Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner Space Jump – Live

The Dude —  October 10, 2012

If you weren’t aware of what the Red Bull startos jump was then it’s still ok, as the event has been cancelled two days in a row…blame it on the wind. The Red Bull Startos jump is all about extreme athlete, Felix Baumgartner jumping out of a capsule from approx. 120,000 feet up, or the Stratosphere.

Felix will first be pulled up 120,000 feet by a 52 foot hot air balloon, then free fall for over 10 minutes at speeds reaching well over 600 mph, with spectacular views to match. The good news is, if you weren’t aware of the jump, you can still tune in tomorrow on the Red Bull live feed, which features shots from over 30 cameras, to watch the attempt again. If the winds cooperate, it will be an incredible sight watching this daring Strata jump, make sure you tune in.

Tune in tomorrow morning to see if the winds co-operate.

The Dude

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