8 Recipes For Men: Easy and Delicious Meals For Guys

Kamil Szybalski —  April 10, 2015

As a guy, I want my food delicious, and I want it easy. Luckily, most recipes for men are all of those things. Unluckily, not a lot of cook books or websites have a “dude” section, so I thought I’d do some digging around on Dudepins and look for meals that fit the bill. Here are eight of the best, featuring lots of bacon, cheese, protein, and not much else. Click the pics in my top 10 to be taken to that recipe’s post. (Note that there is no guarantee of how healthy these recipes for men are).

Football Party Jalapeno Poppers


Okay, not technically a meal (though you could probably fill up on em pretty quick), these bacon wrapped jalapenos with cheese and cream cheese are nothing short of a spicy, crunchy, chewy, mouth-gasm. One of the few items I’ve had the pleasure of eating on this list, I recommend it highly.

White Pizza Grilled Cheese


Garlicy, herby, melted glory. I’ve never realized just how incredibly boring grilled cheese is when prepared traditionally. Bread. Cheddar. Bread. Yeah, lame. This smart lady threw in garlic and herbs and went for ricotta with mozza. And we salute her for it.

Pork Fried Rice


There’s almost no manlier way to cook than chopping stuff up, throwing it into a pan, and stirring. No crazy mess, or any of that stuff I hate about cooking. These types of hearty fried rice dishes also allow you to personalize your final experience – the final mix on your plate is completely a result of your preferred proportions. Less rice, more meat? I think so.

Chili Spiced Chicken Wings W/ Blue Cheese Dip


It’s the blue cheese dip that does it for me. If that’s not your thing, then maybe some honey mustard or ranch? Regardless, I just want to mow through a pile of these, with or without sauce. Chili spiced just might be one of the greatest ideas for wings that I have yet to have the pleasure of experiencing.

Barbecue Pork Burgers


Forget the beef or chicken, pork is clearly where it’s at with this sandwich. Included with this recipe are some serious protips for making slaw, buying pork, and even a sweet hack that makes your BBQ sauce taste better than you ever could have hoped. I’m seriously looking forward to trying this out.

Bacon-Pretzel Grilled Cheese


Another grilled cheese? I’m starting to think that I’ve been living under a rock…. well, I’m glad to being seeing the light of all the straight up incredible possibilities for this classic. There are so many more, so for the sake of variety I’ll stick to these two. Future blog post idea noted.

Meatballs and Peppers


Nothing fancy, complicated, or terribly unique. Just a kick-ass way of doing up your meatballs. I can only imagine the mashup that these two create, with the meatballs greasing up the peppers, and the bell pepper/onion flavour infusing the meatballs. Solid, easy, and fast. Nice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.28.31 PM

Grilled Cubano Sandwich


Ohmmm. Just ate, and this is still making me hungry. Ingredients include pork tenderloin, honey ham, chips for a crunch, and a citrusy “mojo” sauce. This seems like everything I could want in a sandwich, and I’m really starting to think that there’s more to menus than just the burger and pasta section. I’ll take three.

What are you eating? Pin it up on Dudepins: the site for everything manly, including a special place for looking at and drooling over the wonderful vice that is food.











Kamil Szybalski