Where to Shave Your Beard for a No-Nonsense Trim

Trevor Molag —  January 20, 2014


If there’s one thing that takes a guy to the next level, it’s the right level of scruff.  Ask a dudette, and she will likely confirm that there’s a certain “swoon” level of attraction that can only be achieved by a fair amount of facial hair.

Now, there are about 100 different ways you can wear your fuzz, but there are a few general rules for that “No BS” beard.  The straight up style. Here are our tips.


What you’ll need.

You will need a razor, a trimmer, some cream, a decent workspace, and any applicable accessories as per your preferences.  Read this unmissable blog post with the:

Best Manly Shaving Creams and Razors


If nothing else, you will definitely want a trimmer, like this Phillips Norelco Vacuum Trimmer.


Where to shave your neck?

To avoid sliding into the neckbeard cliché, it’s crucial you get that neck cleaned up.

  1. A general rule of thumb is to start about half an inch above your adam’s apple, and take out everything below there with a number 1 or 2.  Curve this line up with the contours of your face up towards your jaw bone.
  2. Once you’ve got that shaved, get rid of absolutely everything below the adam’s apple with a razor or a 0 setting.  This results in a sweet fade.

Don’t shave too high! For a super in-depth analysis, visit beards.org.

Shaving your cheeks

You can opt to go natural, but for some of us… things get a little patchy up there.

  1. For a defined cheek line, draw an imaginary – or real – line from the opening of your ear canal (your ear hole?) to an area around a quarter inch above or below the outside corner of your month, depending on preference.
  2. If you’re particularly well-endowed with facial hair around the chops, go for the fade on the cheeks too, just like you did on the neck.

That’s pretty much it.  We said no BS right?

More Beard Grooming Tips:

  • Take your time, or end up with a knicked face. Your choice.
  • Don’t mess with ingrown hairs.  Let them grow out, and then shave again with care.  If they persist, I’ve had good luck with normal antibiotic cream, the polysporin-type stuff your mom used to put under band-aids.
  • Apply a warm towel beforehand, or shave as soon as you’re out of a hot shower.  When done, close your pores with a cold rinse.  This keeps your skin nice and clean.
  • If you mess up, don’t bother trying to make it work.  Bring yourself down to a goatee/moustache, or just cut your losses and remember that the sun will rise again on a glorious beard.


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