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Plenty of Fish is one of the original pioneers of online dating services. Today, the company now boasts a membership of over 150 million users worldwide. But the quality of an Internet dating site doesn’t rely on the amount of users alone. Read on for our review of Plenty of Fish to discover what services they offer, how they stack up to the competition and a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and make new connections.

Plenty of Fish:Pros & Cons

Every online dating service, including Plenty of Fish, has it’s own set of pros and cons that can impact your decision to sign up. Keep both sides in mind when making a decision about whether Plenty of Fish is right for you.


  • You can create a profile and message other users for free
  • One of the largest databases of user profiles to search through
  • Over 4 million active daily users
  • Highly in-depth search feature with over 14 variables


  • Free service can attract fake or illegitimate profiles
  • No identification confirmation or background checks

Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish dating app

Online Dating: A Step Away From the Traditional

Before the Internet, singles looking to make connections had to take the ‘traditional’ dating routine. This involved going out to social events intending to meet other people who might become dates. After getting to know a person, you would then decide whether they fit as a potential partner.

Many singles in the world that have trouble finding time to meet new people after their day-to-day activities. Others find plenty of people to talk to but aren’t able to make lasting connections. As technology has advanced and the Internet connected the world, new services formed to help solve the issues with ‘traditional’ dating.

What is Plenty of Fish?

Plenty of Fish is a free online dating service that allows singles to connect with other singles to get the conversation started. Since established in Vancouver in 2008, the company has strived to help millions of users around the world connect and create a lasting relationship.

Plenty of Fish has grown to a membership base of 150 million registered users worldwide, with 4 million users active every day. The company claims responsibility for over 1 million relationships every year, and that a couple meets on the service once every 2 minutes.

Along with their website user face, POF is also available in over 20 countries on iOS and Android devices in 11 different languages. This allows users from all over the world to connect at anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

Plenty of Fish offers a variety of other services to help hopeful singles connect with the right partners. Popular features include their Chemistry Test, that base matches off of your emotional wants and need, and Relationship Needs, which look at past relationships create a custom relationship action plan for any future connections made.

How Plenty of Fish Works

Plenty of Fish strives to simplify the dating by helping singles form meaningful connections and start conversations with potential partners. By using in-depth assessments and customizable advanced search fields, POF helps you find the best profile matches so you can start those meaningful conversations and make true connections.

How to Join Plenty of Fish

Download the App 

To join Plenty of Fish you can download the app on Google Play or the Apple Store. There is also a web browser version available.


Plenty of Fish asks you to enter a few details in order to set up your free account. Create a username and password, and then enter your email address to ensure your account can be validated.

Setting Up Your Profile.

Once registered, you are guided through a lengthy profile set up to get a better understanding of the kind of person you are, and the kind of person that you want to meet. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on how in-depth you want your profile to be.

The questions range in a variety of topics, including appearance, personality, lifestyle, partner preferences, and more. Your profile starts with a quick introductory headline, followed by a longer profile description. This is what other users will use to gauge whether they are interested in you.

Along with a basic description, you will be able to display your ideals and interests, along with ‘Conversation Starters’ that give potential mates an idea of the kind of conversations you’re looking to have.

Assessment Quizzes

After your profile is complete, you will then be prompted to take a variety of personality tests that Plenty of Fish created specifically for their members in order to get a clear understanding of what they are looking for in a relationship. This includes their Relationship Chemistry test, which focuses on mapping our your personality, and a Relationship Needs test, which gives insight into the kind of relationship you are looking for.

Search for Matches

After the assessment tests are finish, you will then able to explore Plenty of Fishes’ database of singles looking to connect. You can search for users by using the ‘Meet Me’ feature, Ultra Match, users that are currently online, or by using their highly advanced search engine tool with 14 variables to hone in your search.

Once you find someone you want to know more about, you can send him or her a direct message or ‘flirt’ to show your interest.

Key Features of Plenty of Fish

Relationship Chemistry Test

This is an assessment test that breaks your personality and compatibility into five factors: family-orientation, easygoingness, social dependency, self-confidence, and self-control.

Relationship Needs Test. Another assessment test with over 50 multiple choice questions that help you recognize what you want in a relationship. This test identifies your compatibility based on nine elements of relationships: self-efficacy, interdependence, intimacy, communication, relationship readiness, conflict resolution, attitudes towards love, sexuality and preferred expressions of affection.

Advanced Search Variables

Plenty of Fish has one of the most comprehensive search options with over 14 variables to filter your search result. POF’s basic search includes filters such as gender, age, commitment intent, body type, education, ethnicity, and location. Their advanced search option allows you to hone in on individual details, including appearance, whether they drink, what type of job they work, and more. There is also an option to search by username if you are looking for someone specific.

Ultra Match

This feature uses Plenty of Fish’s Behavioral Matching System to find the singles that best fit what you are looking for in a partner. POF will dictate a profile as an Ultra Match based on your answers to the Relationship Chemistry Test and the Relationship Needs Test. This narrows down the profiles to the top 70 profiles whose answers are the most compatible to yours.

Meet Me

The Meet Me feature lets you rapidly search through the Plenty of Fish user database by letting you pick whether you are interested one profile at a time. You will be presented with a photo and prompted to ask whether you would like to meet this person based on their photo. You can choose either ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Maybe.’ Users will get a notification if someone chooses ‘Yes’ on your profile, but only paid members are able to see the profiles of those who said yes.

Keeper Test

This 28-question test is design to help you figure out whether your potential love interest is a ‘keeper.’ The questions deal with how your potential match interacts with you and those around them and creates a personality type similar to the Myers-Briggs evaluation based on a few variables: Connected-Aloof, Buoyant-Temperamental, Virtuous-Indifferent, and Expressive-Guarded. They then provide tips for how to deal with the particular partner type and how to proceed with a relationship.

Seduction Style Guide

This is a test that allows you to better understand your ideal seduction methods. The test is broken into a few sections, including flirting, communication references, and date preferences. You are then sent a comprehensive report to send to potential mates with a step-by-step approach on how to seduce you.

Google Home Access

 Plenty of Fish is the first online dating service that allows you to connect to a Google Home smart home device. By utilizing the Google Assistant, you can use your Google Home to read and reply to your POF messages.

Plenty of Fish Plan Pricing

The basic Plenty of Fish plan is free, and allows users to create a profile, take the assessments, search their database, and message other members for no cost. Plenty of Fish also offers their users the ability to upgrade their account for access to more features.

Upgraded accounts allow users to show up first on the ‘Meet Me’ section. This allows new singles to see you within minutes of signing up, and increases the amount of messages from users who are interested.

Along with higher exposure, upgrading a Plenty of Fish account allows users to unlock Extended Profiles of matches they’re interested, check to see if their messages were read or ignored, and can see the date and time of when someone viewed their profile.

Premium members will have a gold star presented on their profile and every message. According to their site, upgrading more than doubles a user’s chance of meeting someone.

Users can upgrade their profile through three different plans:

  • 8 months for $79.92
  • 4 months for $51.00
  • 2 months for $38.70

Plenty of Fish also offers tokens, which allow you to send a Super Yes, highlight your profile, or send a priority message. A ‘Super Yes’ will show a user you really liked their profile, while a highlight will mark you as ‘Today’s Catch’ in the Meet Me section.

Tokens can be purchased in three different packages:

  • 1 token for $1.99
  • 5 tokens for $8.95
  • 10 tokens for $1.69

Public Perception (Other Plenty of Fish Reviews)

Currently, the Plenty of Fish app ranks as one of the top 20 social networking apps, and has a ranking of 3.7 stars with over 135 thousand reviews. On Google Play, the app ranks at 4.2 stars with over 1.14 million reviews. Reviewers seem to agree that the service is a great opportunity to meet potential partners for no cost, though some complain there are too many ‘fake’ profiles, sometimes making it difficult to connect with real people.

How Does Plenty of Fish Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular online dating services due to its large user database and low cost. There are other dating sites, such as, Tinder, or OkCupid that offer different features and opportunities for singles looking to connect.

For a paid membership, adds additional functions and features to help their users find the right match. For example, allows their paid users to delete members you aren’t interested in from search results.

Tinder also offers a free dating service that allows you to see other people looking to connect who are nearby. Tinder is a popular option with younger users as it is well integrated with social media platforms like Facebook.

OkCupid offers a similar free option that allows you to search and interact with other members without having to pull out your credit card. One unique feature they offer is a compatibility percentage for both potential matches to look into and potential enemies to avoid.

Is Plenty of Fish the Right Fit?

With over 4 million daily active users, Plenty of Fish is one of the largest online dating services on the market. As a free service, POF is an easy, non-committal way to explore the online dating scene without having to open up your wallet. With a variety of advanced features at little to no cost, POF is a great way for singles to connect to form strong, long-lasting relationships.



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