My Perfect Resume Review: Features, Pricing, And Services

Kara Richards —  August 30, 2018

In today’s job market, more and more people are looking to gain a competitive edge over any number of other applicants that may be applying for the same job.

As long as there are resumés, there are services out there to help build and improve resumés as well as coach applicants through their job application process.

In the internet age, these services have transitioned into cloud-based platforms where users can remotely work on their resumes and cover letters with the help of a resume-building software.

There are several services out there that fit this description, but their broad similarities can often make it difficult to pick one of these services over another. Luckily, there is My Perfect Resume

Features And Services

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My Perfect Resume has a lot to offer in terms of features, but they do come at a cost. It is possible to use My Perfect Resume without creating an account and paying for the service, but the number of total options available will be severely limited. 

Subscription Features

Without a subscription, job seekers can only work on one resume or cover letter at a time, and the only feature available to them will be access to My Perfect Resume’s multiple CV templates.

Once an account has been created on My Perfect Resume and a subscription to the service has been paid for, the resume-building features really open up to the user. With a subscription, the user can upload and work on multiple resumes and cover letters at once and can return to work on them at a later date if necessary. This provides a crucial leg up when trying to send out as many job applications as possible.

A paid subscription to My Perfect Resume also allows you access to the full list of resume and cover letter templates, allowing the user to find the template that best suits both their needs and their personal preferences

Job Search Filters

Users also gain access to the My Perfect Resume job search tab which has search filters for job location and field of interest.

The job search tab in itself is not a particularly unique feature. It isn’t a better job search engine than any other you may find on the internet, but the convenience of having one available on the same website you are using to build your resume makes it worthwhile. 

Interview Guide

My Perfect Resume also has interview videos available to their subscribed users which walk viewers through the interview process and help them prepare for potential job interview questions and situations.

This is a feature that really brings My Perfect Resume to the next level because at this point they are no longer helping with just your application, but they are helping you prepare for the steps that come after you submit a strong resume and secure an interview. 

Resume Review And Writing

Possibly the most appealing feature that comes with the paid My Perfect Resume subscription is the resume review and writing service.

This feature of the subscription allows you to submit your resume to be edited by a member of the My Perfect Resume staff. From there, a staff member will provide you with constructive criticism and specific tips to improve your resume and cover letter.

There are a lot of things that a resume-building software can help a user with on its own, but having an aspect of human interaction in the resume-building process can be very reassuring for some users. It ensures that the improvement of their resume has not been left entirely in the hands of some resume-building software.

When building resumes on My Perfect Resume, the platform will prompt you with "Hints" throughout the process. As you enter job information and organize your resume, the software will provide tips and professional insight on how to best organize your CV in order to get noticed by hiring staff.

Whether it is a reminder to add dates to a former job position or a suggestion to use a full job title on your resume instead of an abbreviated one, My Perfect Resume continues to provide support to the user in order to prevent them from making simple mistakes that could easily go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

While it is a minor feature, it should also be said that My Perfect Resume’s resume-building software has a built-in spell check that has helped prevent avoidable pitfalls in countless job applications. 


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My Perfect Resume is a straightforward platform to use and is very intuitive both in the way it is organized and in the way it progresses through the resume-building process. 

Easy-To-Fill User Profile

The My Perfect Resume platform starts off the whole resume-building process by asking the user a few questions regarding their level of expertise, the job field they are hoping to enter, and the reasons they are writing their resume.

From there, the user chooses one of the several CV templates available, and the platform allows the user to easily plug in their personal information, which then, in turn, produces a final product which can be printed out or converted to a number of different formats.

Job Description Guides

The My Perfect Resume platform even goes so far as to provide pre-written phrases for users to base their professional descriptions on as part of the resume-building process.

It can definitely be hard to find the right words to best describe yourself and your work experience. With this feature, you certainly get what you pay for in order to reach the end product of having a strong polished resume. 


It is worth noting that My Perfect Resume’s platform is very technologically accessible. It is broadly accessible in that all of its services are available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian in order to suit any multilingual business needs the user may have. 

Multiple File Format Support

Beyond being multilingual, the My Perfect Resume platform supports uploads and downloads in multiple file formats so that no matter what kind of computer or word processor you use, My Perfect Resume will be accessible to you and the technology at your disposal.


Last but not least, My Perfect Resume touts their technological accessibility by having a functioning and effective mobile platform, so that even when you don’t have a computer available to you, you can still access every aspect of the website from your phone or other mobile devices.

My Perfect Resume has clearly put a lot of time and attention into ensuring that their product is accessible to as many people as possible, and this ease of operation is certainly one of the platform's strengths.


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It is free to make an account at My Perfect Resume, and with an account, users are able to create an unlimited number of cover letters and resumes – but features are severely limited. In order to print, download, or send your resume or cover, letter payment is required.

The cheapest payment option is $1.45 for a 14-day trial, but not all features are included. So for an additional 50 cents, the 14-day full trial is recommended for $1.95.

At the end of the 14-day trial, it's important to remember to cancel your subscription and get a full refund for the 2-week trial, or My Perfect Resume will automatically start billing you for their monthly subscription plan which costs $24.95 a month.

My Perfect Resume also offers an annual subscription plan which costs $71.40 up front, which comes out to cost only $5.95 per month and it includes the websites full range of features.


My Perfect Resume has racked up a lot of positive aspects over the course of this review, but no website is without its drawbacks.

While the platform itself has been known to deliver on its promises consistently, many users have made statements regarding the quality of the customer service.

Most of these negative statements come from people who have signed up for the 14-day trial and then have tried to cancel their subscription in order to get their refund.

These users have claimed that the customer service has been unhelpful in providing refunds and actually cancelling the service, even going so far as continuing to bill users for months after they had initially asked to have their subscriptions cancelled.

While it may be excessive to say that My Perfect Resume practices predatory salesmanship, the wise shopper would undoubtedly want to know about these statements being made before engaging in business with My Perfect Resume themselves.


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In summary, My Perfect Resume is a strong resume-building software that offers many tools and features geared to help the user succeed and emerge from their service with not only a stronger resume, but also with knowledge to take forward with them regarding interviews, cover letters, and the whole job seeking process.

The only drawbacks are that in order to access the entirety of the website's features and get the most out of the service, the user has to be willing to create an account and purchase a subscription.

The user should also be wary of difficulties other users have had with My Perfect Resume’s customer service when trying to cancel their subscriptions.

All said and done, My Perfect Resume is a well-designed platform with a lot to offer. When looking for an online service to help improve your resume, there are few better choices.

Kara Richards