7 Cool Gadgets for Men

The Dude —  June 19, 2016

Cool gadgets and tech gifts are great for modern men. Technology is improving day by day. Our devices are easier and more fun to use. They also provide inter-device connectivity and many other great features.

cool gadget for men

There are dozens of cool gadgets for men out there. However, it can be tough to search through all these modern devices and pick the most suitable one for your taste and needs. Of course, some of those gadgets look great but we also want them to be innovative and show creativity.

Cool Gadgets for Men

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds stay put even when you are running or working out. The newest model is smaller than the previous one and it features a new design which is more comfortable.

Linksys EA9500 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router

The important thing to know about this revolutionary router is that it has a full bandwidth Wi-Fi speed that reaches up to 5,334Mbs. That is super-fast. The other thing worthy of knowing is that Linksys has more technology features packed in one single router for a very nice price.

FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor

This cool gadget is a much more affordable option for collision warning systems. It mounts like a license plate frame and connects to an IOS or Android app to warn you of an impending collision. It alerts you by using visible and audio warnings.

Apple Watch

apple watch for men

This is a great tech device which has a brilliant interface. It has features such as health and fitness metrics, communications, and time-management apps. It costs 350 dollars.

Nikon D750

If you are mad about photography, then this is the right gadget for you. On the other hand, if so far you have used only your smartphone camera, buying a full-frame DSLR will blow your mind. With this camera, you will capture more information from every scene.

Images are sharper, richer, brighter. Nikon helps you in having great results as a photographer. It costs $2,300 dollars.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

This espresso maker has solved the problem with getting a good cup of tasty energy. It basically works like a Keurig, but instead of coffee, it uses espresso pods. It makes flawless espressos every time. Its price is $183.24 dollars.

Microsoft Band

This cool gadget has many various features such as step-counting, sleep-tracking, built-in heart-rate monitor and GPS, and much more. Furthermore, the band has also a customizable notifications system that will alert you when is necessary. You can set up alerts from Twitter mentions to calendar events.

We need technology in our lives and the list of cool gadgets above can help you decide what your priorities are, and which device you want and need most.

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