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The Dude —  December 31, 2013

Well, it’s that time again! We want to take a moment to thank all of our incredibly, awesome, amazing and dedicated members, THANK YOU!  It goes without saying, but 2013 has been an absolute blast filled with both challenges and celebrations.. fortunately, we have smashed through and will continue to bring you the best of ‘Manly’ internet in 2014. If you’ll recall, in 2013, we:


team (1)


– Launched a complete redesign of the Dudepins website

– Pitched the Dragons’ Den (This is like Shark Tank, except in Canada)

– Fixed a wack load of issues with our website… most of which were brought on due to scaling.. yes, we know.. there are still bugs out there.

– Welcomed new team members to the Dudepins crew!

– Began the initial phase of the Dudepins rebrand… we hope to complete this some time in mid-2014

– Began development of the Dudepins iOS App.. this will launch in late January. We have been testing it internally for a while now and let us tell you, IT ROCKS!

– Partnered with the Fancy to bring you amazing Manly gear in the Dudepins Shop



It goes without saying, but we really, really, really appreciate all of the feedback, ideas, thoughts and bug submissions that all of you awesome guys and gals have provided us. It’s important for us to build Dudepins the way that you like to use it, so please continue to send in all your feedback and know that we are actually doing something with it. Again, thank you everyone for using Dudepins and giving it a spot on your daily internet adventure.

Cheers to what 2014 will bring and cheers to continuing to provide you the Manliest stuff on the internet!


The Dude

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