How to Pick Up Healthier Habits (The Dude’s Short Guide)

The Dude —  February 2, 2016

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Your body and your health are the most important things in your life. Or at least they should be. Some of you might not agree; and say that the most important thing in your life is your partner, your job or kids, but it’s actually your body. Because without your health everything else is at risk as well. So, if they’re not already in your daily routine, here are 9 healthier habits that you should pick up as soon as possible.

#1. Stop eating junk food

It might be difficult at first, but once you realize this is actually the worst type of food you could feed your body with, you’ll get on board. They are basically salt, grease and preservatives, which all ruin your stomach, your liver and your skin. The way to pick up this habit is by simply staying clear of these types of foods.

#2.  Drink more water

When it comes to water, you should drink a minimum of 2 liters per day, as many doctors recommend. Given the fact that our bodies are made primarily of water, depriving your organism of it is not a good idea. It maintains our muscles and lubricates our joints. The key to picking up this healthy habit, is to always carry a bottle with you.

#3. Get as much sleep as you can

There is a saying that the more you sleep, the more productive you will be and that saying is true. When you rest your body and your mind well-enough, you will function a lot better than when you are tired. Quality is as important as quantity when it comes to sleep, so make sure you turn off all the lights and keep your bedroom quiet during the night.

#4. Plan your day

Many people don’t necessarily associate the idea of healthier habits with a planned-out day, but it’s actually very important. Switch to a schedule where you plan your day the night before. Think about the exact time you want to have your meals during the day and keep to it, also plan, when you need to wake-up and go to sleep.

#5. Exercise more

This means exercising at least 3 or 4 times a week. Depending on your body type and needs, exercise can mean anything, from taking long walks to playing basketball for two hours. If you cannot decide which type of exercise you need, you can always consult a trainer at your local gym.

#6. Walk to work

This is a great way of staying in shape and keeping mobile. Actually, you can start walking or even biking, not just to work, but everywhere else as well. Try walking to the grocery store, to your favorite pub or cinema and to your best friend’s house. In almost no time, you will see and be amazed by the results.

#7. Consume less sugar

Maybe, when you read this piece of advice on healthier habits you will immediately think that you don’t eat cake or doughnuts. But, even if you don’t, your sugar intake is still high, because sugar is found in almost everything. This is why it’s better to avoid adding dressings to your salads, eating ketchup, drinking sodas or eating large quantity of fruit.

#8. Focus on what you are doing at the moment

This is one piece of advice meant for your psychological health. One way of avoiding stress and excessive worrying is by always staying in the present and eliminating distractions. In order to do this, you should stop listening to music or watching TV when you eat, don’t use your phone or tablet before you go to sleep and generally think about the activity you’re doing ‘now’ rather than the ones you need to do later.

#9. Reduce your alcohol intake

This might not sound like such a fun piece of advice, but once you see how beneficial it is regarding your health, you will be thankful you picked it up. Alcohol is actually healthy, as many studies show, but when consumed moderately. Reduce your normal intake to one or two glasses of wine, a few beers and only drink spirits seldom.

Here is the Dude’s short guide to picking up healthier habits. From drinking more water to eating less cheeseburgers, these tricks will keep you in perfect shape and make sure you are not only fit, but healthy as well.

The Dude