Limited edition Dudepins Tees

The Dude —  April 1, 2014

Get your limited edition Dudepins Tees. We are only printing 30 of this ‘I Manned Up.’ Edition, so get yours today. Tees start as low as $19, that’s not too much dough to be the cool kid on the block!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.28.50 PM

We have made several varieties available including:
– Another unisex tee
– Women’s tee (for those Dudettes)
– Long sleeved tee
– Black hoodie

Here’s the best part, we are doing a campaign where we need to sell a minimum of 30 t-shirts within two weeks. If we don’t get 30, no one gets tees, if we get 30, everyone gets tees. Pretty simply right? Check out the campaign today and get your Limited edition Dudepins Tee.

The Dude

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