Friday Fast Five: 5 Things you need to know right now

The Dude —  May 23, 2014

The week is up… Hooorah. Time to prep for the weekend. Here’s 5 things you need to know right now..Seriously:

5. How to make the perfect homemade Jerky – Check it out

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 7.40.37 AM



4. Emily Ratajkowski behind the scenes photo shoot video – Watch it now

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.29.07 PM


3. Urban Snowboarding with Dan < for i like did.

Brisse – This is incredible stuff – Watch it now

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.30.32 PM


2. Find your Dad an AMAZING Fathers Day gift with the Dudepins Fathers Day Gift Guide – Check it out Now

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.33.41 PM


1. Read this – Learn how the Egyptians moved those heavy rocks to build the Pyramids – Read now



That’s a wrap. Have an awesome weekend and a powerful Friday. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Dudepins Shop for all the latest, greatest and best, Manly Gear. Check out the Shop Now.