Color Changing Shoes- Matching Shoes to an Outfit is No longer a Problem

Jen Eberly —  August 4, 2016


Picture provided by: Geekwire


Find out the new technology that is now found in the smart shoes.  These shoes are so high tech they change color on que.  The high technology E-ink and Samsung change one pair of shoes into many pairs of shoes.  Not only has E-ink and Samsung released their new technology an UK-based company called Rehabstore has come up with a smart sneaker. This sneaker has very similar technology that the E-ink heel has.  Read more to find out all the stylish and cutting edge features of the smart shoes.

Changing Color Shoes

Who doesn’t want to have shoes that change colors to match their outfit?  Many closets are going to shrink after this new invention gets out on the market.  The new technology can be found in sneakers and heels.  It will most likely be expanded to every type of shoe.  You don’t need to get one of every color she anymore.  With the new E-ink and Samsung smart shoes you only have to be one of each style of shoe.

Physical Transformations

Physical transformations are one of the unique features you would not expect from a shoe that changes color.  There are many options to change up the style of your shoe.  This impacts both women and men in the fashion world.  At the heel and the toe of each E-ink shoe there are attachment points that are hidden.  You can attach anything from a bow or an ankle strap.  By changing the color and the style you can have a completely new shoe.  This feature adds more worth to the shoe and more ability to be creative and experiment with the smart shoes.  The Samsung smart shoe is a sneaker so there are no extra attachments and The sensors are all over the shoe so they can detect your weight shifts and movement.  Both of the smart shoes, E-ink and Samsung, have the ability to change colors to match others, your outfit, and much more.

Changing Shoes to Match Your Outfit

Isn’t a pain to have to change your shoes to match your outfit? Or have to go out and buy a new pair of shoes because the ones you have do not match your outfit?  The new E-ink technology smart shoes are the solution to every women and men’s problem.  Being able to change the style and the color of one pair of shoe is a girls dream come true.  Now it’s just a click of a button or swipe across your smart phone to change what style or color of shoe you are wearing.  This technology is going to slim down your closet but not your wallet.

Smart Shoe Technology

E-ink has created a shoe that is able to change colors.  Right now the shoe created can only change to black, white, and shades of grey.  Developers of this one of a kind shoe hope to be able to get the shoe to change to other colors too.  Also, they hope to be able to even get the shoe to give you a foot massage.  How do they get a shoe to do this you may ask?  Well there is a control in the shoe that you can connect with your smart phone.  This allows you to change the color of the shoe and work with some of the other features of the smart shoe.  The Volvorii smart shoe uses e-ink technology which is similar to an e-readers technology.  The charging time will blow your mind on this wireless piece of technology.  There is a wireless charger and it also on takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge.  But that is not it, once the she is fully charged you don not need to charge it for 2 to 3 weeks.  The technology in the smart shoes is beyond imagination.  Once the shoe goes on the market there will definitely be more room in many womens closests.  Guys you should be thankful about that.

Smart Sneakers

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The possibilities are unlimited with smart sneakers.  More specifically they are called shift sneakers.  These shoes are one of a kind, they do even more then the E-ink smart shoes.  These sneakers were developed by a company called Rehabstudio.  Rehabstudio created the shoes as part of their hack week so that shoe lovers could get a hand on their one of a kind collection.  The technology in the smart sneakers includes phase change fibers, meta materials to bend light or have the ability to react to the environment, conductive threads, LEDs and shape memory materials.  This one of a kind sneaker has it all.  There is a Bluetooth connected app that allows the owner to customize the color of the shoes.  There is a running pack that is one of the coolest features on the shoe.  It allows the shoe to change colors according to the runners target pace.  They will glow either blue, red, or green.  There are many other packs that come with the smart sneaker too.  Other packages include the ability to match the shoes perfectly with an outfit selfie, match them to your friends shoes, designer collections, and glow in the dark for nighttime visibility.  These shoes really can do it all.

Samsung Smart Shoes

Samsung has now come out with a smart shoe for golfers and runners.  The shoes technology is synced with a Samsung smartphone.  The golf shoe are for tracking the golfer’s swing and posture.  The goal of the golfer smart shoe is the shoe will be able to correct the golfer while golfing.  This will eliminate having a trainer follow around golfers.  The technology in the golf shoe uses sensors in the Iofit shoe to sense where and when the weight is shifted during the swing.  Surprisingly after testing they are effective.  They are projected to come on the market in February.  Not only do they have a golf shoe but they also have a running/fitness sneaker that also uses the Iofit technology. The sneakers like the golf shoes use sensors to help detect where your weight is and it gives you tips to improve your fitness. The Samsung smart shoe is one of the top smart shoes soon to be on the market, along with the E-ink smart shoe.


Smart Shoe Pricing

The shoe hasn’t even come out on the market yet but it has a price tag ready for when it hits the shelves.  This high technology shoe will be priced around 499 dollars for the E-ink smart shoe.  The Samsung smart shoe is a little less expensive at about 200 dollars.  The difference is that the Volvorii brand is more expensive to begin with which drives up the price of the shoes.  Where as the Samsung shoes are installed into Nike shoes which are slightly expensive but you get the brand name and the technology for less than the E-ink smart shoes.  It also depends on what you kind of smart shoe you want, sneakers or heels? Before it can even come out the developers need a few more thousand dollars to be able to start selling the smart shoe.  They need approximately $50,000 to be able to sell the product.  Once the shoe is on the market they plan to expand the company and variety of shoes they have.

Smart Shoes for Your Girlfriend

Currently the only smart shoes out there are for women.  The heel is the most common form of smart shoe currently and is tested and worn by women.  If the market is profitable in the women’s department then the company is considering expanding to men’s smart shoes.  They just want to test out the smart shoe first and see how it works.  The women’s smart shoe is a start to a whole new world of technology.

Smart Shoes on the Market

Smart shoes have not yet hit the market. The heels and the shift sneakers are both being perfected and have not been completed yet. These high technology shoes may be the answer to many fashionistas or trendy peoples prayers.  Although the shoes are pretty expensive to the average person the shoes may be worth the investment.  Instead of having to buy 10 different heels in different styles and colors you can buy one pair of heels to fit all of your needs.  The same with the shift sneakers, you can buy one pair of sneakers instead of buying five different colored sneakers.  In the long run it may pay off to have the high technology shoes.  These color changing shoes will either be a big hit or may be a failure.  We’ll have to wait and see when they are officially released on the market.


Smart shoes are all the new technology.  Companies around the world are racing to create the best smart shoe and get it out on the market.  The new technology uses smartphones which is a big attraction to many people because it is easy and convenient.  Also, this technology will be big with athletes because not only are they running and golf shoes, they give you advice on how to become a better athlete.  Although, the shoes are not on the market they are starting to become popular.

Jen Eberly