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The Dude —  February 10, 2015

The Masters is on, and if the weather is good, why not join in the golfing season with some friends on your respective golf courses? If it’s not, maybe watch it on the big screen in your man cave! Either way, the weather is starting to get nicer, the sun is staying out longer, and whether you’re out on the links or at home, enjoying your favourite activity or sport with a cigar is a great prospect. Here’s what the big boys would be smoking if they were allowed to light up during the Masters.


Rory McIlroy

Montecristo Open Master


Montecristo created this new Cuban blend for the newer cigar smoker; it’s a lighter and milder blend than traditional Montecristo, so it gives a medium flavour tending towards milder. A new cigar in an ancient and historic market, just like Rory, a young guy stepping into a historic tournament, also a hot favourite. Rory is the Montecristo Open Master


Tiger Woods

Cohiba 1966 Edicion Limitada 2011

In 2004, Cohiba released a cigar known as the Sublime, it too was a limited edition and it took the cigar world by storm; it got rave reviews and people couldn’t get enough. Tiger Woods was at the height of his popularity and unstoppable in the golf world. Well people have been looking to re-capture that Cohiba Sublime magic, and, well Tiger has been looking to re-capture that golfing magic as well. In 2011 Cohiba released this new limited edition cigar, and people lauded it as the closest they’d come to recapturing that magic. This year Tiger is looking to do the same. Expect greatness from both.


Phil Mickelson

Romeo y Julieta Churchill

Mickelson has been around a while, much like the Romeo and Juliet Churchill. Another way these things are similar is that Mickelson just keeps on going, he sticks around and puts in the effort year after year. The Romeo and Juliet Churchill doesn’t often get lauded as the greatest cigar, and Mickelson has often been the bridesmaid when it comes to major championships. If you’re looking for classic reliability, the Churchill is for you… So is Mickelson.


So grab yourself a fine Cuban, get some buddies together and hit the links, enjoy the smoke, enjoy the companionship, and when you’re not out there gripping it and ripping it, kick back and watch the masters do it at the Masters



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