When is Fathers Day? June 15: Here are 10 Best Fathers Day Gifts

Kamil Szybalski —  May 22, 2014

It’s that time again.. yup, the time when you ask yourself, “When is Fathers Day?”.. It seems odd that despite going through this process each year we still cannot remember such an important date.. Well, Fathers Day is on June 15. That was the easy part, now we need to figure out what an amazing Fathers Day gift is. Don’t worry, the Dudepins team is here to help.

We’ve joined our heads, thought hard and came up with some fantastic Fathers Day gift ideas (in NO particular order). If nothing you see here clicks, you can try looking through the vast selection of gifts for Men over at the Dudepins Shop.


10. A Timeless Timepiece – Go Now –  Every Man loves a nice Men’s watch, here’s a great guide we’ve found that provides you with a vast selection of the best watches for Fathers Day. You can sort by style, brand and price, so if you’re on a tight budget and can only spend $50, you can still get your Father a really nice watch, like this one for only $28. If you’re looking to make a statement and want to splurge this Fathers Day, you could always so for a classic Men’s Fortis watch, like this one. Anyhow, have a look at the guide and we guarantee your Father will be pleased. Check it out now.

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9. A Sleek Pair of Casual Shoes – Go Now – Fact. No Man ever says no to a nice new pair of shoes, we’re positive your Dad won’t either. If you know that your Father has a pair of shoes that are either wearing out, or have worn out, then the decision is really easy. If he’s missing a pair from his wardrobe, i.e. maybe he needs a new dress shoe, running shoe or sandal, you can focus on filling that void. Check out the amazing selection of Men’s Shoes that will surely impress your dad this Fathers Day. Go Now

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8. A Nice ‘Classic’ Polo – Go Now – Polos are perfect because they are extremely versatile, you can wear a Polo golfing, to dinner, to the beach, sitting around at home, driving, etc, etc… they are just applicable to almost any outfit and situation. Polos come in almost every colour and vary by price and style, it’s all about knowing what your Dad likes.. if you don’t know, go look in his closet and find out. For starters, Izod and Nautica are good bets; good luck – check them out now.

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7. A Sweet Pair of Sunglasses – Go Now – Summer is upon us. That means sunshine, and sunshine means sunglasses; you’ve only got one set of eyes. Like a nice watch, sunglasses are one of those gifts that you father will appreciate, and use, for many years. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to sunglasses. You can go for sporty sunglasses, driving sunglasses, or casual ‘fashion sunglasses’. Whatever way to decide to go, we are pretty certain that your dad will appreciate the selection. Go Now.

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6. A Slick Wallet or A Nice Belt – Go Now – Wallets are one of those things that we tend to buy, use, use some more, then eventually replace but usually either because we loose the current, or because we are gifted the successor..FACT. Belts.. well, no one can have enough belts, if you do, then you’ve got too many of the same belts. We think that buying your Father a nice new wallet, or fancy belt, one that maybe he would not splurge on himself, is a fantastic Fathers Day gift idea. Check out the selection – Go Now.

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5. A Nice Men’s Dress Shirt – Go Now – Some Men just don’t buy themselves the ‘nice’ things that they actually want, or deserve; this is why Fathers Day is so incredible. It’s a time when you can treat your old Man to something nice, something that he’ll wear and think, “Yup, this looks good and my Son, or Daughter, chose it for me”. Check out this great selection of Men’s dress shirts and see if you think there’s something that you suit your Dad. Go Now.

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4. Some Classy Men’s Accessories (Tie-clips and Cufflinks) – Go Now – It’s sometimes difficult to know how to accessories. Thankfully we have the Dudepins Style section for that. If your Dad could use some sprucing up in the accessory department, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing stands out like a nice tie-clip or set of cufflinks. Heck, why get your Father both, with, “Best Dad Ever”, engravings.. we’re pretty confident he’ll be proud to rock those. Check them out – Go Now. You should also browse the Accessories section over at the Dudepins Shop.

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3. Some Nice Drinking Glasses – Go Now – Does your Father enjoy a nice glass of wine, scotch, cognac or some other spirit? Does he have the proper glasses to accompany that spirit? Well, here’s your chance to really shine with something special. Why not get your Dad some really nice glasses paired with a nice bottle of his favourite spirit.. Then to top it off, you can both sit down, enjoy a drink and play catchup. You could opt for a nice wine glasses like these, or browse a large selection of glasses for every type of spirit. Check it out – Go Now.



2. A Superb Shaving Set – Go Now – Every Man shaves, it’s just a way of life. You know what makes shaving better? A proper shaving kit that you get excited over using on, what we hope is, a daily basis. Check out this incredible Men’s shaving kit below.. yup, dad would love it. Check it out – Go Now.

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1. A Nice Pair of Headphones to Let Dad Rock Out – Go Now – We all like to listen to Music, what type of music that is, is however a different story. We wrote a article a little back reviewing the best headphones currently available, have a look at that here. If you don’t like any of our recommendations, you can take a browse through a large selection here and see if your father may like any of those. Why headphones? Because everyone likes music and its sometimes nice to hear it through headphones, especially when travelling, running, etc.

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Well, that’s a wrap for our Fathers Day Blog Post. We hope that you found something your Dad will enjoy. If you haven’t, have a look over at the Dudepins Shop and we promise you’ll find something Man Enough for your Dad.


Kamil Szybalski