Introducing Sponsored Posts

Kamil Szybalski —  February 12, 2014

We wanted to take a minute to introduce a new feature that you’ll see throughout Dudepins.. we’re calling it, Sponsored Posts. These are essentially related products and offerings that we think you will find valuable. Over time, the offerings will be more and more relevant to the content that you are actually exploring, our hopes are to continue to create a fantastic browsing experience on Dudepins while also introducing you to new, exciting, products, offers and other information.

dudette_o copy

One important consideration when introducing sponsored posts was to ensure we are absolutely transparent to all our users. As a result, all sponsored posts will be marked with the avatar above and the actual post will also be outlined with a coloured border, as seen below. Our intentions are to make these sponsored posts valuable and relevant to all our users, so please provide feedback if you have any.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.39.43 AM

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this post and in general, for being awesome!

Kamil Szybalski