Legacy Box – Preserve Your Memories, Digitally.

Kamil Szybalski —  January 13, 2015

You have to check this out. Fill Legacybox with your memories and send it back. In just a few weeks, the folks over at LegacyBox send it back with all of your precious moments digitally preserved on DVDs.

It can be tricky for many of us to think back to a time before smartphones and cloud sharing, but it’s not too hard for Legacybox. This Chattanooga, Tennessee-based company has been in the memory-preserving game since 2001, and 14 years later, they’ve helped more than 100,000 families get those dusty shoeboxes full of photos and tapes out of the attic and into 2015.

Legacybox takes your analog family albums and converts everything — video, audio, tapes, film, you name it — into shareable digital files. All you have to do is gather everything together, send it off, and in just a few short weeks you’ll receive converted DVDs and digital files that will last forever — as much as mom in her hot pink ‘80s ski suit wishes they wouldn’t. Quick — to Facebook!

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  1. Fill your Legacybox with your memories. Any format in your collection, Legacybox can handle it.
  2. When your Legacybox is ready, just hand it to your mail man. Every kit includes a pre-paid shipping label.
  3. In a few weeks, you ll receive your memories back on DVDs and digital files ready to share and enjoy.


  • Fits 15 items
  • 15 Tapes, 15 Films, 15 sets of 25 Pictures OR Mix & Match
  • Example: Collection Legacybox = 15 items. Potential combination could be 5 tapes, 5 film reels, 5 sets of 25 photos, for a total of 15 items.
  • Crush-proof box for safe transfer
  • Multiple format capabilities

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Kamil Szybalski