Dudepins is live – New pinboard for men launches today

The Dude —  May 11, 2012

Oooo baby its beta time! Its official Dudepins is now live. To join the party request an invite on our

want awesome dude stuff but we also want to have awesome dude stuff you can look at anywhere. The rule of thumb we are working with is if you wouldn’t be comfortable showing it to your boss, husband or wife don’t put it up because we are just going to take it down and call you lame. If you are found to be lame we will publicly broadcast over twitter, facebook and google+ your crime and make fun of you.

Just as a heads up, we are in beta which means we are still cleaning up the site and figuring things out. You might encounter some minor bugs or experience some site changes as we make Dudepins better. If you come across anything that is broken or have ideas on how to make Dudepins better then help a dude out and let us know.

Man up. Sign up. Pin up.

The Dude

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