So Europe, So Close.

The Dude —  June 14, 2014

Quebec City is one of the coolest places in Canada (the Dudepins homeland), and quite possibly the planet.  It is the spot where a ton of immigrants came through and first stepped off the boat, ready to start a new life in the Americas.  As a result, the architecture, style, and people have an incredibly classic type of charm.  And it’s closer than you might think, especially if you’re on the East Coast.

Spend a week in Quebec, and tell me it’s not a great place to take the Mrs (or the Ms.). Here’s a video that echoes my sentiments:

One last thing – poutine. I’m shocked by the number of people that I’ve met along my travels that stare at me with a blank face when I say “poutine”. Seriously, you need to have “eating poutine in Quebec” on your bucket list. Now. For everything else, there’s the travel section on Dudepins. Go explore.

The Dude

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