Fourth of July Celebration Must Haves: Top 10 Checklist

Trevor Molag —  July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!  Time to get out and enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations (hopefully it’s nice out), and partake in many good times with family and/or friends.  You should be all set by now for the day ahead, but if you’re not, or you want a head start on next year, or even if you think you might be missing a certain something for your Fourth of July celebration this year, then check out our list of every (manly) thing you’ll need.

10. Beer.

Ah, beer. It’s almost as if July Fourth was made for throwing back a few lagers (or stouts, or ales, or whatever you’re into).  You can go full on ‘murica by choosing the quintessential Bud, but for the more refined man, check out GQ’s suggestions or Men’s Health’s suggestions for a Fourth of July celebration beer upgrade.Sixpoint

9.  Sports Equipment.

Pack whatever you want, but it is July Fourth, so bring your football for a game of touch – or a baseball and glove for a toss around with whomever is willing.  Nothing like America’s two favorite pastimes to get your vibe on this July Fourth.


Need a football? Click on the football to buy it for 25 bucks.

8. Food.

Today is your day to shine.  Have a manly Fourth of July celebration by cooking food in the way it’s being done around the nation on this day: get meat, throw on the grill, and cook until done.  So, don’t forget your necessaries – plenty of protein, and maybe a salad… or something.  (Snack food isn’t optional either, be sure to bring plenty of chips and dip).


Give this place a visit. (Regards to “Voluntary Amputation” on Flickr)

7. Barbecue. (for above food)

In case you’re just reading the headlines, don’t forget your barbecue. There’s nothing like being the man at the beach or field or wherever you’re at that’s turning heads by wafting your delicious smell everywhere.  Also not to be forgotten: BBQ sauce of choice and the appropriate utensils.


Need a portable BBQ? That’ll be just $140. This thing is solid – click on it to buy!

6.  America Shirt. (Shorts, pants, socks, sunglasses, underwear…)

Not all of once, of course (today is not about being a clown).  But do some searching for a decent piece of clothing to give your Fourth of July celebration some personalized swag.  Try out these Captain America swim shorts for something you can wear more than once a year (Click on it to buy – just $30).

captain america

5.  Flag.

While everyone else is busy hockin’ their red white and blue pinwheels,  cupcakes, rubber duckies and salt & pepper shakers, make your allegiance clear the old-fashioned way: with your flag.  Hang it up somewhere nice and plain for a Fourth of July celebration that feels more authentic and less kitschy.


Patriotism comes cheap in this case at just 8 bucks – click on the flag

4. Portable Speakers.

Never underestimate the value of having some bumpin music to take your Fourth of July celebration to the next level.  I’d recommend these ones, but go cheaper by parking your car nearby, hooking up your idevice, opening the doors, and turning the volume up to a nice level.


JBL Makes some wicked speaks.  Super huge sound at a decent price. (Click the pic)

3. Tiki Torches.

Another way to make a cool, laid-back and relatively inexpensive impact on your party, spike up some tiki torches for pro-level barbecuing.  These, coupled with succulent scents, jammin’ beats, and good beer will make your circle of folding chairs the place to be when the sun starts to go down.

tiki torches

Set of twelve for less than 35 bucks? Yuuuup.

2. Other People.

Hey, the bigger the better.  Adding more people to the party is usually a good way to make sure it’s a lot more fun for everyone involved.  And though it’s doubtful, they may have some other, better checklist that covers more stuff to bring to a Fourth of July celebration.  Reach out to your buddies and lady friends to take advantage of their party sense for a better time.

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Maybe they’re not doing anything.

1. Fireworks.

What’s manlier than blowing stuff up? Have your party at the right spot during the day to stake out your area for the evening, or stockpile your own, or both.  The perfect end to the perfect party, all thanks to you (with just a little help from Dudepins).  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Photo creds to anthonycramp on flickr.

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