lack of sleep by over-eating, and your appetite may be seriously unbalanced even after you recover the missed sleep.

10. It can cause you to die (no, seriously)

Yes, perhaps this is the most not-funny effect from the list: a recent study has proven that cutting your number of sleeping hours from seven to five (or fewer) can double up your risk of dying from all possible causes. Holy cow!

Image source: here.

10 Surprising Facts about Mario

The Dude —  September 21, 2015

Hey there dudes (and dudettes), remember the Mario of video games we all knew and loved as children growing up? Mario games are still a hit with geeks and video game aficionados all over the country and the world, and there are plenty of gaming platforms who are reviving or enhancing the original games for their users.


If you’ve been a Mario fan since you were young or discovered him later on, here’s a list of surprising facts you may have not known about this popular character.  Enjoy a blast from the past!

1. Mario kills innocent victims

According to the manual of the original game, the innocent mushroom people who got their kingdom invaded by the evil black magic wielding turtles were turned into pieces of wall or flowers. In other words, each time Mario breaks a piece of wall for extra points, he murders one of the innocent mushroom people! Oh no!

2. There are two porn movies about Mario

Yes, totally NSFW content based on Mario fandom has been created. Both movies star Ron Jeremy as Mario. Nintendo purchased all rights to the movies in order to prevent their distribution, as it may hurt the image of their popular games.

3. Birdo is the first cross-dressing video game character ever created

The pink dinosaur with the cute bow and purple eye shadow is actually a man (and has always been voiced by a man too). The Mario game has been open-minded since way before it was cool.

4. Mario is bald and wears a toupee

In the original drawings, Mario has always appeared to have a shiny baldness on the top of his head, and game theorists think his current looks are actually aided with a toupee.

5. Fans report hidden messages in Mario games

There’s no way of knowing if these messages are indeed intentionally put there, but fans have reported that some game covers have only some of the letters highlighted by a sparkle, and that if you put these letters together, messages like ‘Ur Mr. Gay’ may come up.

6. Mario was known under different names

The creator of the character initially named him ‘Mr. Video’ and said that he intended to use him in all future video games he created. Afterwards, he was named Jumpman, and eventually Mario after Mario Segale (an American businessman).

7. The DonkeyKong Mario game was initially intended to be a Popeye game

Because the name’s creators couldn’t actually get the rights to the Popeye characters they wanted to use, they decided to use Mario and Pauline instead.

8. Nintendo has to issue an 80 million dollar settlement to gamers who injured their hands

Playing a Mario game which came out in 1996 reportedly gave people blisters in their palm or on their thumb, because the game required them to rotate the analogue joystick on their game controller vigorously. No suits were filed, but Nintendo offered up this money in order to prevent them.

9. Mario’s full name is Mario Mario

Since Mario and his brother Luigi are known as the Mario brothers, it could be inferred that their last name is Mario. The game creators, however, deny this.

10. Mario may be high on mushrooms during his game adventures

His ability to grow and shrink due to mushroom consumption is inspired from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, and by the looks of his experience (magical flying creatures, intense colors and so on), he may be quite high. This was confirmed by the character’s creator himself in a 2005 interview, when he stated that the game is indeed inspired from Alice in Wonderland and that the famous book is believed by scholars to definitely be an allegory for drug use.

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