Inspirational Story: Blankets for Children

The Dude —  July 20, 2014

If the summer heat isn’t melting your cold heart, maybe this will warm you up a bit.  Angel has dedicated her time to providing sick children with a blanket – hand made – personally for them.  She’s managed to take this endeavour to the next level, starting a not-for-profit and opening a new studio with funds from TELUS, who says:

We asked Canadians to share how they care in their communities, and Angel’s story stood out. She makes blankets and PJ’s for kids in the hospital, and her goal is to ensure that every sick child is wrapped up in a warm hug. Her efforts have helped hundreds of children and rasied more than $230,000. When TELUS heard Angel’s story and found out she wanted to help even more children but didn’t have the space, they decided to help by building a brand new sewing studio.

This is a great example of how you can give back in your community, and serves as a reminder that there are those right in our own cities and towns who are doing good work for their neighbours.  Why not join them?

The Dude

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